Mythical and Paranormal Discussion Thread


You can learn the skill in a day. Most of those “paranormal” videos looks amatuerish as heck. A lot of them didnt fix the light so the “ghosts” has a weird outline that set it apart from the rest of the real video. Human memory is even worse, our brain is a notorious liar. And yes people should demand evidence and so far we have 0 empirical evidence. Those videos can be entertaining if that’s your thing. I just wish they up their editing skills a bit.

With that said I really enjoy the Cthulhu mythos. Taking all the xenophobia out, Lovecraft is a great read


I could also argue that what’s not perfect is the Real deal right ?? Like people don’t go for plastic surgery because they are real … :-):stuck_out_tongue:


Bad analogy. People can also clearly tell when someone get plastic surgery. People know it’s fake instantly. You want plastic surgery where people cant tell. But most things you see are shotty cheap one. Even expensive one can look fake easily (e.g. nicki Minaj and Kim k). Also not perfect =/= real. That’s like saying I have never seen a wolverine irl, therefore its either not real or all dead. Perfect place for occam razor actually. It’s easier and simpler to conclude that the video edited than to conclude its paranormal activities cause then you’re opening a whole new can of worms. Simplest explanation first.


@Eric_knight and go completely Nutts? Maybe it isn’t so bad. What did the joker say in the comics now again? “Madness is the emergency exit. You can just step outside, and close the door on all those dreadful things that happened. You can lock them away…forever.” Only problem
For those “visitors” is that I live on the lower floor of an apartment house. Ie it’s to easy for me to escape. Any ghost with a higher iq than 20 would pick up on another neighbor. Besides I’m to much prepared in theory. :laughing:( remember the Egyptian post I made. Above ).

@a_shoggoth doude those horrendous creatures are not something I want to come across .:point_down::point_down:
But I’m also not against saving them from extinction. They aren’t that common in the UK. Some 19k. so I should be fine


I love them, but I’m still not gonna fuck with one. If that vid take place in Japan depending on location you could either be facing an asiatic black bear which is manageable. Or it could be an Ezo brown bear, in that case you’re already dead. Not too sure about the UK but 19k sounds fairly healthy imo.


It’s imported bears from differnt countries. Saved mostly Put behind bars We don’t have any native wild animals in uk. Left . The industrial revolution killed them Al. Sadly


Lol… if we encounter a spirit, and befriend with him/her , they can help protect us from real bandits :-):joy:

Like whoever dare to attack us will find themselves 10 ft above ground :-):rofl:

@a_shoggoth there are few video from this clips which i think is real, because they are so “natural” :wink:


Here are some sort of dangerous games which rumour to bring strange encounter to those who dare play it


Lol confirmation bias and spooku ghost games go hand in hand.
You are aware of the Ouji board? All of it really boils down to the ideomotor effect (google it).

Seeing lights in the skies? Gases reacting.

Creepy human sounds in the forest? Have you heard a red fox or a goats scream? Sounds very human.

The only ghosts here are our lingering regrets. :.)


Elevator game is sort of ritual to enter another parallel dimension … the scary one is the woman in the 5th floor… they said she will try everything to get us talk…and she can appear as anyone… :-):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good thing im too awkward and refuse to communicate because im too shy then.
I cant believe it! A use for my anxiety


Don’t forget to ask it where you left your keys, although dowsing would likely be quicker. shrugs


I’ve got quite the creative imagination then :wink:


@BoisterousBumblebee Seems like The 3 Kings is more scary than Ouji :wink:


Oh, don’t get me wrong. I believe supernatural experiences are possible with Ouija boards, but the subconscious is capable of being just as terrifying.

The three kings “ritual”, though… the only thing that’s going to be scary are the tricks your mind is playing on you, if you don’t invoke/evoke something you’d wish you hadn’t anyway. Regardless of whether it’s this, Ouija board, or anything else that could theoretically allow you to communicate with anything on the other side, err on the side of caution. Be respectful, protect yourself, and be mentally and emotionally prepared for the experience whether you believe it’s supernatural or your mind just playing tricks on you.


Yeah i agree with you … even if we happen to encounter super natural experience , we should stay calm and perhaps approach them with a respectful manner , the experience may end up in a happier tone …

those videos and photos can actually enhance our “mental preparation” for potential super natural encounter … in which we can be less frighten if we encounter similar sightings ??


Well, if you mean by a CGI red fox screaming and standing upright in The Fox (What Does the Fox Say) music video! Does that still count? Oh, and I am reminded of kitsunes shapeshifting again for some reason…


No, that’s like saying watching As Above, So Below will give you the mental and emotional preparation for actually exploring the restricted areas of the Parisian catacombs. Mental fortitude and control over your emotions aren’t gained by watching videos that more than likely aren’t real… Eh, I keep forgetting my understanding isn’t exactly common.