Mythical and Paranormal Discussion Thread




mythical creature from SE Asia


Didnt she use cardboard cutouts for those?


I don’t know, i read the article of this incident, she claim only the first two was cardboards , i think… and insists the fifth photo is genuine … it looks too real to be card boards figure though , well at least me myself don’t have the talent to make such beautiful card boards :slight_smile:


and the South East Asia version of Vampire is Pontianak, believe me those vampires are not as friendly as those in Wayhaven :wink:


You know i dont understand why people come up with mythical creatures, when we have wackier shit out there in nature. Why believe in unicorn when we have the alien looking Saiga Antelope

We also have deer with vampire fangs

Also this nightmare fuel of a bigfin squid


Hmmmm… comes to think of it, perhaps you are right , those aren’t Mythical creatures at all because they are REAL !!! :-):joy::rofl:

It is just that some of us haven’t meet them yet… hahaha, i need to go have a look at my garden to see whether a fairy decides to reside at one of those flowers or trees :-):stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


There are fairies at the bottom of your garden?! :star_struck:


I am still searching for them… perhaps i need to look closely ? or i need to open my mind to believe in them ? :-):thinking:

This thread remind me of what a fascinating world we are living in … paranormal activities are such “intriguing” to learn about :-):stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I was reading another thread about whether Plants is consider “alive” just like animals , and i found this footage

So it seems like the plant was rotating , like a scary little animal towards people surrounding “it” … is it possible that plants can also be alive like an animal ?


Plants are already living things they are part of the biotic environment


So…i guess you agree that eating plant and vegetable is not much different from human eating animals then ? :wink:


I have no answer for that.

But plants are always living things…


This video is from India. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah … i read from the comment of separate video relating to this as well, so there is a living plant it seems , hopefully it can walk one day :-):star_struck:


Even if a tree walks, “some” people would start comparing it with a “rolling stone” or something like that. Lol


Plants are living beings. They’re basically just really slow animals for all intents and purposes. Plants moving isnt even a rare thing, lots of plants does it in response to their environment. Look up fly catcher, mimosa leaves, etc…


I do read other legendary source who say there actually has lots of plant that can really walk in deep forest … :-):stuck_out_tongue:

Ya-Te-Veo … man eating tree

The Madagascar tree


Hey @Gforce , this video was from Sanjeevani Hospital Virar west at Mumbai western India… Really scary moments captured at 3.00 pm in the CCTV cameras of Sanjeevani hospital… it was May this year, you heard anything about this ? :slight_smile:


Ha ha,
I have never seen this video. Actually I never watch these type of videos.

I do believe in the presence of Spirits and ghosts.
I have heard some real life encounters of my father, mother and sister and relatives.
But I myself have never encountered such things.
Probably because I live in an urban area.
There are no jungles, no graveyards, no crematories, or no haunted house nearby where I live.

But these videos just seem to be some photoshopped videos.
I see, you have quite a lot of interest in these things. :grinning:


Yeah… i like mysteries, and had heard of many friends or relatives talk about it…
The youtube further expand our experience :slight_smile:

Well… some photos are genuine because there are original film which cannot be debunk, just need to do some research :slight_smile:


Well just because the film exists doesn’t mean the image is “real.” I’m paraphrasing but it’s kind of an axiom of the whole medium of photography that “every photograph is a lie.”

There are dozens of ways that even amateur photographers working with old-fashioned film cameras can take pictures that create an image that appears to be of something impossible. It can even happen accidentally.


The beauty of it is , it could also be truth… especially those taken by older camera…
And some are CCTV footage or those cctv on a car :slight_smile:

Hey… i am just curious , especially some friends told me the hotel they perform internship had bar an entire floor … removing its floor button in the lift and ensuring the staircase door lock tight so no one wander inside accidently …

Some even claim to saw them while staying in library during night hours :wink:

Curious… curious :-):yum: