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You have to have seen to believe that all these evil spirits, whether it is jinn, demons or ghosts really exist. I am an African. I was born in Senegal in a district that is a few meters from the sea. I am a Muslim and I believe in our god. I’ve already seen a djinn in the middle of the night at 3:00. We used to make tea until late hours me and 4 of my friends with the neighbourhood guard. The guardian has a small hut near the mosque (holy place where prayers are made like the church for Catholics). We were sitting outside. There was a lamp post near us. We were discussing everything and nothing. Suddenly I turned my head on the left side and saw the strange shape of the djinn in the distance. Since there wasn’t much lamp post and it was a little dark, I didn’t know what it was right away. I told the others about it. As the form was not humanoid, we all remained alert. After a few minutes it was clear that what was coming was not human, we all entered the mosque and the guard locked the door. I didn’t know about the others, but I was extremely scared. I’m still shaking today just thinking about it. But I must say that we did the right thing by entering the mosque because the jinn passed by the mosque door and we all saw it through the windows. He was floating in the air and was all white from head to toe. I don’t know if he was looking at us or not, but he stayed there. I don’t know if he couldn’t get in or if he didn’t want to, but he finally left after a few minutes. We were all afraid to go out so we spent the night there. It’s really been a terrifying experience since that day, I’m locked in my house at midnight and I don’t go out until the early hours. Some won’t believe me and others will laugh at me. But that’s the truth, those who were present know it and so do I.


I’m kind of torn on the subject of ghosts because while I have never seen or heard anything supernatural both my parents claim to have seen ghosts before and I don’t necessarily want to think they’re lying or insane. I could dismiss some of the stories because they were children at the time of the sighting. My dad and his brothers said they saw the ghost of a soldier at an old army base and chased after it until it disappeared but they admit it was a foggy day so that could explain that. People always joke about that story though, saying my dad definitely didn’t see anything because New Zealand is too small to have an army.

Same with a story my mother tells of how every second book on her shelf was thrown to the floor at exactly midnight. I think she was in Wellington at the time which does have earthquakes which might explain that. Also she was very young and could have remembered it wrong. I’m not sure any kid likes being alone in a dark house at night.

The only one I can’t really explain though is the one my mother claims to have seen as a adult. She was in the kitchen when she felt like someone was watching her and when she turned around she found a child in there just looking at her. She had a bit of weird reaction and just turned back around and ignored it in a ‘this isn’t real’ way and when she looked again the boy was gone. I’m sure no living child would just wander in and out of our house without saying anything even if the door wasn’t locked. She reckons when she asked the neighbours she was told a kid used to live there before we moved in.

But in the end I’m not sure, I’m on anti-psychotics now so I have reason to doubt a lot of the things I thought were supernatural back then. I remember the first time I heard voices in my head I was sure it was ghosts but unless ghosts are scared of my meds that wasn’t case because I haven’t heard them since I started my dosage. I don’t know what to believe, in a world of delusions and hallucinations it’s very hard to decide what is real.


I don’t believe that human souls roam the earth but I do believe there is something(s) else out there other than organisms such as our selves. More than often we think everything revolves around us…But there’s something else out there. And you know what? I’m not just talking about those aliens from different planets you see in movies, they’re still finding new species to this day, we haven’t gotten to the bottom of our ocean forget outer space! About one hundred billion galaxies, and you’re telling me there’s nothing out there? Pffft.


You mean there is a possibility that mermaids exist.


My sympathies are with you, but as my grandma had the power to see ghosts/spirits, she could verify the spirits for you. Unfortunately she passed away years ago, but the ability could still be heriditary!


That’s actually very interesting, I hadn’t thought about seeing ghosts running in families. I’ve never really wanted to see one, I’d have a heart attack probably, so I’ve always been relieved I haven’t had experiences like my parents had. But I think a lot of people say hereditary powers are very tricky or skip generations so even having relatives with gifts might not help. My grandmother used to work as a palm reader but no one else in the family has any talent for that and when I was in school I saw girls learning how to read palms from the internet during class so I was confused about that. Seeing ghosts or knowing the future would be useful but it seems like luck of the draw sometimes.


