Myrk Mire (working title) WIP (Demo updated 16/05/2022)

Right, got it! Took me a minute to figure out why the two passages were visible, but I’ve sorted it out.
The new file will go up in a bit.

Thank you for the bug report!


It’s been a fair while since I gave any kind of update on here, so here we go.

I’m currently working through Chapter 2 part 3, in the first big dialogue branching incident where the Main Character can begin to build up friendships with the other core cast outside of romance, or where they can attempt to switch romantic routes. As you may be able to guess, this means a lot of complexity.
I’ve been hampered in the last few weeks by powercuts and workmen, so progress has been slow, but I have, as of yesterday, managed to finally get back into the swing of things. I’m aiming to release the next section of the demo by mid-July, and as soon as I have a firm date for that I’ll let you all know.

For those inclined, I’ve also been working on a calendar system of sorts for the game/story, this tumblr post explains in detail, so check it out if and when you have the time.

Thank you all for your continued patience, this story is taking so long to write, but it’ll be worth it in the end I hope.


Catt!! So Glad to hear you are making progress! Don’t fret about us minions, we shall wait as long as it’s needed.

Also, man that header pic is so cuteeee! And that calendar? You are doing Math!!! Hiss Hiss math is evil! :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I ain’t any of them numbers. Sorry. Also your Tumblr is being a jerk asking me to create an account! I can’t read the dialogue between you and the brain Boo! :grin:

Edit: okay, was able to read it and I gotta say…I’m totally on your brain side on this one sorry! :rofl:


By this, do you mean that you tried the calculation and it didn’t provide you with a number between 1 and 365, or that you have a general aversion to maths and you haven’t tried the calculation?

If it’s the former, would you mind sending me your day, month and year of birth so I can check through the calculation?

You can send me a private message if you’d prefer that than putting your birthdate up here.

It’s just that if there’s something wrong with the calculation, I’d like to get to the bottom of it and fix it.


Quick Opinion Poll for folks to get involved with if they want to:

I’m using google forms rather than the in-house survey purely because I want to keep all the results in the same place.

This is a one question form on whether you folks would like a default list of context appropriate names in the Story for the Main Character and child, alongside the pre-existing custom name entry.

Let me know if you have any questions. If the ‘Yes’ response beats the ‘No’ response I’ll implement the lists in the next demo update.


I voted yes because while I’m familiar with some ethnic groups and some names that can be popular (Or from History), there are some I’m unfamiliar with. And I think it adds a touch of je-ne-sais-quoi and it’s very helpful since the names I use when I try demo don’t always fit the setting of the story.

Samurai of Hyuuga did that, and honestly, while I could use my own, sometimes it’s also fun to pick one on the fly when you are replaying for that one Scene.

For your story, the usual names I pick totally don’t fit. So my vote is YES. :wink:


This is one WIP where I though it was a touch detrimental to not have a list of preexisting suggestions that didn’t have to be taken, but were there for those who want to get really into the historical role-playing side of things. Got a yes from me, as well.


i love this wip, like so so much. i am a huge simp for abee gosh and your writing is incredible. you have all my love and adoration! <3 i voted yes on the name choices. i dont feel its necessary, but assuming you were a new player, naming the mc and child before you meet other characters is something i would certainly appreciate. when playing a new wip i usually look at the preset names just to get an idea of an appropriate name. so anyway, love love LOVE the wip whether there are preset names or not, amazing work so far and i am thrilled to read the next update whenever its ready! <3


Thank you @E_RedMark, @LadyUmbreon89, and @gemmarie for taking part in the opinion poll, and for dropping in to give further details, you are all very much appreciated! As is everyone else who has, or is going to take part before the Poll closes tonight.

Unless there’s a tidal wave of new votes for the no category, I think it’s safe to predict the outcome based on results so far:

So, I present to you the currently proposed name options for the Main Character and Child (with some of my research notes thrown in on the side there too):

Hopefully that reads alright, if folks have trouble with it, the image over on my tumblr does scale up.

The research for all these were a little tricky, you really don’t realised how many Latin, Greek, and Hebrew names have made it into Western tradition until you try to find the exceptions.

My personal favourites are Faya, Iren, and Oter.

Let me know what you all think, and let me know what you also think about my transliteration.

Cheers again to everyone who has taken or will take part in the Opinion Poll, you’ve all been exceptionally helpful!

Also, thank you so much gemmarie for your kind words, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the story so far


Yes! The Yes is winning! Victory! :trophy:


I personally like ‘Eolone’ which remind me of ‘Cologne’, now I sure like hell gonna remember it :sweat_smile:

Fritha remind me of Frieda.

Eyerwin remind me of Eiwynn! Think she is an elf, are you @Eiwynn ?

Frayoda remind me of Fedora.

Ivy…I think there is a lady Superhero called that! mine gonna be green now :grin:

Anyway, joking aside. I love your notes. They put mine to shame.

Good Work Catt! Can’t wait till you update, totally gonna use the new names!

Eolone for the mommy! and the kid gonna be…a secret! Nope. Not gonna share all my geniuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus ideas! :rofl:


So I just played Myrk Mire and I am in love with the whole cast of characters. They are all so caring for my MC and her brother. This was a really long WIP for just the first two chapters. Its in my top 5 already! I cant wait to play this once its finished! :smiling_face:


Thank you so much!

Word count is ridiculous, and it doesn’t get any saner, I’m afraid. This is gonna be a long story.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the cast, and are getting the caring vibe from them. I really want to push the found family/caring friends point right to the fore. But do tell me if I ever over-cook it any. We’re going for sweet, not sickly.


Dont worry about the length Catt. The longer the better. I never want the story to end. They are all very sweet. You are doing a good job with this story. I just hope MC wont die at the end. I worry for her. :frowning:


I will neither confirm nor deny that I have notes for fours books…

We’re in this for the long haul.

As for the last bit…

There are worse things to do to a character than kill them. And I prefer a subtle touch to my angst and drama. More than that you’ll have to wait for, I’m afraid.


Now I will have to worry for a long time.

I love MCs with a lot of angst. Makes the story so much for interesting for me. I read so many WIPs with angst now that I cant get enough. I dunno why exactly but I enjoy it. Does this seem weird?


Personally, I prefer balance with angst. But that’s just me.

Drama - Breather - Drama - Breather - etc

And you gotta make people care about the characters before you go playing staccato with their heart strings.

I think there’s a balance in the story, between the darkness and the light. I hope there is, anyway.

But you do you, there’s enough fiction about to find a niche to suit most tastes, and uncut drama is quite popular.


The balance is important of course. The way you said it is perfect.

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