Mythical and Paranormal Discussion Thread


Your shadow figure seems similar to the story told by my friend during her internship in a hotel…
Well, she and some other friends were the first group to stay in the hotel… and it was told that all of them encounter haunting incidents in the hotel, depend on the degree of intensity … this girl seemed to get the worst when she claim to be visit by the shadow person who fly inside her body before flying out the window …

Me and my other friends were the 2nd group so you can imagine the anxiety when it was our turn to stay there … we brave ourselves and stay for 3 nights, luckily for us… no more special encounter …

@a_shoggoth the same girl told us about the hang-woman tree story , where she said her friend become insane after wander into some sort of resort forest and encounter a tree , when she went close , a woman was hanging there , turn her head and laugh at them … when the other friends came looking for that tree, it was no where to be found…

@BoisterousBumblebee… did you spray salt to your room to form a protective circle ,?? Many people say it will work…


Lucky for them it’s hotel because I was at home LOL
Oh my this reminds me of the spooky-story-nights with my friends.Guess I’m really old,even spooky stories make me nostalgic


Well… if the house is yours and not rent , you should have the domain power to chase it out , i heard something like these super naturals couldn’t enter our domain unless the master of the house invite them …
So they will sometimes mimic the feature of our friends or relatives and stand outside our house, if we welcome them to come in, then the binding power is broken…

So before you invite anyone in, make sure you ask them some personal question before ‘allow’ them to come in, even though they look exactly like someone you know :wink:


Hm? Salt? Lol the spirits would laugh!

Our form of superstition, salt doesn’t work as a deterrent. Karma does however as well as engravings on doors and white blessed strings.
Literally everyone has those here lol even if you’re not superstitious it’s pretty much tradition at this point.


How about holy water? Do you know how to prepare holy water ? All cultures should have their own Holy Water right?

Other charms that i think will works are silver and jade? And also some special type of wood… in the tv series , "super natural " the winchester brothers teach a lot of methods too :-):laughing:


Nope, you have to go get it at the temple. Its free though. (Also smells rlly nice wtf)

And for us we dont really use stones or steel as charms. Its more of the blessing bestowed upon the object than anything that does it.

Lol you white people have some really different methods.


Well,in my country(China),salt is among the most easy-to-get exorcising items,along with glutinous rice,peach wood and dog blood.But I think salt is more popular in Japan maybe?


Yes, vodka for russians. My Mexican friends tell me theirs is tequila. As an Asian living in America, its soju for us. Ghosts cant do shit to you if you’re blackout drunk


Beware! A little bit of history is on you’re way.

Magic was an integral aspect of life in ancient egypt. The world was created through the power of heka (magic). When one became sick and consulted a doctor, the prescription and rituals used to heal involved magical spells. Magic was invoked in the hope of a woman becoming pregnant, throughout her term, and at the birth of the child when the Seven Hathors were thought to appear to divine the infant’s destiny. Throughout one’s life this same belief persisted, and at death, it was magical charms, rituals, and incantations which assured the soul of easy passage to eternal life in the paradise of the Field of Reeds. While many of these supernatural initiatives invoked the blessings of the gods, their primary purpose was to ward off evil spirits or to appease the gods in case one had angered them. Talk about anger manegement issues. Why must these mythological gods be so angry Al the times? Al the infighting and destroying tiny humans isn’t helping anybody.

These rituals include

Magical Lullaby: in which a mother or caregiver would recite prescribed words to ward off evil spirits
Hanging vegetables like garlic at the front door.

Writing a curse or incantation on a red pot and then smashing it, to denote a particularly menacing deity such as Set. The Egyptian god of war, sort of.

If you wanted to defend yourself against the most evil snake in the universe, namely Apophis. Al you had to do was make wax figures of the serpent which would then be hacked into pieces, spit on, sometimes urinated on, and burned. This would help make sure that the sun rose up, as the gods would constantly fight him. To keep him from devouring the sun god Ra. if only they spread some of that looove and kindness instead.

And finally one last example. Do you have an angry ghost after you? No problem. Just find that ghost’s tomb and deface it, erasing the name and image. Nobody will remember them, noboddy will care! Then do the red pot ritual.
Who’s angry now Dueshbag! Just burn already :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:.

Seems like they weren’t so soft on graveyards back in the day.


