Near Death Experiences


I wan to create a thread where people can give near death experiences, and I hope that can help any authors who need help explaining something like that. Before I or anyone posts I’d like to ask someone who knows the rules or enforces them to make sure that this is okay.


Go ahead, sounds fine to me.


I got swarmed by a (er… swarm? gaggle?) of geese, and had to go to the ER!
(beat that)


@Autonomy I still remember large packs of geese roaming some parklands I used to visit. They used to hunt in packs, terrorising any people they thought had food by chasing them honking and flapping their wings. I used to think they were probably pretty harmless despite the antics. Maybe I was wrong?


Well I was on vacation when I was a kid on Kauai. We went to this beach called shipwreck beach( not the brightest idea), and swam. Come high tide, or whenever it gets stronger, I was in the water with my mom and sister. Eventually we all felt the pull but were far, far, far away from shore. My sister and I were able to get out after what seemed like an hour of almost drowning and gasping for air, but somehow we lost my mom. We were lucky someone there new life saving as I was very young, my sister is a weak swimmer, and my dad is hopeless in the water, and the guy was able to save my mom.

Moral don’t swim somewhere called shipwreck beach


That’s not the only one I have but I g2g. Please keep this 100% true for purposes of accurate descriptions


Geese are demonic.


They are the devils bird


I choked nearly to death on Triscuits at a Christmas party when I was ten years old.

Someone made me laugh, and I inhaled them. I couldn’t cough them up so I put my hands on my throat to form the universal “I’m choking,” sign. Of course, no one noticed. It was a party. I was scared, but I had the presence of mind to tip myself forward out of my chair to get attention.

Honestly a lot of it is pretty hazy, but I remember my vision narrowing. I remember my father’s finger scraping the back of my throat. I remember ringing in my ears so loud it hurt. And, I remember how cold the first breath felt when my airway was clear.

There are details that I don’t remember, but I learned from my family. My father tried the Heimlich manoeuvre for minutes on end with no success. My lips were turning blue, and my body was going limp. And, after it was all over my father hyperventilated and nearly passed out because he thought I was dead in his arms.


That’s horrible :open_mouth:
Glad you’re ok! Triscuits are almost as bad as ducks!

I have all sorts!
A few years ago when my school was under construction, I undid the chainlink fence and ran into it. A few minutes later I was running out screaming while 2 guys with guns were chasing me. (It was kinda stupid that they needed armed guards in the first place…)

Last August I was hiking in a river with some neighborhood friends, and apparently it had rained the previous day up the river, so as soon as we got up to a certain point, the river got 120mph faster than it should have safely been, as well as 9 or 10 ft higher. We were in there a whole day, and only brought the food and water for a 6 hour hike ;-;
(We got out when we were rescused by some pretty sweet helecopters)

Last Christmas I accidentally snorted an altoid up my nose and it got stuck and I couldn’t breathe, but I kept trying to sneeze it out (destroying the inside of my nose), I got it out, but now I can’t smell ;-;

I was trying to hack a friend before they hacked me a few weeks ago from a school computer, and they made it freaking do a little mini explosion inside the computer lab, and I mad dashed it before I burned more than just my hands (plus get expelled)

But don’t worry everyone! I’ve recovered!
(I’m sorry if my life is a little bit too incredible for you)


Geeze so far the winner is autonomy.


You can’t get rid of me!


One time when I was hiking by myself(stupid), I saw a bobcat or mountain lion, on the other side of the tree line across from me so I book it up. Apparently some German Shepard was pissed, and decided jumping my throat was a good remedy. This is why we have leashes in parks people, even if you think it’s safe not to. Boy was I lucky.


This is the kind of thing that makes me feel like a separate species from humanity at large, because even my whimsical tales of near-death have higher stakes. In three and a half months of student exchange in Costa Rica I came close to death three times.

One was a matter of facing fears. I’m arachnophobic, and a pretty girl begged me to reassure her that the cat-sized spider in her hotel room was harmless. I faced it down, and wouldn’t you know, the ONE giant spider I chased off was not a benign tarantula but a relative of the camel spider with necrotic toxin.

I was renewing my visitor’s visa by spending two weeks in Nicaragua when Incident #2 happened. My sister and I ended up out on the town with two handsome restaurant workers and at least two bottles of rum between the four of us. She and I started swimming in El Lago Nicaragua, their biggest lake. The locals warned us about sharks. We laughed and asked them not to tease us because sharks live in saltwater, and we were drunkenly splashing about in a lake. Lago Nicaragua? It’s the one lake in the world with freshwater sharks. When I felt big shapes investigating the water around my ankles, I had the sense to calmly get out.

