Necessary Fur Baby Thread (Pet Pictures)


I thought it was hillarious. Hm. I don't really have a lot of conveniently linkable pics of my own pets.


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This is... Jack. I found him on the street after a storm.

I have a habbit of going out after rainstorms, since that's generally when baby sparrows fall out of their nests.


I have about 4000 pics and videos of these kittens, but here are two pictures with most of them in it.

They were just under four weeks old when I took these pics. They're about three months old, now.

Try to always adopt, guys. During the months of May-September, cats are particularly active in, erm, mating. We call it kitten season. Hundreds of kittens go to the shelters and stores during those months.

Puppies are year round, though I see them more during May-August, personally.

Also that baby bird is adorable. I nursed a bird back to health after I got my nose ring. Err, well, warmed it up then brought it to the nearest animal hospital. But I helped! After taking a couple of funny birb-selfies, because I'm a terrible person who wanted pictures to remember the poor baby by. Wait, no, it was after my tattoo, because it was snowing out. In October. Because screw Virginia. I got my nose ring done in summer, duhhhh. My bad.


Awwwww they're so cute. :smiley:

Sadly even if I wanted to I won't be abke to adopt cats/dogs or other animals that won't fit into a cage. My home is simply not big enough and I feel bad when I don't have enough time for them. :frowning:

And whao! That bird is huge! :open_mouth: Wonder what kind of bird it is?


For animals that can be kept in cages, I suggest hamsters, since they have the cool cage extensions you can add. Definitely not rabbits. They need exercise (a fact which my father enjoys conveniently forgetting LOL. Means I have to take Poe outside for exercise, rather than inside) a LOT, else they get fat and antisocial.

Hamsters are good for cages, as are birds.

And...I actually have no idea. The angle of the camera makes it look larger than it is. It was roughly the size of my palm, so roughly four inches? (I have baby hands)

I'm pretty sure it's a native species to Virginia, though.

Edit: Just googled it and found a bird that looks exactly like it--down to its fat--Pretty sure this bird is an American Robin. Also, it may have been female, due to its head being the same color as its back. Ty,


I like hamsters! :smiley: I once own two of them, but they both passed away after the third year. I was so sad. :frowning:

And LOL! Fat robin! XD It was winter when you found it, wasn't it? Wonder what it was eating, or if it was just really fluffy. :slight_smile: Actually, I have the same kind of experience when sparrows here. In more rural areas, the sparrows are generally thinner, but the sparrows in urban cities are fat fat fat! :open_mouth: They must be eating too many McDonalds. X')


It's just a fat bird, in general lol! But I wouldn't be surprised if it was eating lots of McDonalds and such. Very metropolitan area, that was.


Rabbits don’t need to go outside for exercises if you have big spaces for them. They will do binky jumps if they are very happy and if you have an extra say room you can make a bunny room. This are just example of a bunny room, but it really just depends on your imagination. A bunny binky is like a bunny going in hyper drive.

Just to add for anyone who is a rabbit lover like me :rabbit: lols there is a rule for cage sizes for them.


Mine exercises outside because my father won't allow me to let him run around the house.


That’s is okay too :rabbit2: My bunnies can’t go outside because our neighbor has two foxhound dogs that hunt little critters. They are safer inside than outside.


I really want to buy a white fox, some people are actually selling them in the U.S


Oh, I didn't know we could have foxes as pets. Sounds awesome, though I'd personally like to have a snake (non poisonous, of course).


Robins over here are really different compared to American Robins

It's really a surprise a bird with the same name can vary from region to region


You should give the poor thing a map, it looks lost :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If turned into meme it could have "I knew I should have made that left turn at Albuquerque" on it


When i was a child several adults filled my head with terrible stories about cats, and as a result I was quite cruel to any I could grab or kick, which thankfully wasn't many because they were generally faster and more savvy than I was. I justified it as being what those evil, sneaky creatures deserved. All I can say is that I'm glad nobody was foolish enough to "give" me a kitten when I was a child, because it very likely wouldn't have ended well for the poor kitten.

Thankfully, I was introspective enough in my late teen years to realize that my head had been filled with BS as a child, and that now that I was self-aware enough to understand my own cruelty, I did not want to be the sort of adult that tormented animals. As a result I made a conscious decision to change, and did. Not everyone is quite so self-aware however, and some cruel children grow into even crueler adults. A joke to adults who might be amused by your off-color humor is one thing, but I caution you not to demonize cats or other innocent animals to impressionable children.


I have to. I adore my babies so much.

This one is Harvey, if you can guess her namessake, yay!

She is an absolute sweetie. Doesn't care for other cats though. But she's very loving and always comes to greet me. My uncle found her in his garage but didn't want to take care of a cat, so offered her to us.

This one is Niko. I got him off craigslist. He's half Great Dane, and then a mix of wolf, husky, and I believe German Shepard. He is the most exictable puppy ever, like, completely spazzes out whenever he sees me. He learns quickly except when it comes to jumping on people. He's our good ol' alarm dog, always starts barking when someone gets close to the house, loud enough that you can definitely hear it from outside. I think he's in love with the old pit we babysit every other weekend or so. She's a doll too.

Last but not least, my beloved Snickers. The reason I got her is a bit tragic and has to do with another cat that's gone now. I ended up adopting her from the pound when she was a few weeks old. She was a sickly little thing and I thought she was going to die, but she got better.

She's an ornery cat that hates my ex-roommate (constantly teased her) and always calms down from whatever huffy temper she gets in when I pick her up and put her on my bed (don't even know why. She just becomes a purring furball when I do). She's really lazy and very loving. She loves q-tips and sticking her face in front of the vent when it's going.

She also likes opening all the cabinet doors and is obsessed with trying to get into dressers.