So… someone talk about magic and i found this… the Druid magic , which i think , personally …is more enigmatic and perhaps even practicable by mortal humans? :-):thinking:

The article said while Egyptian magic is to relate to the universe , Druid magic is to become one and bind to the universe via their ritual…

So for the article, Magic is a term used when our essence has “touch” and merge with the surrounding force of nature … Take example the feeling of Love towards someone , or the serene feeling of Watching the waterfall is consider a Magical experience because our essence becomes engage in a “trance” with the nature…

It is stated that with correct practice of mind power which allow our whole body enter the correct trance … we could even will ourselves to cure all illness including the tumour of a cancer… well the complete detail is in the article… :slight_smile:

Well… i kind of think such Druid magic is reasonably possible consider it deal with how we use my brain to optimise the senses to control our own body cells, although it will be impossible for us to turn into another animal, but mentally will our body cells to cure illness is very useful :wink:


Isnt holy water basically water? :thinking:


Supposedly Holy Water will be collect and then chant with prayers … or be kept near the Holy Altar for a number of days :slight_smile: Well … this is to be integrated with the holly essence of the Gods/Goddesses :slight_smile:


Let’s talk about werewolves for now! I think werewolves are an interesting metaphor for a variety of things, including human puberty! Also, if werewolves transform, are the monthly transformations painful for them?

Note: Plus right now, it’s that time of the month again…


Werewolves have a more flexible lifestyle than vampires, they can walk under the sun and they have better diet by enjoying good food… vampire need to drink blood…

But werewolves are vulnerable to silver weapons… they are less dangerous because you will hear them coming from miles away :wink:

Oh … a werewolf had been killed recently


@Eric_knight For a moment there I thought you’d pick a side and start a war.

It’s unclear exactly when and where the werewolf legend originated. Some scholars believe the werewolf made its debut in The Epic of Gilgamesh , the oldest known Western prose, when Gilgamesh jilted a potential lover because she had turned her previous mate into a wolf.

Gilgamesh was a historical king of the Sumerian city-state of Uruk (modern day Iraq),a major hero in ancient Mesopotamian mythology,. He’s to have written these poems in the 2100BCE
In Greek mythology Lycaon the king of Arcadia(ancient Greece ) tested Zeus omniscience by serving him the roasted flesh of Lycaon’s own son. Nyctimus. in order to see whether Zeus was truly all-knowing. Zeus got pissed of as usual, so he cursed Lycaon and his children into wolfs. Then brought back his son Nyctimus to life. The gods are indeed “cruel” as they say.

Realistically though Many murderers where called werewolves. Even though they were not.


In 1521, Frenchmen Pierre Burgot and Michel Verdun allegedly swore allegiance to the devil and claimed to have an ointment that turned them into wolves. After confessing to brutally murdering several children, they were both burned to death at the stake. (Burning was thought to be one of the few ways to kill a werewolf.
Giles Garnier, known as the “Werewolf of Dole,” was another sixteenth-century Frenchman whose claim to fame was also an ointment with wolf-morphing abilities. According to legend, as a wolf he viciously killed children and ate them. He too was burned to death at the stake for his monstrous crimes.

Whether Burgot, Verdun or Garnier were mentally ill, acted under the influence of a hallucinogenic substance or were simply cold-blooded killers is up for debate. But it likely didn’t matter to superstitious Europeans during the 16th century. To them, such heinous crimes could only be committed by a horrific beast such as the werewolf.


Well… werewolves and vampires are not my specialty :-):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I am more interested in Wizards and Magic and spirits :-):rofl:

The Druid magic really got me thinking since i think it is practicable, now the problem is to find a genuine Druid Ritual Grimoire … :-):grin:


Then it was a good thing you where neutral. Such a war would not suit you. I’m more of a lore dude. Devouring every book I can find above and below ground. As for magic I don’t like rituals. They are soo boring and take too much time. I prefer magic without the nitty and the gritty. Why prepare a death potion when you can smite you’re enemy with waves of fire and ice. Just with a flick of you’re hands?:grinning::grinning:. Egyptian and Norse magic are my preference. And a big :-1: to stafs and wands. One makes you look like an old man past his 70s. And the other is too childish. Though a grey/white beard is always welcome.


Well… in term of gaming , of course i would prefer Magic as being cast by the Invoker as well :wink: Lightning bolt, fireball and Meteor Storm…

But i was meaning the actual magic in real world where we can practice , the druid’s ritual magic that enable us to optimise our mind in order to manipulate our own body cells seem the most practicable … :-):grin:

As for war… hmmm, i don’t oppose war as long as it is proceed in a civilised manner :-):thinking:


While many of the druids practices are peaceful and ofer a sence of spirtual confort. I personally Woudnt call it real magic. For me at least real magic is optical illusions, trickery. The things that confuse and bewilder the real time
How would one optimize the mind anyway? I’ve read that celts use meditation to visualise earthly energies.


Well… based on the article, it is something like the mind can “will” the body cells to react favourably to illness like depression or even the tumour cells…