Necessary Fur Baby Thread (Pet Pictures)


My pet guinea pigs: Twix (the one with dark fur and a white patch on her leg) and Hershey (the light brown one).
We have them for more than a year now. They still continue to flip their food bowl for shits though. Why, gerbils*, why?! :tired_face:

  • gerbils is my collective pet name for them.


This cat is a stray that hangs around the respite centre I went to last week. Sometimes she gets snuck inside the house, sometimes she sneaks in herself through the window. I saw her a lot my last visit but I didn't see her this time around. Until Thursday I received some distressing news, and I was rather upset and there was no staff around to speak to. Then outside I heard "meow, meow" so I went out and there she was, Councillor Cat, ready to listen, with such perfect timing.

She's such a sweet, affectionate cat. I cannot tell you how lovely she is. How nice it is to have a cat to pet when you're feeling sad and down. I can't seem to get a good photo of how pretty she is though. She has some lovely colouring, and she's so tiny and delicate.

Cats are great.


I remember when I was 7 my dad used to volunteer at the old wildlife rescue centre, I went with him once and I saw the cutest little Fox behind the glass of a cage! Since then I have tried to find a way to have a pet Fox, though I now know that it's impossible to domesticated a Fox.


It's not impossible. There's actually a fascinating project in Russia where they've attempted to domesticate the fox. they've been doing it 50+ years. I watched a tv programme about it, but here's some links.

One of the fascinating things I found was that as they domesticated solely based on behaviour, they also found that their foxes coats showed more variation in colour and pattern, and the foxes started having droopy ears and other things we see in dogs.

Note that as an animal experiment there may be some things mentioned in some of the articles below that people find distressing


One of the rescue kitties up for adoption, born in the wilds, a tailless bunny-bottom due to rampant in-breeding. He really fancies a good sink...

The sweetling Saké Sakura Miyazaki, aka, Zaki.


Well since the thread says it is necessary I figure I'll post some pictures.

(Captures the personality of pit bulls perfectly)

(Also captures the personality of cats)

(Finally I have 3 hedgehogs all females, not a pet you see or hear of everyday)


Lazy Sausage


Ahaha, sleeping animals flopped all over pics are the best! Yes, this is my dog having wedged himself sideways between the armrest and pillow. I probably have an unhealthy amount of pictures taken of him napping. :smile:


Dave at one month and one year


Best cat. (Ignore the mess I'm packing :kissing_closed_eyes:)


His name is Bobby, about 5 years old.


Y'all are so great. I've been super sick and super stressed from working while sick (when you work from home, you don't get sick days :sob: :sob: ), and this just made me feel so much better :two_hearts:


Since you've been feeling stressed and sick Miss Squeakers wanted to send you some happy fuzzy fun.

Hope you feel better soon.


This is my adorable Pineapple Morph Green Cheek Conure, Eris Pineapple:

She's almost two years old, still not hand-tame, a bit shy and a huge chatterbox. I adore her. <3


Here's Silas, who was hiding in the box, trying to leave unnoticed.

You can all see it didn't go so well.


Her name is Xena she's 15 old but still energetic when she wants to be.


This is Fuji, my lilac coloured British Shorthair fluff ball. She's one year old and very attached to me - very much a 'one person cat'.

And this is Calimero, her lazy brother. He doesn't particularly like cuddling unless he asks for it - with a majestic "Eek!".


This is my baby Penelope, still growing her hair back from being shaved before her surgery this last summer.


Are there any pictures of her face?


She hates her picture taken, though it didn't help I just woke her up from a nap to snap this :smile: