Necessary Fur Baby Thread (Pet Pictures)


Oh wow! I would never have guessed pigeon. Is it embarrassing that I initially thought Thor was a Raven? Are there even Ravens in that part of the world?


This is my bobcat Kaizer. Sadly he’s no longer with me anymore


He’s like I am the lord of the fluff!!!


Elizabeth 3rd, is that you?


This thread is old but I have to share some baby pictures of the boy that makes any day a good day. (And today would not be a good day if it weren’t for my Doofus.)

When he was a puppy he looked like a sheep.

And I don’t have pictures yet, but I might be adopting some ex-battery hens soon! I love chickens - they’re like mini dinosaurs - and I would happily spend my days surrounded by their cuddles. :hugs:


This is Tae Kyung (surprisingly it was my mother that suggested that name, she got it from a k-drama)



Here is Frosty and Ethan. :slight_smile:


Eathan’s the one on the left, and Frosty’s the one on the right?
Cute pup.


Ethan’s getting licked. :slight_smile: He took the picture himself and I found it on his iPad. :slight_smile:


Defiantly shows Ethan loves Frosty if they took it and put it on the ipad.
Give frosty pets for me please.


unnamed copy My dog Po-Po


Cats:Oh no it’s the po-po
Hide the catnip!


The funny thing is, he is named after po from kung fu panda, but mom had a habit of calling him Po-Po.
So the name stuck. I sometimes call him Poko, like the hocotate currency from pikmin.


Why not show you my furry babies?

Ha, just kidding. They’re FEATHERY dogs- I mean ducks.

This is buttercup, he’s grown a lot so this is a picture of him when he was younger. He’s grey-white, but when he was a duckling he was really golden and yellow. Turns out, I got played.

Another picture of my feathery dogs when they were younger. The brown and white one is Chocolate egg (Yes I got inspired by Kinder eggs dont question me). And Coco actually lives up to her name, unlike Buttercup.


Here’s my cat Max (who I call my son most of the time )

Here’s another photo of him when he was a baby.(been told it look like a stock photo)

A better picture of him

This is my new dog called rockxy dos a she loves being call a good girl (even when she not)


Ya this is a great thread! Here is my doggo, Azar!

And here he is getting his good boys

He is Caucasian with Rottweiler mix, dunno who’s the mom.


Update:After posting this my cat scratch me up pretty bad so if you get a cat for your own safety de-claw them only if it going to be a indoor cat if it outdoor best not to de-claw them. I thought about show the picture but I think it against forum rule but anyways time for some more cat pictures :grinning:

He got up in the binders for my windows

He decided to say awhile


I’ve decided to cave in and share some photos of tiny woof (as is one of his many, many nicknames because he has a very very loud woof and won’t stop barking at anything and everything.)

Here is a sleepy pup lying on my leg.

He had me trapped there for a solid two hours.

I also tried to get a good photo of him at a park because it was beautiful out.

I used treats to get his attention. Which worked well but also resulted in this:

And honestly? It’s one of my favorite photos of him.


What a gorgeous dog! He’s got a beautiful coat of fur. Hope you two are having a wonderful day.


Such a cute pup. Corgie?