Mythical and Paranormal Discussion Thread


Herse is one mythical creature that might have existed, although in a less over exaggerated form

According to the dumpster pile known as the internet “Berserkers are believed to be savaged warriors that have lost all their humanity. They are killing machines that shows no mercy, some even say that this is because they have already lost their souls. However, in Norse mythology, they are considered as body guards to royal and noble courts. They are described as bare-chested warrior, others depict them wearing wolf or bear skins. They are often portrayed as villains and would constantly rape and murder villages that they capture. In history, berserkers served as guards of the Norwegian King Haralad I Fairhair in 872-930.”


That’s not mythical though. Berserkers were historically accurate. One theory exists to explain their infamous battle trance: Henbane (Hyoscyamus niger), which induce a numbing effect and a mild high when rubbed on the skin.


Who created Mythology?


There was no mythology.
It’s a term coined by some scientists who don’t believe in the history of ancient lands prior to 2500-3000years.
Mythology is a thing beyond the grasp of science.


Wow !!! This video is awesome !!!


I saw my classmates watching this kind of videos and i quickly tell them that these are edited, and they got angry at me.

(Hmmmm… :thinking: maybe i shouldn’t ruin the fun for people…)


To be fair, there aren’t proof that these videos were edited :slight_smile:

So accusing such videos were edit without proof is like accusing a football or basketball match are rigged or fix :wink:

And eliza lam video was released by the police if i am not mistaken, so we can’t accuse the police edited evidence right? :slight_smile:


Of course we can. (It’s a political world we live in where if you have enough influence anything can be done of asked.)

We can’t exactly go to court with it yet but we should scrutinize every “official” evidence. Blindly trusting the authorities isn’t always a safe bet. Even they mess up too.

Also, who’s to say the hotel itself didnt splice the vids?


Ahhh… my friend , problem with that is, humans invent technology such as cctv and camera to record evident for future consideration or reference, and for security purpose… if all these video from cctv, camera etc can be easily dismiss , then it serve no purpose for us to continue applying such technology right ? :wink:

And it could be further argue that those video showing human cruelty towards animals and prisoners could also be fake or edited right ? :wink:

Hence , to be fair to everyone … perhaps we should give reasonable doubt that paranormal video could be real too right ? :-):joy:


Then I reiterate my point, we should scrutinize. Not dismiss it away completely. But analyze it with a healthy amount of skepticism. (i.e not going full conspiracy nut either)

On the contrary to your other point however the technology is serving its purpose. It is here for us to utilize it to its maximum capacity and aid us in shedding light on whatever truth there is.

Its there for us to pick apart should it be necessary. Which in criminal investigations, one should be as thorough as possible no?

A piece of video evidence also does not exist in a vacuum. Thats why the police investigate the people and companies involved too. With that we must apply context to the evidence and investigate every possibility. i.e Maybe theres a reason for it to be tampered with? etc… Its crucial to any investigation.

(Yes to your animal cruelty video too even though that point is a bit redundant.)

Again, I never said we should outright dismiss it or that tech is useless.


Don’t worry… i understand , don’t take my comment too serious either :wink:

It is just that, i had notice it was far too easy for people to dismiss paranormal evidense too soon without even consider to investigate the actual evidense , some of those are photo using old camera and not all cctv footage can be easily edit … that was my original point where when people think that it is easy for someone to simply create these footage , then all other video evidense could be easily edited as well…
Hence i agree that, a solid investigation or method should be verified regarding these sightings on how they had been edited or to determine their genuinity …:-):sweat_smile:

Else if we can’t show evidense that these videos are fake, perhaps we could reserve some reasonable doubt right?? It is much more fair than just tell people that " these must be edited video " :slight_smile:

But like i mention, it is just pure discussion … for some entertainment during midnight , hope i don’t sound too spooky ? :-):thinking:


Oh absolutely.

I find it equally annoying when you just want to spook your buddies out a bit, have a fun time and some moodkiller comes in and says “oh its fake you idiot” without giving a plausible reason or at least entertaining the possibility for a millisecond.

Now, old footages may be harder to edit but the methods are definitely there, even like decades ago.
Plenty ways to manipulate film negatives in dark rooms pixel by pixel or frame by frame. Smudge, burn, crop, double-exposure, wet collodion process etc

This goes as far as 1920 (lenins speech pic) and the Stalin image censorship fiasco. Its all very possible and really a fun read.

Also look up the Mumler Spirit photography frauds to learn more about the other techniques he used to manipulate images that sparked the whole obsession with paranormal images during the Civil War.


Wow !!! You are very talented in photography and filming technology :-):joy:
Me myself have no idea how it works at all… perhaps we should really set up a Secret files society and let you evaluate all the photos and videos to determine their genuinity … :-):joy:
It would be fun if we have our own ghost adventures to famous haunting places :-):rofl:


Lol nah, I just have a passing interest in researching it so if there is any misinformation do correct me.

And im gonna say to no spooky house hunting. I do NOT want to end up in a House of Leaves situation or find a portal to hell like in Event Horizon lol.

Its also super taboo to go hunt for ghosts in Asia rip.


We just need to bring lots of salts… they say salt can repel anything and protect us right?? Lol :-):grin:

Perhaps pure silver as well ?? Is it easy to get pure silver ? :-):thinking:

Some protective charm too ??


If I want a haunting I’ll just pretend to forget to do the dishes at my house and my mother can whip me seven ways to hell instead! See? Dont even have to leave the house!


You meant your spirit or soul can leave your body after the whipping and haunt your own house ? :-):scream:

Then can you return to your physical body after the haunting ?? :-):flushed:


In the spirit of fun, I’ll tell a ghost story. You see, my school has a desert study center out in the Mojave desert. It used to be a resort but now is a center that the school take students out for bio classes. I go there often as a volunteer to help out. Near the center, in the area where we take the students out to do research there is an abandoned goat farm. The story is that there used to be a couple of elderly goat farmer living out there with their goats. But they ran into a peculiar problem, their goats keep dying one by one. The goat bodies seems to be drained dry of blood and had no injuries aside from 2 small incisions on their bodies. The 2 farmers were perplexed and called the local sheriff, but the authority said it’s just the foxes. After a while, the sheriff stopped hearing back from them and decided to go out there to investigate. When they got there they saw the couple sitting on their porch. But the couple would not response to any attempt to communicate to them by the sheriff. So the sheriff got closer and found that both of them are dead. Their bodies were pale and emancipated, their blood seems to be completely drained and their were 2 incisions on their bodies. There were no blood or any other signs of fo ho l play in the house or around the place. And so they decided to bury the couple and their goats on the property. (This is where we volunteers turn on our flashlight and show the graves to the students at night. Spoooooooky! I like seeing their scared faces). Also this the Mojave so chupacabra is what we like to say, pretty close area 51 too so we also joke about aliens. Oh and the farmers names were Cesar and Grover.


Guess I‘m agnostic on this matter.I don’t believe in ghosts or higher deities,but I’m open to discussion and “proofs”.And I think the world would be a more interesting place if they do exist :sweat_smile:
Btw I had this memory of a shadow person when I was little.I was sleeping in the same bed with my parents(yeah I was that little),its past midnight,I woke up and saw this shadow figure sitting in my bed near the window.Its outline was so very clear,but completely dark so no details recognizable.I remember I checked my parents to make sure it’s not one of them,but too scared to wake them up.
It’s 20 or more years ago,so I don’t know whether it’s a child’s dream or my mind playing tricks on me or actually something we can’t explain.But it’s so vivid I remember it to this day


Oh hey I had one too. Except it was a head.
On the edge of the balcony. Of the third floor of my apartment
I really hope it was some lady playing a prank or that it turns out i was hallucinating but idk. It was midnight too so probably was just my overactive imagination.

Context was the small house statues everyone has for the “land lord ghost” was recently demolished so maybe the “land lady” got pissed. (Its a thing in my country where you gotta have it for every house)
Anyways they made a new one later.