Need Help: What should be there in stats?


I am planning to make a game where the protagonist is going to be an ex-assassin and currently an agent in Homeland Security. So I find it useless to put in stats like his ability with the pistol or strength or even intelligence as he should be quite experienced.
So the question is, what should I really put in stats?


It’s up to you. Whatever you think would make the most interesting stats in regards to the story?

You can choose not to have any stats at all, just things to track relationships and decisions. You don’t need stats.

What are his main conflicts going to be? If, for instance, his main conflict is his loyalty, you could have a Loyalty vs Treachery stat, or something?

Why did he quit being an assassin? Was it because he couldn’t cope anymore, did his nerve snap, does he have flashbacks? If so then you could have a stat related to that.

Or did he get injured somehow, then track his pain and/or health. Did he want to spend more time with his family? Then have a Job/Family opposed stat.

Look to personality traits and use those.

But like I said, you don’t need those sorts of stats at all.

Have a read of


Depends what type of assassins you want include
A seductive charm killer , a brute bulky bulli a infiltrator, a haker specialize in destroy life of people stole money and when is ruined kill them easily or contract others to kill them …

Strength charisma intelligence dexterity and stealth. Are basic stats
then Skills like
hand weapons

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May I suggest an opposed value, like those in Choice of the Vampire?


Lawful vs. Uncontrollable
Loyalty vs. Greed
Past vs. Present



@ronaldyem It’s your choice what stats to add. Maybe it’s not so useless to add the stats you mentioned. You could have the character not being quite experienced in everything and let the players choose what stats start high and what stats start low.


@FairyGodFeather Thank you very much for your help. yes you are quite right, there are going to be flashbacks, but they’ll be spread throughout the game. I have picked up a lot from what you suggested. Thanks again.

@MaraJade Thanks. I have taken a few stats from there. Though i’ll not be able to take the others as the game strictly focuses on an agent who is a combatant.

@Wyrmspawn Yes that could go very well with the story. Thanks.

@Dseg I’ll be looking to implement that. Thank you.


Oh! Heh I thought I’d answered this thread about skill stuff only it was a different one. :slight_smile:

Have a look at and the suggestions for personality style traits there.

Also, Slammed has Kayfabe vs Reality. Both unlock really interesting things. One of the best paths in the game, for instance, is only available if you have very low Kayfabe. But normally you’d think that was a bad thing, since isn’t wrestling all about the putting on a mask and it being fake?

Even with an agent who’s a combatant, you’d have the choice of whether he’s a show off, does everything with a flourish, trick shots, and the like, leaves a calling card, has a sense of showmanship. Or whether he’s just ruthlessly efficient. Is he suave and debonair like James Bond, or is he instead the sort of guy who most people overlook?

I’ve even got a comic for this. It seems apt for assassins too.


@FairyGodFeather Thank you. That helped a lot.
I was just wondering how it would work out if I keep the relationships permanently hidden so that the players do not deviate from what they think is right because of the falling relationships with any one of the characters. I could display the relationships at the end so they can see how their relationships worked overall.


That’s how my game works (Choice of Rebels). You get periodic text on how the relationships with some key characters are going, but you don’t get to see the number.


oh ok Thanks