Myrk Mire (working title) WIP

Sure thing, I’ll add in a few more save slots.


Played the demo again and P is so lovely, I would also kill anyone who tried to harm my child. Cant wait for more, love the way you entwine plot, mythology and emotions!


Oh my life, P, L, and A are so soft it hurts my heart! I really enjoy how you’ve captured such beautiful moments for each RO so far, none of them feel as though one RO is more fleshed out than the other and there’s a nice variation in the kind of dynamic the MC and RO can have. Your writing style really lends itself to that and interactions flow nicely. I also like the touch of having the POV of different characters in respect of the whole feelings front and watching how things are unfolding for the MC.

I look forward to seeing where this goes and I can’t wait to beef anyone who messes with the kid. Thank you so much for sharing!


Oi @Catt, save feature is broken. Looks like it’s turned off or something.

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Right sorry, that should be fixed now