Necessary Fur Baby Thread (Pet Pictures)


Oh wow! I would never have guessed pigeon. Is it embarrassing that I initially thought Thor was a Raven? Are there even Ravens in that part of the world?


This is my bobcat Kaizer. Sadly he’s no longer with me anymore


He’s like I am the lord of the fluff!!!


Elizabeth 3rd, is that you?


This thread is old but I have to share some baby pictures of the boy that makes any day a good day. (And today would not be a good day if it weren’t for my Doofus.)

When he was a puppy he looked like a sheep.

And I don’t have pictures yet, but I might be adopting some ex-battery hens soon! I love chickens - they’re like mini dinosaurs - and I would happily spend my days surrounded by their cuddles. :hugs:


This is Tae Kyung (surprisingly it was my mother that suggested that name, she got it from a k-drama)



Here is Frosty and Ethan. :slight_smile:


Eathan’s the one on the left, and Frosty’s the one on the right?
Cute pup.


Ethan’s getting licked. :slight_smile: He took the picture himself and I found it on his iPad. :slight_smile:


Defiantly shows Ethan loves Frosty if they took it and put it on the ipad.
Give frosty pets for me please.


unnamed copy My dog Po-Po


Cats:Oh no it’s the po-po
Hide the catnip!


The funny thing is, he is named after po from kung fu panda, but mom had a habit of calling him Po-Po.
So the name stuck. I sometimes call him Poko, like the hocotate currency from pikmin. Poco is also a character in Jo-Jo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Jo-Jo is my youngest brother’s, Jordan, nickname.


Why not show you my furry babies?

Ha, just kidding. They’re FEATHERY dogs- I mean ducks.

This is buttercup, he’s grown a lot so this is a picture of him when he was younger. He’s grey-white, but when he was a duckling he was really golden and yellow. Turns out, I got played.

Another picture of my feathery dogs when they were younger. The brown and white one is Chocolate egg (Yes I got inspired by Kinder eggs dont question me). And Coco actually lives up to her name, unlike Buttercup.


Here’s my cat Max (who I call my son most of the time )

Here’s another photo of him when he was a baby.(been told it look like a stock photo)

A better picture of him

This is my new dog called rockxy dos a she loves being call a good girl (even when she not)


Ya this is a great thread! Here is my doggo, Azar!

And here he is getting his good boys

He is Caucasian with Rottweiler mix, dunno who’s the mom.


Update:After posting this my cat scratch me up pretty bad so if you get a cat for your own safety de-claw them only if it going to be a indoor cat if it outdoor best not to de-claw them. I thought about show the picture but I think it against forum rule but anyways time for some more cat pictures :grinning:

He got up in the binders for my windows

He decided to say awhile


What a gorgeous dog! He’s got a beautiful coat of fur. Hope you two are having a wonderful day.


Such a cute pup. Corgie?


Thank you! He’s very fluffy, and very proud of his fluff.

And you as well! :smile:

Yep! He’s a corgi!