Necessary Fur Baby Thread (Pet Pictures)


remember my 2 month old black kitten up there ? I posted her picture when I got her .

well Ziva is growing so much , its sad…wish she stay a cute babeh forever XD

And she gotten a new sister ! her name is Tifa ! So Ziva and Tifa :smiley:

she is a Tabby but more yellowish lol like a cheetah !

taking a nap , cose waking mommy is a hard work :wink:

getting ready for that vacation to AMAZON! lol they say its beautiful !

oh noe ! caught being too cute !!! HALP! :rofl:

Love this pic…

Show just how big is Ziva getting and she is only 4 month old now…

My dog is getting bigger too !

Still a brat though ! and a trouble maker :sweat_smile:

So those are today news from the furry and adowable world of dogs and kitten !


Sorry for the shoddy photo, he won’t.sit.still. Haha, this is the newest addition to my family. Someone I know had gotten an ‘Easter Bunny’ for her son, did no research and had him on a cage he couldn’t even fully lie down in, and was going to take him to a shelter because she didn’t want him anymore. Oof, I’m going to refrain from going into a rant, again, shot but I can say he is one spunky little dude with an adorable personality, and someone who very much enjoys his new setup with all the room for zoomies. He has a little Mohawk tuft going on and it’s :ok_hand:

(He is, I think, a piebald dwarf hotot who shall be named Bunnicula on account of vegetable vampire rabbits. :carrot:)


Is your pet bunny named Bunnicula after the rabbit from the novel of the same title, perchance? Just a guess.

The couch provides quite a few, weirdly cute, sleeping positions


hum , Hi lol

I’m gonna ask a question here related to my kittens (I posted their pictures up above) . They are growing so well . But I’m also having an issue , and since everyone who posted here have cats , dogs , bunnies , bat and such . I though maybe someone had this issue and could maybe give suggestions or something ?

Tifa , the yellow Tabby kitten (she is 2 month old) has started a weird thing . she is sucking on Ziva (the black kitten of 4 months) . She is sucking her…hum…Thumb ? and when I try to stop her…she hang on her like her life depand on it . Ziva on the other hand doesn’t seem to be bothered at all by it .

She just go all slack and take a nap , while I’m fretting at the behavior .

Now I did look it up , and some says their cats can do that . They can suck on humans , on objects . And its some sort of ‘make them feel good’ emotions .

And I wouldn’t mind if she was doing it on an object , well unless it hurt her teeths somehow .

But she is sucking on Ziva thumb! there is a nail in there y’know . And ziva herself is only 4months and a half and is still growing . So kinda , I’m afraid…it deform her thumb maybe if she keep doing it or something ?

Now some peoples suggested that they apply some kind of spray that taste yukie for cats . But this is Ziva paws and y’know how much cats keep grooming themself . She taste it too if I do that .

So that’s my issue . Everytime she do it , and I try to remove her…she went to go back and do it again . I even hold ziva paws in my hand and hide them away , and she sniff and try to get trough my fingers to suck more .



Hi! This is my beautiful son Emmett whom I love with all my heart but also recently he ate a DEAD BEE. I’m still processing.


Kittens do that all the time! I wouldn’t worry too much about it, but if you are concerned that the other kitten may grow deformed (unlikely), you can always take it to the vet!

Frankly, I’d be more concerned about the kitten doing the sucking, personally. Human children can cause buckteeth and other issues from thumb sucking, so I don’t see why it would be any different in a kitten (I am not a licensed veterinarian!)


I’m gonna do that , as soon as my lift get here (the 21th ) just to make sure nothing is wrong with her or the other kitten .

she been doing it , but now she is sucking her furr…lol


that beaver is so cute…but i have this unexplained urge to want to hate him even though he so cute.

beautiful little one just wanted to help take out the trash, Emmett loves being useful.


Eh, I wouldn’t be too concerned about it. My girlfriend’s cat sucks/chews her hair all the time. Has been doing it for something like 5-6 years now?

Of course, there’s a difference between “hair” and a “paw”. That said, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of it.


she is not sucking on her own hair , she is sucking on the other cat hair and Paw .

ziva doesnt seem to mind though . But oh well…

I get her checked , better be safe then sorry .


Sorry, that was meant to read: “sucking on my girlfriend’s hair”.


Cats like hair, wool, and in some breeds people or animals they have imprinted to.


I have a new kitten. Her name is Zipper (entirely because it’s fun to say).


Awwwwwwwww she is so cute…and look at that round head XD


one isn’t enough!

She’s literally under my arm right now, purring like crazy and making it hard to type.


oh my god, i need 40



ahem sorry, bad joke. Here’s a pictorial apology:


ugh, i want a kitten so bad ;~;