Mythical and Paranormal Discussion Thread


Fun fact, in medieval times peasants ate mouldy bread. How is this related? Well, modern scientists reckon that most of the monster sightings were due to the hallucogens (sp) inside the fungus that was used to make the bread, but if you ask me, mouldy bread alone does not explain most of the European dragon sightings during that era!

Also, can we have some discussion on the Jersey-Devil, which is a monster from America? They say that it was a transformed human previously!


I think the Skin-Walkers are more terrifying than Jersey-Devil :slight_smile:

Here are their sightings


Is skin-walker is the same as wendigo??? Are the same supernatural under the different names or they are completely a different thing?


It could be , Skin-Walkers and Wendigo story seem identical … both monsters who eat human :slight_smile:
Although i had read some story who told that Skin-Walkers can tear off the skin of the human it killed and wear the skin so that it will disguise as “that person”, it will walk among the friends and relatives of that person so that it can look for an opportunity to strike again…


That’s creepy and mess up. How do we know if the person we talk to right now is human not a skin walker.
Oh I just also I remembered that skin-walker can shape shifter?


Now you know where I got the idea for my Venusians (plants that disguise as humans) from!


Actually, that’s probably not entirely true. Give a human a “tail” and they’re surprisingly fast and well adapted even without gills or webbed fingers. I know people who can dive to 100m depth with fins on, so it’s not really a limiting factor. You could also combine that with using tools and being omnivores for survival. (Not saying mermaids are real, just that if evolution had have been different, we could have potentially gone that way.)


No… no … no , Skin-Walkers don’t shape shift, it needs to kill a person and then take over his/her skin and act like her, that’s the name " Skin-Walkers" right :wink: ? Monsters who walk with its victims’ skin :-):rofl:

I had read something like , these super natural beings cannot enter our house/domain unless we invite them to do so…

So , if you see someone who you think you might know , but he/she doesn’t talk to you …just staring at you… you shouldn’t talk to him/her first , because that will mean you “invite” it :-):stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Well, if the person really knows you, he shouldn’t act like stranger right ? so something must be wrong …

Hahaha… so you shouldn’t wave at them and say " Hi Billy, what are you doing here? come join me for a walk " No inviting them ok ? :wink:


Hahah that would be hard. I usually does that when I see people I know :sweat_smile:


Oh… oh… beware of Skin-Walkers :-):stuck_out_tongue:


Giving human a tail and taking away the legs, then according to your video, joining their hands together to make their body into a more streamline shape is essentially imitating a cetacean. But of course that remove tool use. I’m not saying a human with a bottom of a cetacean (lets throw fish out the window cause thats just stupid) wont survive but they simply cant compete. Diving to 100m is cool but that’s child play for cetacean, Cuvier’s beaked whale can dive to 2900m. Plus cetacean can dive and rise much faster than us, while human experience the bends. In conclusion, we can function underwater if we pretty much ditch most of the traits that make us primate and try to imitate cetaceans, but at that point I have to ask: why not just become a cetacean?


I would think that with a human figure, and a human upper body … Mermaid can maneuver better such as holding ( picking ) an object, even to the extend of constructing something , then with a human mouth will make communication easier :slight_smile:

The same reason when i would like to fly, i prefer to add Wings instead of turn into a Bird entirely

That will be quite “interesting” because when a human and Venusians stand close to each other, because they will inhale what the other exhale right ? :-):joy:

Venusians breath in Carbone Dioxide which Humans exhale while Humans inhale Oxygen from the Venusians :slight_smile:


Heck we can barely move on land as it is. Primates are adapted mostly to a tree dwelling lifestyle. We ditched that in favor of walking, so our upper body is garbage in term of offering any sort of locomotion. Why do you think fishes and cetacean have similar body shapes? Because it’s the most well suited to an aquatic lifestyle. Arms just doesnt do anything but hinder you underwater. If you want limbs, flippers is where it’s at. I’d talk about adding wings, but I’m not big on birds so I’m gonna pass on that.


True, but not all marine mammals do (for example fur seals and bottlenose dolphins stay relatively shallow)

Actually not exactly true :slight_smile: . Most cases of the bends inhumans arise from breathing compressed air on scuba or getting in an aeroplane after freediving. If you’re not breathing compressed air you can shoot up and down as fast as your airways can equalise and have little chance of getting the bends. (Small risk that increases with depth and frequency of dives, but is considered very uncommon on breathhold dives.) As an example, when I’ve been playing around, I’ve done round trips down to 30m and back to the surface in less than a minute multiple times in a day just for fun because I can (not recommending everyone goes out and side this though because it depends on your ability to equalise!) with no ill effects. No way you’d try that on scuba, you’d almost certainly end up bent.

