Mythical and Paranormal Discussion Thread


Discuss things that are related to the paranormal and mythical.

Supernatural, Aliens, Legends And Monsters(Legends and Monsters are mythical amd paranormal, right? whatever… ) are welcomed too


If you don’t believe in them, what are you terrified of?


Why you are terrified with ghost ? For my personal opinion , ghosts are just natural energy without a physical body, they maybe can manifest for our viewing because our brain’s brainwave frequency is in synchronous tone with “them” ? Somehow our brain manage to receive their tramsmission and process their data as the ghost’s feature and personality within ourselves :-):stuck_out_tongue:

Stay strong and filter such interference frequency and we will be fine
If the ghostly entity is intelligent, i am thinking of interacting with “him/her” ? :-):thinking: most likely they can share some past wisdom and life story with us ?

Perhaps some of the ghosts are Good aligned such as Cassie from Zombie Exodus ? :-):thinking:



I’m a heaten! Burn me to the stake!

but seriously , I think it depand on what you believe . I don’t think Ghost are real . I mean when you think about it…why would anyone wanna think of dead peoples stuck in between suffering or spying on the living for eternity ? Isn’t being dead horrible enough ?

I knew some peoples who believed in ‘Spirit’ .

but I don’t .


I am kind of weird since I believe in God and heaven and hell but I don’t especially believe in ghosts… though I think it’s probably because I think ghosts are infinitely more terrifying as a concept than zombies, so I’d rather they not be a thing… :sweat_smile:




Anything’s real if you put your mind to it…

But I do believe that we’re not the only ones on this plant (no mermaids tho)


why not ? mermaid and Unicorns !

at least they arent in eternal Limbo lol


Anime ghosts are real, for sure.


We are very real. I’m a Ghost Writer…that has to count right? Lol


I don’t believe so. Never yet had an experience that suggested they did.


Ghosts only exist within fiction.


I did watch some youtube documentary that seems to show they caught a mermaid :slight_smile:

And Ghosts aren’t reside in eternal Limbo, they are part of the natural energy in prime material plane … the basic logic is that they can travel via conduction, convection and radiation … that’s why they can follow us around :wink:

They are memories, residue of data that integrated into our brain :-):stuck_out_tongue:


Some of us have our own ghosts - whether they be self-inflicted or from an outside force, hauntings are something we have to deal with.


thats still creepy…

we get enough stalker in real life…don’t want ghost stalker lol


I read a theory once (I’m on mobile, but otherwise I would find it and link) that there’s a certain infrasound frequency that the human ear can’t hear or perceive but which can still cause the body to react. It’s the same sound that animals hear preceding earthquakes—the sound is caused by shifts in tectonic plates, and that’s why animals panic and run well before typhoons or earthquakes actually hit.

It’s been suggested (and proved in at least one study) that this imperceptible, undetectable frequency causes inexplicable fear and awe in humans. People get the sense that someone’s watching them or that they’re the presence of something supernatural. Places that are particularly “haunted”—particularly catacombs or old houses—could be positioned over hairline fractures in the earth or spots where the infrasound frequency is strong, causing those supernatural or fearful, paranoid feelings. So there are no ghosts, just people explaining their feelings of fear and paranoia!

(Sleep paralysis, too, can explain a lot of “paranormal” sightings.)

That’s what I believe, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Still doesn’t stop me from getting creeped out when I’m home alone and I hear a creak!


Disclaimer: this is a wikipedia link.


Had you ever wonder why ghost only manifest in place(s) that are isolated or without many people ?
I am thinking of they travel via Thermal Conductivity ? Travelling from a hotter to a colder medium :-):yum: Less people means less body heat …


why would I wonder if I don’t believe they exist ?

I mean , you may think that X house is haunted right ? you can wonder where it came from and such . But if I don’t believe in ghost…all I will see is an old house .

I grow up with alot of supertitious peoples . And trust me when I say , they believed in some ridiculous things…

and I believed all that nonsense cose I was a kid lol

But…yeah . Don’t think ghost are real .

Now you just wanna scare meh! beware! I got 2 kitties to chase the ghost away y’know! :wink:


What if ghosts aren’t real but the psychic imprint of people is left behind. So the dear go to Heaven/ hell/ Valhalla/ reincarnation/ etc but their “footsteps” stay behind