Necessary Fur Baby Thread (Pet Pictures)


When I'm sad or angry, this thread always makes me better. Such a therapy. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


She reminds me of Crookshanks from Harry Potter :blush:


This thread makes me insanely jealous! No pets allowed where I live... ='(


Actually I got her after seeing Prisoner of Azkaban lol I so couldn't resist the little squished face! :heart:


Awww! She’s lovely! And she looks so grumpy in that picture. I don’t blame her, I’d hate being woken up from a nap to get a photo too.

Thanks for doing it though.

Me too. I just love this thread so much!


I actually have six cats and a dog hah a but I only have two cat pics on hand so

This is Bootsie (and her son Loki walking through the shot), the picture quality isn't great bc I took it with an old device woops. she's grumpy little thing and her first instinct is to hiss but she's actually really sweet and really likes sleeping behind my TV when she's in my room

and this was Blossom. She and her sister Bubbles were my first cats . We got them when I was four, which explains their names haha. Sadly, she passed away a few years ago but I still have a picture of her and love her a lot, so


The first cat pic kinda looks like she has a mustache :joy_cat:


omg... you're right... I hadn't noticed before but now I can't unsee it

its a cute mustache at least


That looks more like a beard.


Clearly we require more pictures of your cat to decide if it's a beard, a moustache, or just an adorably cute cat.


Look, it's Santa Paws! {melts}


why not all three? she's adorable with her fur mustache beard combo

altho sadly she's not very photo happy, those up there were from a rare moment where she actively seeks m out to pet her

Here she is glaring at me from the food bowl. We reently were able to get a lot of mats out of her fur, thankfully

I was able to get some of my older pictures of my cats from my phone so, be prepared for five more cats

a picture of Bootsie's son, Loki!

Blossom's sister Bubbles. the second picture was... too cute for me to not put up as well....

Tiny/Bob depending on if you ask me or my dad

This is Tigger, he's very shy and hard to take a picture of

and a poor quality picture of Draco, the poor dear he's just very hard to get pictures of as well


I had a Russian blue called Setio and a turtle called Jason.....Anyone see where this is going? I an very sorry about not having any pictures of them but Jason died of a disease that made his shell rot or something, and Setio got run over :cry: :crying_cat_face:. Also my parents won't allow it.


I'm sorry for your loss.


My cat decided to be freaky for once and glare down my computer. I think it's because I wasn't petting him? Though I managed a quick picture xD It turned out... nice, but creepy XD
Still, he's a lovely cat with maybe an ego problem.


Haven't met a cat without an ego problem :joy_cat:


Lucky in my bed pretending he's being good. Aka supposed to be there


What kind of dog is he?


Mutt, his mom Brooke is a Beagle Rottweiler and his father Australian cattle dog. He's very pretty :wink:


I just want to hug him :heart_eyes: he's so cute, your lucky Snoe.