Mythical and Paranormal Discussion Thread


Some stories I found. Have a look. Maybe you will recognise some of these.

"I am a mental health therapist.

"One of my schizophrenic clients said he was seeing a girl in his room and he said she was talking to him. We believed it to be a hallucination, as he was living alone. The doctor I was with decided to challenge his delusion and had him take a picture of her so we could ‘meet her’.

"During, the next visit…he brought a picture. And yes, she was there. To our astonishment and horror there was a picture of him on the couch with a strange creamy, ghost like image of a girl hovering behind him…shrouding him in white like wings or hair…very light in color, but subtle shimmering image! What was eerie was seeing him sitting on the couch with his head down, very depressed looking. She was literally haunting him.

"All our jaws hit the floor. You could hear a pin drop. Everyone examined the picture…and we could tell it was real. Dude was very low-functioning and could not have 'shopped it. Shit got real. WE were haunted.

"The doctor in utter amazement knew medication wouldn’t treat this and said, “I can’t help you with this…you are going to need to see your clergy for this.”


"This story takes place in a house I rented back in the 90s. It was 3 stories with the 3rd story being an attic that was converted into a large room. My roommates and I lived in the upper 2 stories and two other girls lived in the ground floor. This house was built on a slight hill so also had a huge unfinished basement. You had to go outside, go to the bottom of the driveway and through the basement door to go into it. The floors were dirt, but when you walked in, on the either side of you were shelves with goodness only knows what stored on them. There were tools, partially rotted cardboard boxes, plastic boxes…etc… I never looked at them too closely. Once you walked the width of the basement, which was the width of the house, there was a doorway on the right at the end of the shelves that led to a huge room, again with a dirt floor. But this room went the length of the house and as it went to the front of the home, towards the street, it became narrow enough that you would have to crawl to go into it. But for the most part, you were able to walk upright with no problem for about 3/4ths of the room.

As I stated, we rented, and the 2 guys we all rented from were locals, one lived next door to us and one lived down the street. Both were really nice guys, very laid back. My roommate one day decided that she was going to talk to them about putting a washer & dryer in the basement that all of us in the house could use. We were all ok with that idea and she talked to them and told them that if they would put them in, they could add the monthly cost of them to our rent. So we all wound up paying rent plus 1/5 of the cost of a washer/dryer until it was paid off. Lots better than visiting a laundromat each week! They installed the washer & dryer. The dryer went into the first room in the basement, the washer in the larger room. Because of the dirt floor, they had to put them on bricks. One day, I was home alone, my roommates were gone and the girls who lived below us were gone also. I thought this would be a perfect time to do a load of laundry. I walked into the basement, past the dryer, through the doorway and to the washer. Now here I do have to say, that part of the basement always creeped me out a bit. There were lights in both areas, controlled by a switch at the entrance door but the light never quite reached into the crawl space area. I put this feeling down to the fact that we lived in the downtown area and had a large homeless population. I kept expecting to find someone sleeping in our basement. Anyway, I started the clothes to washing, then walked back upstairs. After a bit, I went back into the basement to get the clothes and dry them. Because the washer was on bricks, and because I’m only 5"3’, to reach the clothes in the bottom of the washer, I had to jump up on the washer, balance myself on my hips and put my head into the washer to reach my clothes. I did this and right as I got ahold of my clothes, someone or thing gave be 3 strong pats on my back. I came flying up and spun, expecting to see one of my roommates there, but there was no one there. The distance to the doorway was too far for anyone to be able to get through it before I saw them, plus I would have heard anyone running on that dirt floor. I called out the girls names but at this point, I was covered in goosebumps, felt icy cold (this was summertime in the south) and scared so I hoofed it out of that basement as fast as I could and ran back up to my apartment. I was shaking like a leaf but I was able to calm myself fairly quickly. I’d had so many experiences in that house but I’d never been touched before. Neither my roommates nor the girls who lived in the other apartment were home, so it wasn’t them playing a trick on me. I stood in the middle of the living room and said “I know you’re here, you’ve shown that to me many times. I don’t have a problem sharing space with you and you’re welcome to stay but you are never allowed to touch me again”. Was it a ghost? I don’t know but there was no one in that basement with me. I had many experiences in that house, as did my roommates, that I have no doubt it had spirits in it.

My wet clothes stayed in the basement all night, half in & half out of the washer. The next morning, I had a roommate go down with me to get them into the dryer. I would not go in alone after that and never went in after dark. I lived in that house for several years after and was never touched again.


Perhaps the ghostly girl was actually trying to cheer the guy up since he was depressed … maybe the girl was a long lost childhood friend who just want to visit her friend and found him sad at the moment , hence she stay around and trying to remind him of the good old days together ? :-):thinking:
She remind me of Cassie from zombie exodus, the ghost was accompanying the protagonist since small but disappear when the protagonist was not sad and lonely anymore, however she will appear again to help him when he was in trouble :wink:

I think the guy in your story was very lucky to have a ghostly guardian angel, i hope he didn’t ask a priest to chase her out … if i was him , i will be very happy to have a ghost friend :-):hugs:


Have you guys seen this before?


yupe… same goes with Mermaid :slight_smile:


Nice. I always knew mermaid always existed! We just need some solid proof of their existence! Besides ocean is too big to only have fishes to live inside it :laughing:


Hahaha… although Mermaid or Mermen could exist… but… they may not be as friendly as we all thought , some legend told that they may be carnival and have teeth of piranha , hence you should be wary of them if you happen to encounter them :slight_smile:


Or maybe they’re just sharks and sailors who get bit were attacked at night so visibility is low. :confused:


I wonder whether Mermen or Mermaids can talk or read ? and which language they will be using ? :-):thinking:


And if they can talk telepathically with each other :laughing:

Or they can talk with fishes or at least understand what they talking about! Or maybe they are friend with some sea creatures like sea horses and stuff like that! That would be amazing! And what do they eat, I wonder?


If they are vegetarian , they will eat sea weeds :slight_smile:

naturally they could eat fish and other smaller sea creatures ??


Except sea weed only grow close to shore or relatively shallow areas, there is not enough sunlight out in the open water for it to grow. Makes you wonder how something that forage close to shore haven’t been seen yet. After all, we can see dugongs and manatees just fine.

Good luck with catching that. Almost all depictions of mermaids give them a horrible body type for aquatic life. A primate body is probably one of the worst adapted body for an aquatic life style. Plus the tail fluke us nowhere big or strong enough to propel mermaids through water. The long arms, with fingers doesnt help either. The webbed hands are too far away from the body and too small to provide any meaningful propulsion to the horribly unstreamlined body. As such, if mermaids are real they would not be able to compete with a single species in the ocean and would have been extinct the moment they pop up.

Also that “mermaid” skeleton is a famous Fiji mermaid hoax. Just a monkey sewed onto a fish body.


History time!


Would it not be like a cannibalism? I mean isn’t mermaid are like… Fish? :thinking:


Oh… never thought of that :-):thinking: but the ecosystem of Fish is different right ? like Shark eat fish too and Bigger fish eat smaller fish … but we won’t actually call them Cannibalism right ?

and shark sometimes eat shark too :slight_smile: so i think as long as Merfolks don’t eat merfolks … it is not cannibalism :slight_smile:


Oh yeah

That make sense


You’re right, sharks are actually one of the few fishes that engage in intrauterine cannibalism, also called adelphophagy, in layman term its in-the-womb cannibalism. The biggest and strongest embryo will eat its’ siblings in the womb.


That is horrible :frowning:


How do you post videos in the forum?


Just paste the link of the video and it will automatically show up on the right side in a video player format. . Perticularly if it is a youtube video.