Mythical and Paranormal Discussion Thread


:grinning::grinning::grinning::joy::joy:. Ok no ofence to celts but that’s totally weird


Hmmm… not really, our brain actually is a processor that constantly send out impulses to direct the task of our body cells , scientist had said even genius only utilise 4% of their brain capability…
So if only we can utilise 10% of our brain power, nothing is impossible :-):grin:


Actually we do use more than 10% of our minds. Unfortunately movies such as " Limitless " and “Lucy” have spread the myth that there is some untapped reservoir in our brains. It’s funny how if you repeat a myth over and over the population starts to believe it despite your best efforts to correct them.


I like Lucy’s story, it teaches us to be kind to others and not bully them.
If they were kind to Lucy , she won’t turn into a monster …


What do you all think about aliens?


No Mythical Legend beat him…

Arthur, Eternal King of Avalon, Camelot and Britons :-):stuck_out_tongue:

and i insist King Arthur is a historical figure that is interpreted in a mythological manner :-):heart_eyes:

and forget to mention … Excalibur :-):hugs:


There is a really very good probability that aliens do exist. Why? Simply because of the immense vastness of our universe. The Milky Way is huge . Best estimates put it at around 100,000 light years across and it might be even a bit larger. There are, by most estimates, about 100 billion planets in our galaxy

There are so many dark patches yet to be explored and so many planets and stars that it would be foolish to assume that aliens do not exist. Drake’s equation is a formula used to calculate the probability of the existence of aliens. However due to the unavailability of all the parameter values in the equation we are not able to compute the final value.
As of now there is no clear cut proof that aliens exist but there is also enough proof to say that the probability of “intelligent extraterrestrial” life is very real. If earth could spontaneously give rise to life and evolve complex and intelligent life forms then there is no doubt that the same could have happened elsewhere as well.


The same could probably be said about Robbin Hood.


Oh… I believe Robin Hood is definitely real, along with Ivanhoe… they are both my heroes :-):joy:

And Robin Hood is a most inspiring good character with noble soul :-):hugs:


We never know aliens really exist.

Maybe they’re constantly messaging us but we cant interpret it because of our current technology.


But how do you all explain incubi and succubi? I like them better than vampires!


Well… Succubus / Incubus is categorised as a type of demon from Abyss, they are of Mostly of Chaotic Nature of Evil … But, on rare occasion , few Succubus / Incubus could be of Good or neutral alignment…

Now most people tend to talk about Succubus / Incubus but they forget that the demons of similar nature , they are the Erinyes

The main difference between Succubus and Erinyes are that Erinyes are mostly Lawful nature but Evil… and they live in Nine hells

Nine hells and Abyss are totally different factions from the underworld , although they are all Evils, but Nine hells are Lawful and Abyss are chaotic, they have different ideology of their ruling philosophy, hence they had been embark on an ages long Blood War , trying to dominate the whole under realm…
And it was rumoured that the Heaven factions actually endorse this war and would secretly ensure this war will last forever… because if nine hells and Abyss settle their differences and united under one banner, it will ultimately be the end of universe because Heavenly beings are no match for them due to under realms far superior numbers… :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t consider DnD a reliable source on demons or anything supernatural. :unamused:
With demons, you should find a demonolator or a theistic Satanist that practices demonolatry and ask them, the more experienced the better.


Okay, but let’s talk about angels and Archangels for now. If I had to pick my favourite Archangel, it is of course the Archangel Michael!


Angels originally described in the Bible look more like lovecraftian horrors than anything honestly.
Not your average Aryan white man but with wings.


(Heck even in Luke, almost everyone mentioned being scared shitless of angels.)


I like this guy. At least before he went cuckoo on everybody. And even after, he still maintains his charm . That’s ma dude lucifer.


I think Odin is way cooler than Lucifer

People imagine, and people believe…and it is that belief, that rock-solid belief, that makes things happen…


Ow I remember that episode from American gods. Too bad I can’t make it snow😢

Anthony Hopkins odin just got dusted by this version. But this version is weak as hell. At least so far. Lucifer stomps. Lucifer for the winn.


Hey Odin is not weak… he was just pretend to be weak, didn’t you watch how he invoke his thunder and destroy the new gods ? :-):joy:

But what he said make sense too… the Gods’ power depend on how many people remember them and pray for them … the more people devote to the gods, the more powerful they become :slight_smile:


It would have been cool if they showed him useing his powers. A lot more. Heck even Mexican jesus and
“I like to be in a pool” jesus and drunk jesus was more cool than odin. Even that anoying techno boy.:smiling_imp::cry::triumph: Hops for season 2 to fix that . If it happens. Youre right about the belief aspect though. The people are in a sense the real gods. Since they empower the god or gods of their belief