Myrk Mire (working title) WIP (Demo updated 16/05/2022)

There’s always one :rofl:

Just kidding :joy: I would never get rid of my little Maeve. Though, I imagine MC finds her annoying at timess :thinking::sweat_smile:


Blog down. Is it being redone, or has something more happened? :thinking:


Yes, they’re modifying the blog and the reacts page.


@LadyUmbreon89 Yeah, don’t panic, I’m addressing some coding issues in the theme and reacts page system which complicate the upload process. I also changed the name of my tumblr profile to reflect my author name rather than the name of the novel, so that has disrupted links. I’m just going through and changing the hyperlinks in the individual posts now. After today the original reacts page should still work fine if you follow the post links rather than the buttons on the sub-site, but for now you can use the link below:

Reacts Page

@bluesparkle Thank you so much for jumping in with an explanation for others. Very much appreciated!

EDIT: All links in the Posts should now be working, let me know if you find exceptions.


Great WIP. Can’t wait for an update

So, this is kinda weird and out of the blue. In past saves I was able to name my character “Louis”, but now I can’t because that’s the name of an LI. I understand it’s a measure to keep the story from becoming confusing, and I actually approve of it, but I’m doing a playthrough with all female ROs, so there’s no “Louis” but “Leila”. It’s probably too much to ask and I’ll understand if you ingore this comment, but could you make it so I can name my character Louis if the RO is a female? Sorry to bother you with this weird request

Edit: Nevermind, I’ll stick to “Louiz”. Ignore this comment

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No worries! I’ve played around in the reacts scenarios, and read what you had to say about building it in the first place–it’s sincerely an impressive piece of work, so if it needs downtime for maintaining, there are no issues with that. :grin:

One thing I wanted to ask about the ‘three cores’ for the romance play styles is whether or not the “hesitant” style can accomplish the feel of a more ‘shy’ approach to romance? I have to ask because it’s not disloyalty per se if a shy individual hasn’t got the words (or capacity for them) to boldly declare their intentions, which is what the first core path seems to be based solely on the descriptor words you chose. There are other nuances to think about later down the line (M’s possible negative influence on the MC’s romantic experiences, to express my train of thought), but they’re not of pressing relevance quite yet, and probably not for a while unless something critical happens to shift things into higher gear.

The main MC I’ll be using is fiercely loyal, just… a panicking disaster when it comes to flirting. Add in he’ll cut ties with anyone who dares suggest he get rid of the child, and that makes for some strong inclination for flight in the ‘fight or flight’ instincts. So it’s a really good thing no one in Aldmirham is about to chase them off for staying together. :blush:


Right, I suppose I didn’t really explain the new system too well on the public platforms, and I can see how my wording is liable to lead to some confusion.

Basically, the new system works like this:

There are three core ways to approach romantic relationships within the game, but within those routes there are nuances that allow the player to tailor events.

  • Direct/Loyal: The Main Character flirts with only one of the romance options. They can experience these flirt scenes in one of four different styles; warm (cosy romance more akin to friends falling in love), confident (the main character is openly flirtatious and extrovert in their actions), playful (jokes, hijinks, and a few romantic misunderstandings…), and shy (a few stutters here, a few furious blushes there, and a general sense of hopelessly infatuated but painfully unable to get the right words out to express it). On this route the romantic interest will feel more assured of the main character’s affections, and will be more secure in their own pursuit of the main character.

  • Hesitant: The Main Character does not flirt with anyone right away, unsure about who they feel the strongest for, so holds back from pursuing anyone initially. They can choose at any time to start a flirtation with one of the romantic interests, and this will start them off on either an Early, Mid, or Late Stage Settle path towards the Direct/Loyal Route. If they get to the lock in point and still haven’t made any moves towards anyone, they can finish off the story on the platonic routes instead.

  • Destructive: The Main Character is either openly hostile to other characters, flirts openly with more than one character and either refuses to settle with one or constantly contradicts themselves when discussing the matter with the other characters. This will begin an invisible count, once that count gets to a certain number (it varies dependent on the character, but everyone does get at least one point of ‘grace’ or warning for the player) that route is permanently locked off for that play through. As I said on Tumblr the other day, these people have their limits, you push them away (or into uncomfortable situations), they will push back.

There is a similar system on the Platonic side of things as well. You can be hostile (to a certain extent) and the characters will respond to this.

