Necessary Fur Baby Thread (Pet Pictures)


Okay thanks was interested in your views thank you for sharing. :blush:


My cat miracle (wanted to name her socks) had her since i was about 5 or 6.

My dog Khloe


Aww! What sort of dog is Khloe? She has such sweet eyes.


She technically has modelling credits, since I used her as a model for a character in a story about shape-shifters (it remains hilarious to me that her human form was a redhead and they looked more and more alike to me as I wrote the story).


So cute want to pet and give belly rubs.
Must leave this thread it is torture to not be able to boop snouts and give belly rubs. Torture level: "It's over 9000"!!!!!


For right now all I've got is my profile picture. That's my vicious earless pitbull Taylor right before I adopted her. She got rescued from a very...let's go with the word unkind, man who decided to take up the time honored tradition of all jackwagons, dog fighting. Most sweet dog ever, terrified of all guys in hats (myself and my brothers included some days).

However given my family's "animal hoarder" status I'll get more pictures soon. Would you prefer dogs cats pigs chickens cattle or goats?


All of the above?

But especially goats!

BTW does anyone have any donkey pictures? @Snowpanther teased me with a picture she'd taken of a fat pony and a donkey but there weren't enough pictures.


Pasta (middle) Pepper(top) Ginger(bottom). My ever joyful and loyal furry friends. :smile:


It's a trap! You can already see her starting to glare because I dared to take a photo of her glory, but if you touch her belly she'll most likely grab you, then flip and bolt.

Because screw humans, that's why.


I love pets! I would happily like to share mine with the rest of you. My most favorite pets are Dogs and cats, but I've kept guinea pigs in the past and those were sweeties as well. The only animals I feel absolutely nothing towards are rabbits.

First up is my cat Tarzan, currently the oldest of the group. He is named after the Disney character from the jungle 'cuse he lived on the streets and we adopted him. He looks tough, he's missing a canine tooth and has discolered eyes and ragged ears from his fighting days. However when he is inside, he's an absolute sweetheart. His purring is also very loud. He likes the outside, chicken and the fireplace. He can stare into the flames for hours xD

Next up is my dog Pongo, a dachshund and named after the father from 101 Dalmatians. We adopted him as a puppy and he has been with us for more than ten years now. He loves and eats pretty much everything. His exitement is adorable and contagious. He loves to bathe in the sun or go out on walks. If he sleeps deeply you can hear him snore.

And thirdly, my cat Claartje, she is the most recent addition to the family, we adopted her last february from the pet shelter. She was very shy and distant at first but has found her place among us now. She loves boxes (actually prefers them over her own bed) and tries out every box or newspaper she can find. She is very fluffy, more so than Tarzan, and has a soft and gracious purr. She likes to laze around all day and on occasion she plays one-sided games with the dog.


Here's my dog Billy.
He likes to dig up animal's holes and run after squirrels.

I love his little snout so much..


This is Bรคr:

And this is Thor. He is actually 9 years old but I don't have any recent pictures of him at the moment. At least I found these old ones in my computer.


Khloe is a bichon, maltese, shih tzu mix.


This thread makes me wish I could give multiple likes to one post.


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As @FairyGodfeather didn't want to play chess, I found another skilled opponent instead :smiley:


This is the new addition to the house.

Poor baby got ran over by a farmer and lost an arm before we got her. She's an absolute sweetie though.


Now this is my kind of thread. The kind of thing I like to see at the end of a frankly, garbage day!!

This is Rosie!! My baby....she is 8 years old and part Persian which basically has her with one heck of an adittude but she can be super sweet when it suits her! Really enjoys hiding tinfoil balls in my shoes...

This is Lily! We rescued her a month after Rosie and they have been inseparable since. She's a bit of a pig but that seems to be a trend with tabby cats I know. She is such a suck though oh my gosh.

Aannnnd this is Rusty!! My boy who I love so much and miss like crazy. The person who was dog sitting him for cousin tbh gave him away to another family member without telling us and my mom decided not to tell me for about a month and by that point he'd been settled in with the new family and their kids so.....needless to say I've cut my cousin out of my life and try not to think too much about him as it hurts a lot still even though it's been almost six months now since I last saw him....

I'm going to go through this thread again when I have time on my break to read each posts because I only really had the time to look at pictures before work ha.


These are my babies.


No sure where to post, but since a thread about animals is open I thinking post here. Anyone ever even think of get Capybaras?