Mythical and Paranormal Discussion Thread


Here are some Angel Sighting


And this is sightings of Slender Man


Shall we talk about why the imagery of the Grim Reaper keeps changing over time from medieval ages (classic Reaper with scythe) to modern times (more sympathetic and likable). Is it because modern humans are less afraid of Death nowadays?

Funnily enough, local doctors said I wasn’t going to live long when I was born- and my own pediatrician was nicknamed ‘Dr. Death’ by the nurses because they were afraid of him!


On the contrary, modern men are much more afraid of death than their ancestors.

That’s why the artists made the imagery of Grim reaper appear less intimidating. They want “Death” appear less terrifying to them.

Lol. We live so comfortable lives that we are even terrified of loosing our wealth, leave apart loosing our precious life.


But talking about death, men also got more logical and smarter over the years. Some men have overcome it and conquered the fear, whilst their ancestors have always feared it and never recovered. Some humans nowadays are quite amusing, they see death as their lover sometimes and embrace it. Death never changed over the years, its only our image of it that has



“Nothing in life is more certain than death and taxes”
In a twisted way taxation and debt can be one of the modern day appearences of death. You get too much
Of Those tax papers , you go broke. Some poor souls can’t recover from that. Their souls already taken. And so they inevitably die. But before I get too POLITICAL ,
Mr grimm reaper seams to have gone from cool, Scarry and in some cultures badass to just being whel neutral. In most cases indifferent about his targets. Just you’re regular pickup guy. Might have to do with the fact that in many areas of the world life expectancy ha significantly increased. Compared to say, good old rome were you were lucky to be 40 amoung the common people and even amoung the higher arcs. Hense the grim reaper was a bit mor gruesome and less lame than the modern day incartations. Also more feard. I’m looking at you Chronos. Heck even the lame Anubis is cooler than the modern day incarnations of the grim reaper. That is unless you turn to fantasy. In the real world though too much medicine and health care has made the grimm reaper yet another mythology belonging to the pages of history.


Come to think of it can the grim reaper be conciderd male? And I’m not talking about fantasy but rather the real world. How real cultures precived death. I know the medevial version is suposed to be gender less. But even in those stories you get the vibe that death is a male


I think depend on the cultures :slight_smile:
Each culture has different intepretation…


omg spooky I didn’t even press play cuz the image was creepy.

Anyway I have a few experiences that happened throughout my life, but don’t want to make a really long post but I’ll try lol.

The most recent experience I had was when I was home alone just last week. I usually lock my bedroom door when I go to bed. When I woke up the next morning I was just scrolling through my phone on twitter when I heard the doorknob softly twist (like how my youngest sister does when she tries not to bother me), and then footsteps into the bathroom since it was nearby. I took that as a sign to get up, unlock the door, and play around with her, but when I came out and checked the bathroom no one was there. I checked in the living room, no one was there. I checked the other places in the house… no one was there. So I was like… wow and just went back to my room lol.

There was also that time when I was in bed… also on twitter in the morning laying on my side before I went to work. I was alone in my room when I heard a loud exhale of breath behind me… loud enough that I turned around to see if someone was there. My room is small so I can see all around (no hiding places), but no one was there. My door was locked and windows were secure. Then later that day when everyone came home, my mom’s shrine to our ancestors was knocked down in her room… and nothing else was taken. Scratches on the door too. When I told my mom about what I heard that morning she got real spooked because she’s a huge believer in good and bad spirits and then made to cleanse the place, but I don’t really think it worked. My bro just told me to change all the door locks and get a security camera lol.


some of them are not that scary …Lol
the person who post did give his own opinion on why it may be real or fake , in the end it is up to the viewers :wink:


oooo. I’m still not clicking the play button haha!


Ghosts are just images of our creative imagination… I think :thinking: :thinking:



My sceptical meeter just went up.

I think the twitch guy at around 7min is faking it. I mean why wasn’t the hallway behind his door not lit. Why is he sitting on a couch? How come he’s calm throughout the video. Why are objects not moving at his height? Instead of coming from a lower angle? How come that most objects are often moving behind him?

So many questions.


Well… i agree that not all videos are convincing , that’s why the person who post the video gave his own coment about each of them , it was meant to expose all unatural events out there and let us decide :slight_smile: i would think the sub-way possession is real enough , and the indonesia exorcism was the most convincing , different tone of speech was utter from the possessed body …

And that forest with all those flyers, the police just not investigate more about them ?? …

Anyway… these videos are cool for investigative viewing :-):sweat_smile:


Aah but as a questioner of everything including my own sanity, these videos tend to make my head spinn. the atheist in me simply cannot acept the metaphysical realm. I am the curiosity more than faith kinda person. I guess if someone wanted to fufil their dreams of becoming a sherlock, these videos might be the perfect mental exercise. However for me they just make me one step closer to insanity. Keep posting more of these and I might just go shodan on this universe we Al so very much inhabit.

The great mystery for me seems to be the first part of the video. It seems like the animal noise is coming from behind the camera man, or directly bellow. It’s definitely not a dragon sound. Maybe a bear. He zoomed in on what looked like an animal. So that must be it.


Hahaha… there are lots more of this on youtube… especially the japanese haunting cases and some south east asia one …

There are also paranormal photo… i think they are all cool, perhaps you should set a cctv in your room and see what happen or who visit you at night :-):stuck_out_tongue:


I cant watch the video atm. But if that’s true then the video is definitely pretty scary. Bears are scary as hell. Those fuckers can move real fast for their size.

Your obsession with CCTV is weird. It’s not like the ultimate truth seeker. CCTV is just as easy to edit with like any other video. They’re just closed circuit, meaning the output go to one source so outsiders have no access to the recorded video. If you own the CCTV or have access to the tape you can edit it like any other vids.


But not everyone have the technical skill and access right :slight_smile: ?

Photo and cctv are two reliable sources for paranormal in modern days… and this is because ppl demand evidence… or perhaps you prefer story telling from a person ? :slight_smile: