Mythical and Paranormal Discussion Thread


Well I don’t think anyone assumes we are the only thing in this planet. We are just one species out of many, and several more are still unknown and undocumented. If you mean about supernatural stuff, well that’s a problem for the people claiming they exist; it is they that should provide evidence about it.

But about extraterrestrial life, there are two important distinctions. One is if there is life outside of Earth, the other is if alien life has visited Earth.

The first one I think it’s very likely, given that the one galaxy alone is so enourmous and has so many stars and planets that it’s statistically possible that there are other planets capable of bearing life just like ours. But the second one about alien life visiting Earth is another matter; one that I don’t believe in since I’ve seen no evidence of such.


Well… it was a discussion based on the law of energy , which i think is still scientifically logical, for my personal opinion, that’s why i consider it as hypothesis …
So the hypothesis is, energy doesn’t cease to exist, it will change form into another form of existence … hence energy that dissipate from one place could reappear in another form … this may be happening if the person had a high traumatic emotional breakdown , due to maybe extreme pain … which force the brain wave to “peak” up to a near psychic ability

Purely for discussion, nothing is proven yet


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Beware of pseudoscience.


I don’t think it’s a good way to look at it tbh. Not having evidence of something shouldnt be ground for its plausibility. The burden of proof should fall on people trying to prove something and not on people trying to prove it doesnt. It already does not exist/being true until proven otherwise. For example, I could run around yelling dragons are real all I want. But it’s up to me to provide scientific evidence to support my claim. Until I do so it just me yelling about a made up animal.


No you’re not. :slight_smile:

The title of the thread is now “Do you believe in…” and sometimes we have to remember that proof is not required when it comes to matters of belief; look at it as another way of saying “It’s my opinion that X, Y, or Z exists.”


I do not believe in any supernatural being.

a little story

Once when I was in the first grade I got into an argument with a girl because I said sirens were not real (even thought I always loved them) and she said they were, turns out she meant the ambulance sirens lol. (Even though sirens may be different creatures than mermaids in Spanish mermaid is said “sirena” aka siren)


I agree with @Carlos.R :slight_smile:
Ulitimately it is about what we believe … and what we don’t want to believe…
For example… we believe in “True Love” , but we can’t prove true love exist and there is also no measurement meter on the weightage of Love :slight_smile:

Hence… we believe in our love to someone, but it is very difficult to be proven by science :-):rofl:



pheromones…hormones…electrical surge in the brain…

lot of proof there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ahaaaa !!! There goes another debate :-):stuck_out_tongue:

So is Love just an Impulsive Reaction ( surge of brain wave, hormone, blood pressure etc )?
Or is there a deeper meaning based on our mindset, intention, judgement, belief and experience ? :wink: I think love is a super natural phenomena as well :-):joy:


well Doh…you are on a roll…just had to poke a bit lol

I answer that question by a question : explain the soul .


Wait… i beat you again !!! Ahahaha :-):joy:

The soul is already scientifically experimented in the 21 grams experiment…

So our scientist " had proven" that our soul is weight 21grams :-):rofl:


I don’t disbelive, after all science can’t prove a negative and there is so much about the universe that we have yet to discover.


No it proven how wrong an experiment like that can be
" MacDougall stated his experiment would have to be repeated many times before any conclusion could be obtained. The experiment is widely regarded as flawed and unscientific due to the small sample size, the methods used, as well as the fact only one of the six subjects met the hypothesis.[1] The case has been cited as an example of selective reporting."

Edit: also it’s from 1907, you always want new studies instead.


Yeah … i agree, it was meant as a tease to @E_RedMark :wink:

But i do wonder why no one continue the experiment ? :-):thinking:


whatta mean again ?

:stuck_out_tongue: smartass !

21grams for something we can be damned for ?! Gosh…I’m asking for a refund ! lol


I used to believe in la lechuza when i was little! :confounded:
These days i don’t think i believe in most mythical type things, i do like reading about them though.


Possibly because they think it ridiculous and would not be useful? Research ain’t free and scientists need to study useful things. No one give grants to weigh the soul studies. With that said someone gave grant to a guy to study the physics of how penguins poop. Sooooo…


it would also bring down the chantry! :rofl:


Well… perhaps a soul is our philosophical mind? The more we think, the heavier it is :-):grin:

@a_shoggoth… nowadays everything is so commercialise , they won’t conduct an experiment that is not profitable… simply because no one can buy a soul :frowning: