Necessary Fur Baby Thread (Pet Pictures)


I want both the kitten and the dinosaur, please and thank you :hugs:


Here I thought I was lucky to have a cat that poses, but now Floki does the same. I’m so amazed akdbxkbsjcbd

JUST Look!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


He is looking so arrogant in the last one, he is like:
“I am so fluff-special.”

What an adorable little dog.

And the environment behind him is also very beautiful!


@L_M Thank you! I think he might have turned pompous because of all the compliments I gave him… :rofl:
No but tbh I think he’s just smelling stuff in the last pic. I think. Or maybe he really is arrogant.

I really enjoyed the photo session in that part of the woods. We’re actually on top of a huge rock in all those pics. It was fun! :heart:


Aww he’s beautiful! And that sassy little smile in the first one is adorable. It looks like a professional photoshoot :laughing:


In picture one, he is saying: “Are you serious?”

In picture 2 he is saying: “You really are serious about this, arn’t you?”

In picture 3 he is saying: “I’ve had enough of this, really.”

In picture 4 he is saying: " I can be serious too."


Then and now. Still a dork :laughing: