Necessary Fur Baby Thread (Pet Pictures)


I'm sorry, I had to


My cat has figured out how to open closets, cabinets and push open unlatched doors. She's still working on door knobs which thankfully she has yet to figure out a way to grip firmly enough to turn, or she'd have no doubt escaped to run free outside and perhaps get herself injured or worse.


There's a specific drawer that I always find open. There's nothing in it, aside from an empty spray bottle. My boyfriend thought it was me constantly opening it when we first moved in together and was confused until he finally asked after a few weeks :stuck_out_tongue:


My dog has now found out how to open our back door....she always leaves it open at night, so it's always cold in our house.


Wow, reading some of these posts, I thank goodness Rufus is too short to reach door knobs, though he hates doors being closed and will sometimes attack them as viciously as if they were the vaccuum cleaner. :smile: When he was a puppy, however, I had to buy an entirely new gate while he was being house trained because the first one was criss-crossed like a chain link fence and he learned how to scale those (and was quite proud of himself for it, too, the little stinker). Only close-set vertical slats would do after that!


Well, now, I do happen to have an animal rescue, which could lead to postings of a seemingly endless nature, heh, but I'll just go with the flow.

My Amethyst, + a variety of nonsensical nicknames. I truly suspect she is not so much feline as some sort of ferret/imp/Veruca Salt hybrid. :two_hearts:

My Amadeus with his sometimes lover/rival No-Face. :two_hearts:

My Skylar was born blind and deaf. Silly billy still bumps into the piano in his endless search for me and may never trust strangers, but he's taught me much about life. :two_hearts:


I am so in love with all of your animals. Especially your cat's pose! Perfection. 10/10.


Are they considered exotic pets? Like those sugar gliders?


I think they are and depending on where you live it may be illegal to have one as pet...And I'm not sure if they are really suited to be pets. There are russian domestic foxes which are allegedly more like dogs in behavior but I would imagine them being pretty expensive.


As @Sammysam said, it depends on what State you live in. Such as Arkansas foxes are considered as part of type 2 wildlife which makes it legal to own a fox as long as you have the correct living pen.
These foxes sold in the U.S are not domesticated, but they are tamed. For a domesticated fox it costs around 8-10k and will act much different than a tamed fox.

A tamed fox is like the perfect mix of a cat and a dog. Here is a video of a tamed fox. They are so cute :heart_eyes:


Here is another, up to date photo of Niko. I have had to constantly be touching him for the past hour or so cause there are guys over to fix our air conditioning right now and I think it's freaking him out. When he's not staring at them through the glass door, he's nosing underneath my arm until I give him attention.

I am also covered in so much dog saliva.


that's a cute dog wish I had a dog myself but all I have are cats :two_hearts:


Here's my dog, a newfoundly land (guess this is how this breed is called in english...)

This one is when i took him for a walk after the flood in france, guess he was one of the few water didn't bothered.

And this one was like 1 years ago when i was bored and make him wear my pendants... Don't ask me why.

And not my cat at all but that little guy assaulted me on the way back home today.


I am not really sure what your problem is. This thread is for everyone, not for just one person, and it's not restricted to one country. People spread joy through sharing what they like and what they cherish. Taking this away by saying 'Please delete this', is like insulting others in my opinion.

Besides, pets are not dirty. They take care of themselves very well, and dogs as well as cats are very clean pets. Unless they are shedding, but that's a problem people have with every pet that has fur. Still, they are not dirty.

Now, to stay on topic:
I am having three cats, one of which I have almost half of my life already, and he's my trusted friend.

Benny is my cat and I got him from an old friend. I think he must be around 14 or 15 now, so he's really old already. He's always staying in my surroundings, never leaving me out of sight like a dog. Well, maybe I shouldn't have trained him like a dog back then... (I really wanted to have a dog instead of a cat back then, though :sweat_smile:)
His favorite thing to do is to lie on my bed and sleep the day away. Sadly, he's too big to stay on my lap like the following one.

Cleo (short for Cleopatra), is a cat we found on the streets a few years back. She's currently the second oldest of our cats, and loves to sleep on my lap or my bathrobe. She's a cuddly fellow, unless she's annoyed by the others. Then one should make a big arch around her.

That's Amy, the cat of my brother. She's a lovely furball, playing most of her time and a big package of energy. They are all lovely, and once she decides to cuddle with me she's not letting go.

Now that I think about it... all of our cats are staying in my room. Almost always <.<


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@Harlox123 If you have a problem with a thread and question it's appropriateness then please contact the moderators. Since you clearly disagree with this thread you can simply choose to stop reading and posting on it.


Yes it is active and we are all talking about our beloved pets. :smile:


That last cat looks almost exactly like one we used to have, white, with black markings in front of the ears and a black tail. I don't know where she is now, or if she's still alive, though I expect not. She was really mean. We do have one of her kittens, though.

My mom has this one, named Aurora.

This second one is also her kitten, but unfortunately she passed away earlier this year.


I am sorry for your loss. The cats look very cute, though!
And yes, I agree, the first one looks very similar to Amy. But the black on her head would need to be a bit more :wink:


I wish I had a pic of the mama. Though, I have found that there are a good number of cats with similiar markings. It always makes me wonder if someone has her, or at the very least, if they're related :stuck_out_tongue: