Necessary Fur Baby Thread (Pet Pictures)


remember my 2 month old black kitten up there ? I posted her picture when I got her .

well Ziva is growing so much , its sad…wish she stay a cute babeh forever XD

And she gotten a new sister ! her name is Tifa ! So Ziva and Tifa :smiley:

she is a Tabby but more yellowish lol like a cheetah !

taking a nap , cose waking mommy is a hard work :wink:

getting ready for that vacation to AMAZON! lol they say its beautiful !

oh noe ! caught being too cute !!! HALP! :rofl:

Love this pic…

Show just how big is Ziva getting and she is only 4 month old now…

My dog is getting bigger too !

Still a brat though ! and a trouble maker :sweat_smile:

So those are today news from the furry and adowable world of dogs and kitten !


Sorry for the shoddy photo, he won’t.sit.still. Haha, this is the newest addition to my family. Someone I know had gotten an ‘Easter Bunny’ for her son, did no research and had him on a cage he couldn’t even fully lie down in, and was going to take him to a shelter because she didn’t want him anymore. Oof, I’m going to refrain from going into a rant, again, shot but I can say he is one spunky little dude with an adorable personality, and someone who very much enjoys his new setup with all the room for zoomies. He has a little Mohawk tuft going on and it’s :ok_hand:

(He is, I think, a piebald dwarf hotot who shall be named Bunnicula on account of vegetable vampire rabbits. :carrot:)


Is your pet bunny named Bunnicula after the rabbit from the novel of the same title, perchance? Just a guess.

The couch provides quite a few, weirdly cute, sleeping positions