Need help in choosing the title for my Science Fiction Mystery Hosted Games WIP

Hiya everyone, a few days ago I posted an WIP called Omniversal Sleuth, in which you play as an Interdimensional Detective, who leaps between different parallel universes solving mysteries.

At that time, Omniversal Sleuth seemed like a good title, and it was the only one I had thought of. But now there are some other names striking my mind, which could work better than Omniversal Sleuth. So I have decided to post this poll to see which title would work with the audience.

  • Omniversal Sleuth
  • Omniversal Detective
  • Detective, Omniverse
  • Parallel Detective
  • Parallel Speuth
  • Detective of the Omniverse

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If you can think of a title better than those mentioned above, feel free to share them.



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