So in a straight forwards answer to your question, your MC can by all means be a panicking disaster, the shy option is there for you to use to your heart’s content. And you don’t need to actively pursue the flirtations all the time, I’m not penalising characters if they ‘take a chapter off’ the steamy stuff. But if you want a romantic ending, flirt with one option, don’t be hostile to them in otherwise platonic situations (this doesn’t mean you have to make your character agree with them all the time), and flirt at least twice before the mid way lock in. I hope that made things a little clearer for you.

And everybody loves (or at least tolerates) the child, so no worries there.


I wasn’t the one asking, but I’m always up for panicking disasters :rofl:

That being said, I really like the system you go for!
Wanted to ask about it: on the Hesitant path, do the characters assume the MC may be hesitating between more than one of them, or depending on the situation, they may rather have an approach of “are they interested in me or not?” (so instead of being “do they like me or do they like X?”) - does that make sense?


Interesting question. In essence none of the romantic interests will assume that the MC likes them in the romantic sense unless they are given direct evidence that this could be a possibility. So, unless the Main Character flirts with them at some point during the narrative, be that with the confidence of a Casanova or crumbling into a flustered puddle as soon as they enter a room, they will not look at them in a romantic light. The only two exceptions to this rule are in terms of the person who accompanies the Main Character into the storeroom, they have a slight infatuation with the Main Character, but unless this is reciprocated in the first chapter they’ll let this go without drama, and K.

K is always the exception.

K will be… how to phrase it… a little more “direct” about the possibility of romance, but even they will back off as soon as it becomes clear the Main Character isn’t responding favourably.

The cast will only assume the Main Character is torn between romantic interests if the Main Character flirts with multiple romantic interests.


what if the main character only flirts between two characters? As in for me I cannot for the life of me decide between K and Louis and that’s it. Litterally. So to get a feel for them for me personally I have to flirt (flirt being a relative term but shy disaster is a more apt) with both until I eventually decide. It’s usually me getting a feel for a character and how they react romantically and eventually I’ll have MC start to not feel things for other character when I decide. (Or at least pretend that’s what happened) it’s normally how I do things. The question is how will this impact things and when would be the cut off point where I screwed myself?

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Ooof! You really did pick an interesting mash up there…

As the systems currently stand you have one FREE choice, in which you can pick whoever you like with 0 to little consequence in the later chapters. After that choice the characters will start calling you out on your actions. My recommendation would be to play two different characters if you want to play through to a happy ending, you know… without the inevitable drama of dating someone whose older and very protective brother is right on hand 95% of the time… if drama is your thing though, by all means role play the torn character caught between the two.

There is plenty of Forecasting before you get locked out of any routes, so it’s unlikely to really sneak up on you. If you were to play the destructive style between L and K I reckon you’ll likely get your first point of no return about mid-way through chapter 3 depending on how you approached certain situations.

Minor to Medium Spoilers Below

The reason I remarked on that pairing in particular is that of all the cast L and K’s routes are the least flexible. L largely thanks to Lars and his legitimate overprotectiveness. K… Well K’s reasons really need to stay a mystery for now, but yeah, they have less flexibility in the flirting with multiple characters behaviour.

Hope that helps explain things!


welp, I’m all for the drama. It’s not like my MC goes through trying to hurt them either. He’s just very torn. ANd it’s not like he’s gonna out right flirt with them either. SO it’s not like he’s doing it on purpose. Poor MC though. He’ll be getting a lot of abuse and really not meaning to hurt anyone. Does not help that my MC isn’t the greatest when it comes to… certain things. Like blaming and hating himself like he’ll probably be prone to do for liking both characters at the moment. Woo!

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maybe ill hold off from flirting with everyone and just settle with romancing them all separately, i dont think i can handle the consequences lmao. i will admit that the “question” they will ask you when you wake up absolutely threw me off for the first few playthroughs i did. i kept asking myself if they actually did kiss the mc at that time and convincing myself that no it’s just a weird question to throw you off or sumthin.

i will say that i absolutely adore every ro and will be romancing them all. its very uncommon i just find a wip where every ro doesnt piss me off lmao. maybe its because i just hate ros that are mean to the mc at the start/when they first meet so seeing everyone be so fuckin nice to the mc makes my heart melt. i wont pick favorites but P definitely would be the first ro i would want to romance. something about how i imagine the mc and P’s relationship looks so…domestic?


