Necessary Fur Baby Thread (Pet Pictures)


Thank you! He’s very fluffy, and very proud of his fluff.

And you as well! :smile:

Yep! He’s a corgi!


You have an adorable dog :grinning::dog:


Have some pics of my (well my parents’) cat. He is old and lazy and I love him and I miss him everytime I go back to college:

Sweet little paw:


I guess I’ll post something here.

This is my brother/son Daniel. I’ve had him for twelve years. This photo is in front of my house.

Another photo of him at my grandma’s.


I was trying to find a specific photo of my cat but I couldn’t but I did find a bunch of photos of him just lounging around

His default state is lying wherever I usually sit. He’s cute, but he knows what he’s doing.


That makes two of us.


I don’t have my puppy anymore, and no, she didn’t die or anything. I simply gave her to my paternal grandpa because my apartment doesn’t allow pets (even goldfish). I have a few pictures of my puppy before I gave it to my grandpa but this one stand out the most.

This is my puppy. I got her for only $100. She is a pomchi (Pomeranian / Chihuahua Mixed). Her name is Crystal. She thinks that she is a cat.


These are Courfeyrac (white) and his adopted son Tybalt (brown). Skitty isn’t the pictures bc he hates everyone, but he is fluffy and carries a tiny piece of Cthulu’s soul.


My babies Roxy, Kitty, and Jack-Jack!


Here’s Dexter.




He was dumped in a cat carrier during the vacation period. We decided to adopt him and he stayed with us for 4 years.



The white dog is my bailey-button. He is only a year old. He is very attached to us and barks very loudly and ferociously to strangers. He is becoming very fat coz he noms everything on sight. The doctor is getting a tad concerned about his rapidly gaining weight so we’ll need to walk him more often. He’s very strange hahaha. :joy: He doesn’t wag his tail much and he never makes a sound unless a stranger comes into our house but he is my love bug and he enjoys cuddles immensely. If you stop touching him, he will bump his head on your hand and flip it over his head. hahaha so demanding, what a diva. Oh, and he’s a mix of three breeds, which are: chow chow, poodle, and terrier.

The brown pervert is my chester-pepper. We’ve had him for 6 yrs now. He is an enormous perv and likes to hump people who come over our house. I’ve noticed that he likes to hump guys more than girls…makes me wonder if animals can be gay. hahaha He’s a shitzu/terrier mix and he is the most friendly-est dog ever. I mean, seriously, he even tries to befriend stray cats in the neighborhood, which of course earns him a bleeding snout. He was much more active when he was younger, nowadays he just sleeps a lot. I love him a whole lot because he’s been with us longer than bailey, even though sometimes i call him bailey by accident. oopps, :sweat_smile: He doesn’t like excessive cuddles and jumps off the couch when you give him too much affection. He likes to just curl up next to you and sleep like the lazyass that he is. If you mention “walk” he will perk up and get crazy active though. He’ll run over to where we keep his leash and keep wagging his tail and jumping onto us. Oh, and he keeps barking while dreaming, which is super cute but also makes me wonder if he has bad dreams or good ones.


you can see how fat he is here :heart_eyes:


Love this thread :grin:
Those are my dogs Sansa (GSD) and Tilly (Rhodesian ridgeback)
…and yes she is very much alive haha. That pic came out strange.


This is my baby Maggie. She doesn’t do much but I love her all the same :blush:

Also, she hates cameras, it’s really hard to take a good picture of her.


So cute :heart: I had a Yorkie too


Sorry for revive an inactive thread, I just want to share my pet photos :blush:

This is Kirara, a cat me and my brothers catchpick almost a year ago, he’s really a great hunter and big brother:

Miko, a mischievous and little brother of Kirara and twin of Haku, in training of hunting by Kirara (he bigger now but this a funny photo of him):

Now this Haku, little sister of Kirara and twin of Miko, a lazy and pretty little girl:

Summer, mom of Kirara, Miko and Haku. A stubborn cat, rarely meowing because have a kitten-like voice :joy_cat::

Bommer, a cat that pretty loud, he’s one of feared cat in here, a bit hard to believe with how he behaves around us :joy::

Other photos

Sorry for the long post, maybe I should put it all in hide details? :sweat_smile:



Anyways, here's my cat

His name is Boris :heart:


Beware of secret cat society’s run by cats. Also beware of Stealth poop


I have a kitty. We named him Mini Moo, cuz he is black and white like a cow.

Some glamour shots.

His mommy cat was homeless and lived next to a radioactive plant, and they think she drank some contaminated water when she was pregnant. He failed to mature fully, he looks like an adult, but sounds and acts like a kitten. He LOVES belly rubs. Despite his knack for pooping in everything, we still love him :heart:️.

Above all else though I want a pet Fruit bat.
Just look at them.


I’d name it Fruit Loops just cuz I can.