Myrk Mire (working title) WIP

If the Main Character flirts with (in this scenario) P alone, even if that is with the shy subtype, it will still count as flirting with them and will gradually over the chapters draw them into a relationship with their chosen paramour. The other characters are sure to lend some moral support at times, especially A and Lars. In this particular scenario, expect some light to medium teasing from L and some mild exasperation from K (probably accompanied by a sighed ‘Would you two just kiss and get on with it already’).

The romance will maintain a shy ‘flavouring’, reflecting the Main Character’s personality and approach as much as the romantic interest’s. The same as a confident flirtation type will lean more towards an extroverted romance. All flirtation subtypes lead to eventual relationships, so long as the Main Character does not end up on the platonic or destructive routes.

But yes, from a community support standpoint, the cast would likely go through a variation of gentle encouragement, to squeeing, to ‘GET ON WITH IT!’


with the desctructive route we can eventually get off it right?

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Yes. But only if they don’t take it too far. The image I embedded a few posts back shows of the basic rules and lock in points. There is time to pull yourself out of the destructive route, so long as you don’t linger there too long. Stay till chapter 5, or manage to lock yourself out of two individual routes, and you’re very much stuck.


can you possible give a line or two from the ROs that show how they act in romance? That way it can help people out (If they’re like me I mean but don’t want to go through the drama) so they can choose if they’re stuck between two or three. Like maybe a random sentence they would say if we had reacted to them. Something like that.


I have to say, that is one well-thought out romance system. I look forward to seeing it be executed in-game :clap:


The Reacts Page on tumblr is a pretty good sampler for everyone’s romance styles, the good and the bad. I hope to eventually structure things in such a way that readers can get a pretty good impression of the residents by the end of chapter 2, on the ‘will my personality gel with x or not?’ front. That still needs refining at the second though. On the writing front I’m integrating the new systems currently, which is allowing me to go back and tweak quite a lot of the story, the next update will be markedly different but will still be the same story. Expect things to have changed. Once that is down I’ll try to put together a ‘sample pack’ come blurb that gives a more detailed preview of the characters so readers can go in a touch more informed, but for now best to head over to tumblr.

@edelclere Thank You so much! It’s been about three weeks in the making by this point, well… not just the romance system, I’ve been drafting new systems and structures for every aspect of the story, predominantly using game theory from various GDC talks and design texts I have scattered about. I highly recommend the talk by Alexis Kennedy about choice architecture, it’s both funny and fascinating.

Still as fun as it is to design all this, implementing it is the next step. Time to see if the boat floats. There’s a detailed public post over on my Patreon that shows the implementation process for the games memory system if folks are interested.


The new system’s implementation is coming along nicely, and I’m taking the opportunity to tighten up the prose while I go.

This comes from the prologue if the Main Character badly injures themselves while carrying K back from the marsh:

All pronouns are set to my typical testing set

Preview - Prologue Spoilers

“What do you think?” Peidyn asks, watching us both with a guarded expression.

Anadora pauses a while, letting her hands and eyes linger on the injury just a little bit longer, before turning to address Peidyn. “What did you apply to it earlier?” she replies.

Peidyn lists off the three salves and two tisanes she presented me with after we’d cleaned the wound. Anadora listens closely, marking each one with professional approval. She asks for the salves again, along with another she explains is derived from the Cleavers plant, to help stem the bleeding.

“You must stay off your feet for the next few days,” she explains to me as she goes about applying the salves. “You need to give the flesh time to bond back together, then you must not undertake any strenuous tasks for a few months at least.”

I pale. “Months-?!”

“Alright,” Peidyn says, handing Anadora fresh bandages when needed. “We’ll move you and your nephew into the spare downstairs room.”

I turn to her, alarmed. “But we’re only paid up till-”

She dismisses my protest with a brisk wave of her hand. “We’ll sort it out in the spring.”

Leila plops her chin on my shoulder, previous distress giving way to a teasing smile. “No work for you!” She grins. “We can babysit Henry for you! He can come out on the boat with us!”

Lars sighs loudly. “Did anyone notice how I just got volunteered for that?”

“Hey! You already volunteered to knit the lad a scarf! What’s a bit of extra company on the boat compared to that?”

While the siblings bicker, Peidyn tidies away the medicinal matter, and Ana ties the bandage securely to my leg once more.

“There’s no point in protesting, Marian,” the former tells me, sending a warm, if smug grin over her shoulder. “We’re not exactly the type of folk to throw you out in the cold, you know.”

Anadora chuckles. “That we most certainly are not.”