That is true, but tbh, humans probably wouldn’t hunt like that anyway unless driving fish into a trap. It’s reasonably fast and efficient for travel, but not great for hunting. Humans would do better either as underwater gatherers (IE plants, mussels, crabs etc) or as ambush predators.

Because what has made humans most successful is their intelligence, ability to work in groups, lack of specialisation and their ability to use tools. Losing the use of hands, severely impacts the last one. Humans on land are also terribly adapted from a straight survival POV save that we are smart and generalists. If we couldn’t use tools and adapt, we’d have gone extinct long ago, but instead we’re the dominant species in the planet.

(I can’t believe I’m debating mermaid physiology lol)


The bends doesnt just happen because of using scuba gear though. When you go down deep enough, the pressure will cause gases to be trap in your blood and tissues. There are currently not enough studies to know whether cetacean get the bends, but we know that even if they do they cope with it a lot better than we do. Plus marine mammals that trade depth for shallowness compensate for it with speed. Both seals and the common dolphins are extremely fast.

Being an aquatic gatherers can be tricky, since it forces you to stay close to shore where plants can grow. I agree that human became dominant through tool use, but that’s terrestrial. Aquatic is such a different ball game tho. That’s the main reason I dont think mermaid can exist on a purely evolutionary standpoint. Arms and hands are just simply impossible, they simply doesnt offer any advantage. I’d go so far as to say it’s a disadvantage simply due to how awkward it is to navigate an aquatic environment with arms

I think if you want to keep arms and tool use, then mermaids can only exist in freshwater environment, where there are plenty of plants to gather and the competition aren’t so overwhelmingly better.

(Why not? I’m debating cetacean ecology with someone who has a dolphin as a profile pic)


There are a lot of spearfishers and shellfish divers that would disagree with you. A knife or a spear can make a huge difference to your survival prospects. I’m not arguing that speed and teeth are probably going to trump hands and a spear for catching fish, but it is workable as a model for how something like a mermaid could get by and have enough food :slight_smile:

Yeah, but as I said, the bends in breathhold divers under normal circumstances is possible but also very rare. (I don’t know anyone in their thousands of combined dives that’s ever had the bends from breathhold diving so it’s definitely uncommon.) It has been possibly been reported in some traditional pearl divers which is on the extreme end of number dives per week, but doesn’t always present like the typical run to the decompression tank if you want to live scuba version either. There’s also the thing where a lot of really deep diving mammals like sperm whales are storing oxygen in their blood, and dont keep much air in their lungs like humans do. Their dive physiology does differ in a few ways.One would hope that the same as cetaceans, if you had an off shoot of humans that had been in the water long enough to develop fins, they’d also get a few other evolutionary ones to help with some of these issues.

Yeah probably right. Seafood is a very rich energy source though. Coastal would be possible as well IMO. Open ocean not so much.

Lol I guess so :laughing:


I often wonder why people want ghosts to exist? I’m assuming it’s a fear of mortality thing but surely most people realise that believing in something without concrete evidence is at least slightly deluded.


Some of the sightings are actually from unexplained experience from certain people … in the end it is only fair whether we want to believe it or not , but there aren’t concrete proofs those people are delusional as well :slight_smile:

Well, a certain president also claim Global Warming is a Hoax and delusional without concrete proofs… of course we can’t convince him Global Warming is real as well :wink:


I would argue that the process of believing in ghost and gods does not come from delusion. But rather, it is an evolution of the human mind. Back in the day you simply had to say that “god did so and so” because there was no explanation of how nature worked. Same thing with the concept of diseases and the concept of evil. Humans had to blame some suposedly evil spirt. For al there problems

In the case of these kinds of beliefs. Old habits do not die hard. Wether it is right or wrong to belive in these things, it’s up to the individual to decide.


I don’t know if there someone mention this before but what about slenderman? Does this… thing… exists? I read in wiki that it just a fictional supernatural character but there are some people who has seen slenderman in real life. There were also few videos of slenderman in YouTube but we don’t know if that real or not since video can be edited and such