That’s a bit strong. None of the characters will actively go out of their way to level any sort of verbal abuse against the Main Character if they are genuinely hesitant, and actively discuss their issues. Some of the cast are exceptionally sympathetic:

Extract from Chapter 2 after telling A that you aren't sure about your feelings for L

“I’m not sure yet.” I say hesitantly, keeping my gaze on the table as I try to sort through my feelings. “I haven’t, you know, decided how I really feel about @{lg him|her} yet.”

“Take your time.” ${an} says, voice reassuring and calm. “Whatever you decide, I’m always here if you want to talk things through with someone. Though I think it’s best to warn you, Lars may differ with that opinion if you play around with his @{lg brother’s|little sister’s} feelings.”

Reassuring, and mildly terrifying, all at the same time.

Now if you were to approach the same conversation in a hostile manner, even if it were with A who is definitely the most empathetic member of the ensemble, you’d come out with an entirely different vibe. Saying that, even the most sincere indecision and apologies will only get you so far with the characters, and eventually people will start losing patience with the Main Character, but you will get plenty of warning.

You can (in universe) blame Erda for that little curve ball. Had to ask them something that would unsteady them after all. She’s a wiley one, make no mistake.

Lovely to hear all the ROs have already wormed their way into your affections. I’m biased of course, but I’m exceptionally fond of them all, each for their own unique reasons. I’ve been working through their character arcs in recent days, refining points, integrating technical systems, reworking the pacing of intimacy build up, etc. And I swear, every single one of them have got me pretty teary eyed at one point or another. The amount of times I’ve scribbled (to myself) ‘You cruel, cruel sadist you!’ across the screen is truly frightening.


sorry, I wasn’t trying to insinuate anything or say that the characters were bad. I wasn’t trying to come on strong or that I disliked it if that was the case too. Like I said I’m all for the drama. Sorry it came across all wrong…

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That’s perfectly alright, I’m just a little worried folks are going to get the impression that the game will be overly harsh with the romance system, an impression I definitely want to avoid. So I tend to jump in with explanations at the drop of a hat :sweat_smile:

I’m surprised sometimes that I don’t start rolling out detailed charts and flow diagrams to explain my convoluted reasoning and calculations some days…


oh no I totally get it, I’m the same way with my books. ANd I def get the whole Lars is overprotective and stuff all brothers are the same way. But will he be less harsh with a shy MC? Who isn’t exactly flirting, mostly just reacting? Because if not then you might wanna have it that he is because it’s a lot different if you’re actively flirting with the person trying to date them and stuff rather than mostly just reacting. Do you get what I mean? Sorry if this comes a across harshre than intended too… I’m mostly just curious and trying to help and yeah… I’m really sorry.

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With Lars in particular it’s probably easiest to go into a little bit of detail into his particular reactions in Chapter 2.

So mark this as your BEWARE SPOILERS BELOW moment

If the Main Character took L into the storeroom in the prologue, and in the course of chapter 1 actively ignored L’s attempts at flirtation, then turns around in chapter 2 and tries to initiate a flirtation scene with L, Lars will have strong words for the Main Character. His interaction with the Main Character is blunt, forward, and very much a big warning flag for ‘Don’t mess with my little brother|sister’.

If the Main Character through ahem various means implies a torn affection between L and say another character (which can be done in chapter 2 without actively flirting), but accepted and reacted favourably to L in chapter 1 anyway, Lars will let sleeping dogs lie at least for now. He’s overprotective, but he isn’t tyrannical about it. He gets that the Main Character likely needs a bit of breathing room to make up their mind.

Lars is harsh but mostly fair. In the first scenario the player is really zig-zagging, in the second they’re more confused. Does that make sense?

There isn’t really passive reaction after chapter 1, the Main Character will be actively entering situations with either romantic or platonic affection in mind when ever there are bonding moments with the cast. This is why the initial grace period runs dry as quickly as it does.

My Patrons have had access to this for a little while now, but I think it makes sense to put it up here as well for clarities sake. This is the active flowchart for the new romance system:

(for a readable resolution right click the image and select open in a new tab)


That talk makes me wonder - we know the characters are generally supportive and understanding, as long as the MC doesn’t go overboard…
But if the MC is very shy, yet clearly attracted to one specific RO (P in my case, if that helps in answering)… How supportive and most of all encouraging will the other ROs be? I don’t mean to imply they may be jealous cause there would be no reasons, but as friends. Would they try and give the MC a little push to be more confident and start a relationship, would they simply be there to listen but avoid “pushing” them one way or another…? I’m just curious about the general reaction of the non-romanced ROs to a very shy MC who’s clearly in love with one person.