Necessary Fur Baby Thread (Pet Pictures)


I want both the kitten and the dinosaur, please and thank you :hugs:


Here I thought I was lucky to have a cat that poses, but now Floki does the same. I’m so amazed akdbxkbsjcbd

JUST Look!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


He is looking so arrogant in the last one, he is like:
“I am so fluff-special.”

What an adorable little dog.

And the environment behind him is also very beautiful!


@L_M Thank you! I think he might have turned pompous because of all the compliments I gave him… :rofl:
No but tbh I think he’s just smelling stuff in the last pic. I think. Or maybe he really is arrogant.

I really enjoyed the photo session in that part of the woods. We’re actually on top of a huge rock in all those pics. It was fun! :heart:


Aww he’s beautiful! And that sassy little smile in the first one is adorable. It looks like a professional photoshoot :laughing:


In picture one, he is saying: “Are you serious?”

In picture 2 he is saying: “You really are serious about this, arn’t you?”

In picture 3 he is saying: “I’ve had enough of this, really.”

In picture 4 he is saying: " I can be serious too."


Then and now. Still a dork :laughing:




This is what happens when Hugo and Jackson play fight:

The mess was also their doing.


[Hungry Eyes plays in the distance]


It’s cold today so I put my baby in a blanket


Floki is getting his floof y’all, and it’s not even finished yet.



thats just evil…

that fluffyness is just evil…

Smooche him for meh!!! :hugs:


Happy to oblige! :grin:


He looks freshly brushed for his pictures. :slight_smile:


Neat. He’s only newly brushed on the 2:nd picture. His fur never really looks tangled, even though it might be. :grinning:


I’ll just pop this apsolute car unit Here…

First of all, Chiqui, he died 4 years ago, bust is still the best doggo <3

He really really loved getting under the bed covers.

At the back, you can see the shrine of his rope bone.

He honestly loved the bed so much :joy:


Behold Sofi:

In this picture she was 3 months old, we expended more than one hour looking for her, and we were incredibly worried that she escaped somehow.

Then, one of her favourite sleeping places while still a puppy.

Here, showing off her striped hair.

Here she is on her new conqueror painting pose

And here we have her Clint Eastwood face

Part 1 of she not being able to jump into the bed and deeming her bed not comfortable enough, she cries and then I just give her one of my pillows, result, instant happy dog.

Behold the great Lucifer

In this one Lucifer is done with Sofi’s desire to play, and since Sofi is a useless dog can’t jump to the bed, he is having a break from her. Nevertheless, Sofi decided to wait next to him until he has to inevitable go down.

I lack pictures of Luci because what he loves to do is chase anyone that goes the bathroom to have a shower. Then, he jumps on the cabinet we have there, and from there, we see a paw poking over the shower and starting to pat our head :rofl:

I have like millions of pictures ok, not millions, but thousands, but I think that will be enough for now lol.



More pictures of my babies! I can’t help but being a doting mom :relieved::slight_smile: