Necessary Fur Baby Thread (Pet Pictures)


I found a picture of my first dog (the little cow on the back), he spends all his time sleeping near me or on my blanket when i'm not here, he will be 11 years old next month. By the way the big one is almost 4 years old.

Did i forget to say that this furball is like a black hole for food ?


I will post an actual photo of my pet now called Pebbles
He's a Parsons Jack Russel.

He loves to play with the hose when we're watering the garden but hates the rain and shower and he loves chasing the squirrels i posted earlier.


This is the beast that I have to put up with. :slight_smile:


Your dog almost look like mine '-'


She likes to swim and go in canoes. Total suck. Always wants to be laying on someone when she sleeps. :slight_smile:


Ah mine is not that active as yours XD
It don't bother me when one of my dogs want to sleep on me but i guess it's an old habit from my first dog when i was a id ^^


Here is my pet; he is a Finnish Spitz usually a small game "flusher" in his native land. This means he loves to explore ground foliage and flush out birds and such from their nests and burrows.

Here he is claiming my bed as his own for the night:

And here he is exploring sea weed at the ocean's edge for the first time:


I didn't take these pictures, but they were lying about on my computer.

This is Jake. He was my first ever family dog. He was a black lab. The happiest day of my life was the day, when I was a child, we got to go visit my dad's friend in the country, and spend a whole day playing with puppies. And at the end, despite my parents having said we're not taking a dog home, we ended up with Jake. Jake was just an amazing dog, we took him everywhere with us. He was just the best and put up with all sorts of horrors! (Like my sister putting novelty earrings on him.)

This is Roary as a puppy, so named for the roaring noise he used to make. He loved sticks! He was also rather stupid, but a very sweet dog.

I really miss dogs so much. They bring with them such love and joy.


Oh, this thread is adorable! I just love seeing everyones pets!

I currently have two little fur balls!

First up is my cat, Missan, she's a british short hair (or I believe that's what they're called) and she's 15 years old.

And last but not least, we have my baby. This is Vicky. She's 8 years old and a pomeranian. She loves to dance.


I slightly altered the name of the thread because of @Poison_Mara

NOW IT IS SAFE POST YOUR CAT PICTURES @Poison_Mara!!! Please! I want to see them!


This are Titus and Policho

Titus and his brother were deposited just new born in a plastic bag in a trash can let them to suffer a terrible death. Thankfully a neighbor heard them and called the vet. I was working as volunter with that vet so since baby Titus and me connect he is a grumpy but lovable nine years old straight cat.

Policho. Just celebrated his first birthday last week. He is persian and I had to paid to save his life. He born with a terrible owners that inbreed cats for money with his fathers and had them in cages like slaves. He is healthy but for this monsters he is not perfect because he has a canine slighty SMALLER. SO HE IS NOT PURE PEDIGREE . SO WTF THEY WERE ABOUT KILL HIM WITH BARELY TWO FUCKING WEEKS... I pay for him 90 euros to save him from death. He is so good and love talking with me .


Aww those cats are so adorable Mara. It's such a lovely picture of them. Those poor cats. They're very fortunate to have you.


Indeed. I'm glad you saved them. :slight_smile:

Tus gatos son adorable, como Modfeather ha dicho. :smiley:


Thanks, they are great friends and love boxes they prefer boxes to their fluffy pet bets.


This is McGee on right and Bear on the left i have no idea what i would do with out my boys and it kills me that i have to leave them with my parents while im off at collage.


Yesterday morning I found these guys trapped in a bucket in front of my house. They were very dirty, soaked in urine and other filth but at least they were not injured and appear to be in good health. I washed and fed them and now I'm looking for people willing to take them in.

The one below I found together with my Boxer on his house when I arrived home. She was sick, very thin and had burn injuries (upper picture). I treated and nourished her back to health, it took over 4 months until she was all healed. She is very, very mischievous and now lives with my neighbor (below picture).

Oh and she loves to take selfies :stuck_out_tongue: :


Awww poor doggies.

Those are some really good pictures.

I don't understand how people can be so cruel.

Poor little doggies.


Well done, there are many psychos out there killing innocents animals. So it is our obligation as normal sane people help them. And they give so much love in exchange ... I hope you find responsible people that loves them for what they are and not for a stupid pedigree.


I have to ask what you mean by innocent animals you mean all animals or just domesticated animals?

Just curious.


I eat meat. I have no issues with it. Because In nature there are carnivores and omnivores and have a place in the chain of life. However, all animals are innocents and caused them unnecesary pain is evil as many indigenous tribes said around the world. Only psychos could enjoy cause pain to animals.