Necessary Fur Baby Thread (Pet Pictures)


My sister claimed it's a "black" name, because she got it from Ice Cube the rapper.


Lol never heard that before :sob::joy::joy:


You should give me a puppy​:laughing:


Shoulda tlked to me three years ago coulda made a deal :slight_smile:


Darn it! Im so late​:pensive::sweat_smile:


Looks like we've got a future WWE champion on our hands,ladies and gentlemen.


its a sign that they trust you. its called bunting
they are marking you as safe, they are signaling comfort and safety in you.


O'Shea for Wrestlemania 33


Odd, I haven't even known him for a week yet


Been practicing my photography and using my cat for practice. :smile:


Great picture, although it seriously looks like your cat is saying: "Really? You want a picture of this?!"


hey, those FNAF characters next to him coz they look like freddy and Foxy.


Kittycat: Hah the paparazzi they hound me all day.
Lordirish: Come on kitty Show me the star you are.
Kittycat: I will poop in your shoe, and claw the furniture laugh it up hotshot. Why do my bodyguard never do their job...


Yes they are, ny grandkids are in to them big time.


It always shocks me when you mention your grandkids, even though I know you’ve mentionee having them before.

I think I might be slightly ageist, because you’re so good with CS that in my mind, you’re, like, 25-35, max.

ALSO ANYWAY SO i have been hectic and gross and not posted anything recently. Have a couple of pictures from last year’s Easter shoot with my bun!

Pupper pics to come :3


…that last picture shows my stomach, ew. Whatever. It was a rare time my dog snuggled me instead of the other way around, so I captured the moment ;~;

Also nonprescription frames are nonprescription. I would never put my actual glasses on my dog.

Pictures of bun are also from Easter, because I havent transferred any pictures more recent than that to the device im on rn lol…
And the first pic is R2 with his favorite toy. Hes so gentle with it. Wish he was with all his toys :laughing:


my doggy named Mikki


Lol to 25 to 35 again. I am young at heart, but a little older in age. Thanks


My new 3 month old puppy

My cat basically being a model


Just wanted to post some updated pics of her, a few months after we got her :3