Names for Various Characters/Guilds


I am writing an epic story, but one thing I hate doing is coming up with good names… It’s medieval fantasy. I will take any immersive name suggestions you can think of, particular names simple and real enough that readers can easily develop attachment towards, so nothing like Xeracutavunus.

Also, I need a name for a semi-assassain guild that was formed to serve the King. I won’t tell you exactly why, but it has to do with collecting blood for magical purposes and then they kinda just stuck around after they completed their mission. I was think Blood Seekers or Blood Pact. Thoughts?


There’s a thread with links and suggestions for name-making here, and then more suggestions here. Also, people also often link to the fantasy name generators site.

Or, depending on the setting (does ‘medieval fantasy’ mean Germanic/English/insert European country here?), you could possibly look up period names from the appropriate language and use those, or simplified versions of them, for consistent flavour.


Possible Suggestion:

  • The Rusty Needle


The Royal Barbers of [wherever the king is situated].


Because there were no medical professionals in medieval times. You had a lot of folk remedies, knowledge passed down from mother to daughter, you had some learned churchmen… And you had barbers who not only shaved people but also sidelined in bloodletting.

Sounds like the easiest way to get your hand on blood and run around with a sharp blade without attracting attention.


I’ll throw “Blood Brothers” out there for a suggestion. It indicates a dark origin but also suggests a sense of comradery between the members.

As for character names, I think I’ve seen several interesting ways that writers come up with interesting fantasy character names.

  1. Just use regular names. It makes them extremely easy to remember and all you have to do is scroll through a book of baby names and pick out the ones you like. Since it’s set in medieval times, names like Arthur, Rowan, Helena and Millicent would feel right for the setting.

  2. Use things like personality traits to name a character. I’ve been doing this in a game I’ve been working on and it’s lots of fun. I’ve also seen this done very well in works of fantasy. Names like Chivalry and Patience just seem to suit fantasy characters well.

  3. Take two common names and combine them to make a new one. (You see it a lot in Game of Thrones.) For example: John + Brian = Bronn. Edward + Richard = Eddard. Sarah + Hannah = Sansa. Just throw two names together and see what you get. :blush: