Mythical and Paranormal Discussion Thread


so all those big thinker died from ‘Fat soul’ ? lol

Nah . Don’t think so…

we have our brain for that .


I edited my comment. I spoke with haste, before I remember I read a paper about penguin pooping. So clearly there are people out there that would fund pretty much anything and there are people out there that would study penguin pooping FOR SOME REASONS! That knowledge will prob never be useful but here we are


Yup, i was going to make that observation.
I think that one wasn’t continued because it is hard… You need people dying to test that, after all.


Real reason here. That’s never gonna pass these days.


I don’t disbelive, after all science can’t prove a negative and there is so much about the universe that we have yet to discover.

Fair. But you shouldn’t believe too. You should just not believe. And, well, you can at least disprove a negative or a positive times… Obviously, we are yet to discover MANY things, but some people use that as an excuse to believe in things that are unreasonable given the current information.


Conclusion is… Love is more mysterious than soul, because no one even bother to experiment on Love yet :slight_smile:


Hmmm… I think they did, actually. XD
It would make sense, i kind of did research that, considering i like observing human behaviour around me, and that gives me insight in many things such as feelings, so imagine what a scientific research of great proportion could do? No way someone didn’t do that yet…


One thing we should agree though… Love is more precious than Soul because Love is inmeasurable , while there may be a method to measure the weight of Soul :slight_smile:


Interestingly, my mum had an encounter with a shadow demon when she was 6 years old then my grandma (who worked as a Bhuddist exorcist) had to rescue her from the shadow who was making my mum paralysed. Thus my research into the supernatural began…

Also, one more thing. My birthday is often mentioned in HP Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulhu novel!


I personally don’t belive in ghosts or any other supernatural belief. There is no proof. Any claim of such mythical creature should have a physical basis for it.



I agree, but would say it is the opposite reason. We can’t even be certain that what people call a soul even exist. I mean, and if it exist, what it does anyway? If it made some significant difference, i am sure we would already be certain, or have some clue at least. Not that it can’t exist or it can’t make a difference we just aren’t aware of, but i think everyone here already know how evidence works.
Now love, we can know it exists precisely because we can measure and test it, like with any other things. Yes, it is difficult for people to say that they love one person more than the other, and in that way, love could be more of a “state” than a quantity thing. But never mind my speculation, the point is that we do know it exists and we can measure it. That’s why i agree with you, love is more important than soul.


I want to believe.

But, I don’t.

I think there is beauty in many different spiritual beliefs. I find the idea that I am a soul that can live on after death to be very comforting. Or even if there is no life beyond death just the idea that there is a magic part of me that is my true self.

Unfortunately, I can’t believe any of that. The more I think about it the more I think we are nothing more than our meat, and our memories, and one day both of those things will be gone.


we will be gone thats true…

but we will be remembered . Either by what we did , who we left and who we interacted with .

Therefor in a way , we are not forgotten .


Hopefully we can find the Magic book of Resurrection or Regeneration :slight_smile:


Well i never said i belived either. That’s just me in life mostly neutral.


It’s funny how the number of ghost sightings dropped after the camera was invented, then they increased after Photoshop was developed. That’s also true of (Biblical) miracles and alien sightings.


I’d argue that they didnt increase that much after photoshop came out. They exploded when people realize its pretty easy to pirate photoshop. Cause no one have that much money photoshop!


It’s funny how the number of ghost story movies surged up after Camera got invented.

It’s funny how the number of ghost story writings surged up after the Choicescript was developed.

Suddenly too many Literates (who I suppose understand Science) started believing in Spirits & Sorcery.

Well, I believe in the presence of Souls and Spirits.


I believe it, impossible for me not to after what I have experienced.

Depends, but I don’t think so.


I don’t know what you mean by “other religions”, as objectively, all Gods and gods are equal… As in, yes, i would call them mythical