Necessary Fur Baby Thread (Pet Pictures)



More please!


I uploaded this video to YouTube just for this thread :joy:


AWWWWWWW!!! That is the cutest puppy!


She is only a little bigger than my hand and she’s feisty and wonderful and lazy and sometimes my girlfriend questions if I love the puppy more :joy:


Awwww, I grew up with Shih Tzus, so they have a special place in my heart. Will probably own another one again someday (don’t tell my jealous momma’s boy Rufus, though). What a cutie!!! :revolving_hearts:


This is my darling Pogo. She lived to 16, then died. I loved her more than any other living thing.


Not a pet per say, but this golden eagle certainly didn’t want to share the sky with a mechanical intruder snapping photos. “Take that you evil drone! You will not spy on my nest.”


Thank God that wasn’t my drone, if it was then I would have probably got some good photos of an eagle but I think I would have failed my homework from then on.


The gray ones the mother the calico one is the daughter. There are my girls.


This is my buddy Tiger. He’s a little snot and I love him until he’s scratching at my door at 3 in the morning and climbing on my face.

And this is my girl, Libby. Sadly we had to put her down about 2 or 3 years ago. Her hobbies included eating anything she wasn’t supposed to and waking up my mom in the middle of the night.


I accidentally ignored a guy I’ve been flirting with for a bit, so I sent him this.

Figured you guys might like it too (here’s lookin at you @FairyGodfeather)

whisper no I’m not nekky, I swear. My tank is hidden by my hair ><


My pet babies :slight_smile:

Chloe(With a side of pam) :(This is the one i told you i absolutly had to find :joy: )





Judging by their positions your pets are pretty chill :grinning:


When they sleep but anyother time they are knocking stuff over and waking me up at 3 am :joy:


You are living in paradise…


I know that feeling intimately. My rabbit decides it’s playtime at about 3-4AM every friggin’ morning. Most of the time I can sleep through it, but sometimes he just makes an absolute hellish amount of noise, and I’m just like



My guardian lying on my chest… help can’t breath! Just kidding


The Three Mus-kitty-iers, Hewey - R, Dewey - L, Louie - C

Not pictured, their mum Daisy

Also not pictured are my hamsters. Dropbox keeps changing the orientation…


they are so adorable, hey, does the one on the right have dark red eyes or is it just my imagination and it is actually brown? weird question, but hey; if my questions weren’t odd I wouldn’t be me and if I wasn’t me then who would be the moon dragon here?


The latest edition to the family. Ladies and gentlemen…MEDIBERB. Yes. MEDIBERB. A reminder to never let your TF2 and dank meme-obsessed brother name your pets.

Literally flew inside the window while my brother was watering the plants. Thank goodness we still had our old birdcage, but cleaning it was a pain. Mediberb had to stay inside a hamster cage for a few hours.