Necessary Fur Baby Thread (Pet Pictures)


I’ve no furry pets, much to my dismay, but I have a beta fish named “Editor Marlin”.


Just curious how would one pronounce that name?


Medi+birb, but spelled Mediberb.

“Medic” without the -c, “bird” but replace the -d with a -b.


I love pets, especially cats.
It’s been years since the last time I had one though :sweat_smile:
Mostly because I got too attached when I had them, and it will greatly depressed me when they’re “gone”.

Let me introduce you to my most memorable (and adorable) cat that I’ve ever had.

Cathy (yes, that’s a lame name)



and her kittens



It’s taken from year 2012 and she’s the last cat that I’ve ever had :cry:
A few months later, Cathy goes missing and her kittens taken away by some random kids when they’re playing outside.

Damn, posting this brings back memories (good and bad one) :joy:

*Why did summary/details tag never works for me??? :confused:


Does this count as a fur baby?

Roll for sanity


When there aren’t enough likes in the day, you have to wait.:disappointed_relieved:
And of course one of my fur babies lol.

This is my cat Louis. My sister named him after Louis from 1D lol and my mom calls him Lucifer.


I only have one picture of her at the moment, but here’s my cat-- Sexy Frankie Furterton, making nice with a vacuum cleaner and using her cat cradle. :slight_smile:


When you don’t have any animals of your own, so you whore out your friend’s. This is Misty, she is very old but very agile.

Oh, and I took a walk the other day and found some buddies.


my mom trying to get are dog’s leash on. And Gibby


My cat Barbie, about to shoot me lol.

My third cat Percy, named after Percy Jackson, also named by my sister.
Another pic of my cat Louis.


Well, this is most definitely not a fur baby, but it’s great if you like turtles. :wink:


My personal favorite sentient baby creature…


Starts playing Cthulhu pet from Google Play


I am both concerned and incredibly intrigued by Lil Cthulu. Also, I do captioning work for some extra scratch, and, like, I was mentally captioning that video in my head.

i need help


As if we weren’t crazy busy enough, we have a new baby! Feathers, not fur, but super sweet, expressive, and adorable. A little over three months old now.

Meet Foggy the cockatiel! :smiley:


Foggy has nice headfeathers!

In return, here’s my rabbit Peanut, who’s my current avatar:

Oops, it’s oriented the wrong way.


This is Thor. We don’t know if Thor is girl or a boy, but s/he’s a fledgling who is clearly used to people (maybe s/he was fed and recently hopped a fence?).

Our local rescue centre closed and we have loads of cats around here, so we’re feeding Thor up a bit, then hopefully taking him/her to a farm in Wales where there are no cats. Once s/he’s full up Thor likes to play on my keyboard


What kind of bird is Thor? They’re very cute btw.


Baby feral pigeon - and cutest thing ever


The joy of my life:
My big, fluffy, Birman cat, Lord Vincent Cloud. :heart::heart:

That’s a 1.5 liter coke bottle… (And I’m not exactly a small human being.)