Need help with Life of a Mobster


I’m having huge trouble with reaching hitman ending
I’ve read basically entire forum and every other guide on the internet, tried to get it about 50 times and still nothing. So if someone who beat the ending could give me step by step (Which choices to make) guide how to get 90 firearms I would be grateful. I realise game is from 2015 but this is my last chance at beating it
Thanks in advance


OK so for your job choose apply to police force then buy the magnum, go to the shooting range , shoot the guy when you go to get the drugs for Don Hancourt , shoot the martinez members , keep the MAC -11, choose your made "the gun " , pull out your MAC-11 when Tyler returns ,shoot the Smirnov members at the hospital with the MAC-11 shoot to kill , obviously buy the sniper ,shoot the mole I.e Jimmy , Dana , if you and your RO have kids reveal your gun with the college guys , kill Tyler with your gun , if your child gets kidnapped lay waster to your enemies,
Hope this works it worked for me twice



Let the cops pick you up for shoplifting in the beginning (make sure you’re guilty). You’ll end up in juvenile detention with some extra chances to build Athletics and other Thug skills including Intimidation & Streetwise if you so desire. You can still play lacrosse and go to Prom while doing this, but college and police are career lockouts. Be lacrosse team strategist for extra Perception & Athletics. For career join the Army (only available if you were in juvie) and get +15 to Athletics, Fighting, & Firearms before you join the mob. Then just keep practicing with your gun to boost Firearms till it’s Max. You’ll also need 40 Athletics & Perception to stay in shape. A silencer and bribed cops are good investments to keep Heat low. At the end choose to kill everyone and be sure you have a silencer (you’ll also need a sniper rifle but the plot tells you that).


You may also want to keep Tyler around- he gives a chance to buy the Sniper Rifle early if you have him when the Satos want to whack him and you can use it to protect him. He can also make you extra Protection money if he’s your RO.