Need help code problem

*title Unlocked Within
*author Wyatt danetorai de Eranatt

*create fname ""
*create lname ""
*create skill 50
*create power 50
*create magic 50
*create gender "unknown"
*create pron1 ""
*create pron2 ""
*create pron3 ""

You open your eyes to see a well lit room. You gather your thoughts
and try to remember who you are..
You are...
    #a guy
        *set gender "male"
        *set pron1 "he"
        *set pron2 "him"
        *set pron3 "his"
        *goto fn 
    #a girl
        *set gender "female"
        *set pron1 "she"
        *set pron2 "her"
        *set pron3 "her"
        *goto fn

*label fn
        *set fname "Wyatt"
        *goto ln
        *set fname "Faith"
        *goto ln
        *set fname "Jack"
        *goto ln
    #something else
        *input_text fname
        *set fname "$!{fname}"
        *goto ln

*label ln
    #Katenatou de Eramant
        *set lname "Katenatou de Eramant"
        *set lname "Miller"
        *set lname "Ashton"
   #something else
       *input_text Fname
       *set lname "$!{lname}"

it won’t show up when testing. Any help is appreciated.

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What exactly isn’t showing up? All of it?
And how are you testing it?
Is the file called ‘startup.txt’?

(Also, you should probably add *ending to the end.)

All of it won’t show up.

When I ran it in Cside it works just fine, there is just the error that there is not goto or finish in the last choice.

SO the error is not in the code, but perhaps in your set up for the startup, is it in the right folder, correctly named?

What did you do to test it? What file do you run?

I used the index to test it

I just checked it and I apparently accidentally changed the name and maybe that’s why it wasn’t working.

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