Necessary Fur Baby Thread (Pet Pictures)


Okay, I've had a really, really bad day, so I want to show everyone my fur babies and see fur babies in return.

From what I can tell, there isn't already a pets thread, but if there is, Mods, please point me in that direction and close this.


This is (Edgar Allen) Poe (who am I kidding. I like to pretend he's named for Edgar Allen, but really he's named for Poe Dameron)

And this is R2-D2 or Artoo

And, finally, this is Maxine and Ruby, though they aren't with me anymore. Maxi is the white/agouti, Ruby is the agouti

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Rabbits terrify me... but the dog is cute


Actually, I don't blame you for finding bunnies scary. At first I was going to ask why, but then I remembered all the times Maxine and Ruby (right before I rehomed them [I couldn't afford to feed them because], they were both upwards of 20 pounds) jumped at me and their RECENTLY CLIPPED toesies practically impaled me.

So. I understand LOL

Artoo's my lil snugamuffin. He's a purebred, but we adopted him at 8 months old, because his original owners didn't want him (runt of the litter, umbilical hernia, severe anxiety). :C

Do you have any pets?


I used to have a cat but he died of obesity (seriously) since then I've only had a hamster and a goldfish but I love my Aunt's German Shepherd, I've known him and, his father and his grandfather ever since I was young.


I had a bunny before but she died from age and also they all are not like that each animal have different personalities like cats for example


OMG, yes!!! This is my kinda thread after a tough week! Your babies are so cute. Reminds me of my good friend from high school who raises cats and bunnies that she adores.

Allow me to add on a Rufus:

Everyone says we should have named his Gizmo because of the big ears, but we didn't know they would turn out that large at the time, lol. He is turning 9 this year and experiencing his first old man pains!!! :sweat: We nursed him through pneumonia when we rescued him as a baby and got him so healthy, it's been hard to see him hurting this year. Also, he thinks is part cat. But he is the sweetest and silliest and even the sassiest dog I've owned (I grew up with them). He is obsessed with waffles. My favorite is when he sticks his tongue out. Hard to choose my favorite pic to share! :smile:


My sister would probably adore this thread; she loves animals and all kinds of animals. She's the literal only reason why we ended up getting pets when we were younger; the first pet I remember was a tiny cat that my sister took virtually everywhere and turned my entire family into mush. After that died she was inconsolable but my parents managed to turn it around by getting a black pug; they managed to temporarily sate my indignance by letting me name it. My parents still have it and my sister talks to it over the phone; my entire family talk to the dog more than they talk to me. I'll give you ten points if you can guess what I named the dog.

If you guessed Sherlock then ten points to you, my friend.


Not a pet but when you get few squirrels

at the same time in your garden fun and chaos ensues


Our 16 year old pug Tater. Bill Clinton was prez when Tater was born! He's a pre 911 pug.


I've got three dogs but the oldest is Brooke a 8 year old beagle rottweiler cross. She is far too smart for her own good ei)she figured out how door nobs work.


Bet you can't wait for the Watership Down remake!

  • Cuts eyeholes and ear holes into a sheet *

Sry couldn't help myself lol

Brooke trying to drive the car with the power of her mind


Oh my gosh everyone's puppies (and squirrels) are so adorable!

The pet shop I volunteer at actually just took in a surrendered Yorkie (her owner has severe Alzheimer's and can no longer care for her properly) who is 9 years old, and I was the first person they offered her to -- completely for free, no re-homing or adoption fees--and I'm really tempted to, but at the same time, I'm not entirely sure I can handle taking in a dog who is already elderly and DOES have known health problems.

I get too attached, and it would turn me into a sobbing mess to have her pass so soon after bonding with her, y'know? :C


Yeah I mean you could take the dog but you'll know it's unhealthy. So in a sense you'll he prepared for the loss, so that's good, but you'll also spend a lot of money on it. So is it really "free?" If money doesn't matter to you, rescue it, I guess!


She is, indeed, free of charge. The most I'd be doing is making her final days comfortable, though. Her prognosis is less than 18 months. :confused:

I just don't think I can emotionally handle that


Bunny are so fluffy and very cute. Lols.


He should get a special certification.

What happened to his eye?

@ashestoashes018 Is anyone else interested in adopting her? If not, I would adopt her. Someone has to provide a good home to live out the rest of her life in.

Jesus, I'm just talking about it over the internet and yet I'm tearing up. I'm too sensitive.


I can understand that

Gory Monty Python Rabbit Gif


Shhhhh That's a secret!!
Oh Ummmm yeah *gulps nervously
Rabbits are most definitely NOT evil demons trying to take over the world through cuteness and snuggling


...Still better pets than cats