See, whenever I talk about stuff like this, my mind gets all caught up in Sagan’s Standard- “Extraordiany claims require extraordinary evidence.” And like, on the face of it, that’s a fair enough thing to say. It should be harder to prove that unicorns exist than horses, that makes sense. But then I think, “Okay, so, if I saw a single-horned white horse, and I’d eliminated the possibility it was a fake horn, and I checked to see that it wasn’t a genetic anomaly or the result of engineering, and I could be 100% confident no one had attempted to tamper with the horse to make t appear some way… I probably would still be very skeptical that it was a unicorn.”

For a better example, I am far more willing to believe that a ghost sighting is caused by some bizarre mix of infrasound, unconscious predisposition toward belief in the supernatural and high suggestibility, and sheer happenstance then think, “Yeah, ghosts must be real.”

And is that actually fair? Like I feel that the evidence one would need to prove the supernatural doesn’t exist by it’s very nature- said another way, “Supernatural claims require supernatural evidence.” And to me, that seems much more unfair. Because if ghosts were real, what proof would actually convince me? Like, if that proof existed, what would it look like? When I’m honest with myself, I literally cannot imagine it. And that is not really fair, is it? Maybe I’m overanalysing, but it makes me wonder if we put an unfair amount of pressure on those making supernatural claims- I seriously doubt the majority of people making them are knowingly dishonest, they seem sincere (obviously there are people who use psychological tricks to cheat people out of money, and I think one of the reasons I stand by my skepticism is that it keeps me and those I care about a little more protected from them) and… well, how unscientific is it to take them at face value, just for the sake of analysis? If it really isn’t true, then the problems in the story should start popping up. But then again, it’s rational to consider the existence of the supernatural to be a problem that has to be solved when analyzing a claim.

I feel like the supernatural is just in the uncanny valley of falsifiable claims- it’s not something like the existence of an immaterial soul where it literally cannot he proven by it’s very nature, but it also isn’t like say, the age of the earth- it eludes scientific investigation due to it’s inherently preternatural characteristics. I talk too much. Suffice to say, probably spirits and the like aren’t real but maybe I’m being unfair.


Also on this topic, I remember something about how some amazing yokai are man-made… If they are a century old household object, they would literally come to life! I think the name of the Yokai is called Tsukonami or something similar! If any household object becomes alive, what happens to a century old computer? :star_struck:

Also, my mum regularly told me that foxes become kitsune to seduce human men. That is why I like foxes and wolves because of the legends that surround them (kitsune and werewolves) and don’t forget the Bakeneko (the cat-people) I wonder why people saw so many shapeshifting animals back in the old days? :grinning:


Well the legend was that these shapeshifting consider humans is a high intelligent race, hence when “shape shifting” , these beings are actually consider evolved into a more intelligent form of life, such as talking , building , cooking etc :slight_smile:


The computer will shapeshift into a very old Rotom.


Wow… more interesting CCTV footage, CCTV footage had to be real right?


The 1st one could be edited

But the second one…


The second one is from south east asia :slightly_smiling_face:
What do you think of this one?


I gotta admit i’m not into the whole Paranormal activity that are found on Reddit, YouTube, Giphy etc. Most of time they are fake (if the video starts late at night or with a low quality camera then its fake) but i do like to believe there’s some form of Mythical creatures not unicorns, vampires, or zombies but spirits, forms of dragons or possibly hellhounds.


But imagine in time long long ago… where we didn’t have camera or CCTV, these sightings were only told by eye witness via their story, so people will call that a legend

But now, at least these are some sort of proofs and evidense that those sightings are actually happenings :slight_smile:

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Which title should i pick?


Somebody said paranormal?


And Fairies do exist as in the Cottingley Fairies incident :-):grin:

I know , i know… it was later claimed that 4 of the 5 pictures are fake , but typical people just accepted it as fake when it was claimed fake but refuse to acknowledge the 5th one is genuine when it was clsimed as authentic… although until now , no solid proofs had proven it was fake …

So, most people simply want to believe when it is convenient but don’t want to believe when it is inconveninet for them :-):rofl:


Did you say se asia? Because f that. Non believer or no the spoopy tales I heard from those countries are enough to dispell any lingering bravado I had. I had a lot mind you.

Thank the lord I moved to Europe cause there aint none o that paranormal tales here that can outclass se ones.

Although, if cute little baby dragons existed I wouldn’t complain!



What do you think of this Fairy photo ? taken in 1917 by old camera and no photoshop editor then , there were altogether 5 photos of the Cottingly Fairies , this is the 5th photo which insisted by the girl who took it as genuine :slight_smile:

Oh… and it happened in England :-):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

might as well share some other photo because it is sooooo mesmerising