Third, I was swimming in a lovely waterfall pool. It was far from safe; anyone of my body weight was doomed to be swept into the circular current, but I was the first who had tried. I struggled desperately, panicked, then realized - “You’ve done all you can. You can’t be faulted for dying, so relax.” Drowning, it’s a very calming way to go. I woke up back on the shore - the light flooding back in, the confusing wake-up call coming to me - to discover that even after I’d lost consciousness, I’d tangled my body around the guide rope, so after my hands stopped grasping, when people hauled it in I came with it.

And all of these are silly, entertaining vacation stories. It doesn’t compare to the kind of near-death experience where someone wants you dead. If there’s no malice afore thought, surviving is a beautiful thing and/or an experience that makes you go “huh”. I experienced three fatal attempts by vicious humans in a similar time frame, and while surviving, escaping or besting them is infinitely better than the alternative, it leaves a much deeper scar to know that someone intended to put you in that position. It wasn’t a shark being a shark; someone with reason decided to terrorize you. There’s no entertaining side to that.


I’ve had 4 experiences - 2 involving guns, 1 knife and 1 being chased by someone into freeway overpass traffic.

If anyone wants details on how to write about stuff like that let me know and I’ll be happy to help in a PM. Some of those happened when young, some when an adult and everything is different experienced at different ages.

Also both me and my sister were in parts of LA that erupted into riots during the 1990’s Rodney King riots and while not immediate, the experiences of seeing armed shop owners on their store roofs and being told by the authorities to not go down certain streets to get home was quite an experience for a girl. lol.


Thanks for speaking up @Eiwynn, that sounds terrifying.

The three that affected me worst started with a boyfriend who was part of a crime family - my parents gave me a lot of pressure to be with him. He told me secrets worth killing over, accused me of telling them, and then stalked me while saying he was biding his time. In retrospect, I think he just liked terrorizing me.

While running an errand for him (trying to get back on his good side) I came very close to being abducted by three men. They surrounded me in a parking lot and were within inches of grabbing me. I only escaped by throwing several hundred dollars into the air and running like hell through the gap while they were distracted. Chances are good I would not have survived to report whatever they were planning.

I was stressed and scared and eventually escaped for two days to some place no one could find me. Unfortunately - I was 16. The people who put me in danger not knowing where to locate me meant I was a runaway, breaking the law, and couldn’t go to school without being forced back “home”.

When my father found me that next day, after I tried to come home and go back to school, that’s the closest I’ve ever been to death. It’s the most scared and hopeless I’ve ever been. It’s when my mind broke in certain ways, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.


I always had great family support; that made a huge difference in adjusting to the experience after.

I remember my mom insisting the police come out after the knife event but they refused so she called the base my sister was stationed at and they sent the military police. I’m sorry you did not even have that to help.


I’ve poisoned myself once to the point of two hospitals fretting over me, overdosed on painkillers several times, and tried to drown myself once? I guess the knife incident counts but that’s like more “near-blind” experience than near-death.

So yeah, nothing much in comparison to this dark stuff! Oh, I feel so sorry for all of you! Just pm me if anyone wants to talk about things they wouldn’t be comfortable saying in public?


I got my leg trapped in a rock in Yellowstone park after I was rock climbing and I was trapped there for a day and a half eating moms sandwiches (that’s a near death experience in itself) and I noticed that I was near and animal cave but luckily some people found me. Never did find out what animal it was, but I didn’t like the bones near its cave.

Also got trapped in a cave by a rockslide and nearly died from low oxygen in hay fever season.

Then there was that time I got caught by a rip tide and drifted out to sea and then I got saved by the lifeguard in a boat, apparently I had drifted out 450 ft.

And I’ve had food poisoning from undercooked burgers l, that was fun.

I am accident prone, if it can be done, I will do it eventually. Some of them are not near death experiences but they were pretty scary. The last two happened in the same week in that order so yeah, fuuuuuun.


Once I was repelling down a cliff, I was around 10 or 11; in order to get to our “repelling spot” we all had to climb down to this steep ledge which if we misplaced our feet we would fall 50ft. One of my older friends warned me that I should hold on to a rope we had set up to make sure we get down on the ledge properly, me being stupid and all I decided I didn’t need the rope. Luckily my mom made me, and after stepping onto the small ledge of course I lost my balance, and if that rope wasn’t there to hold me up I probably wouldn’t be here today.