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So research is fun. I’m learning all kinds of messed up stuff in a documentary about Bedlam. Also I will use this thread for My WIP demo when it’s ready. If anybody has any interesting information about Victorian England let me know. Bethlem Hospital is definitely an important location for a lot of the story. It takes place in the 1860s

I will have a plot synopsis shortly. I’m still putting things together.


Butters, what are you doing out of bed?

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Putting together the best story ever. It’s called The Poop That Took a Pee.


Haha, that’s funny, son, now go back to sleep before you’re grounded.


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@Prof_Chaos How you just responded was too perfect. I love South Park. I’ll leave now, clearly I’m out of my league.

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I’m trying to organize notes to write my story but, I’m stuck on something. So as I hinted to the story is taking place in the 1800s in Bethlam Hospital. The MC along with the supporting cast has their share of disorders and a reason for being admitted.

What I’m stuck on is what PTSD was referred to in the Victorian age for non military. If anyone knows that would be very helpful because I can’t seem to find an answer for this.

PTSD wasn’t really a thing that anyone believed was real until after World War One, it would probably have just been called ‘mania’ or misunderstood as another type of mental illness. If you want to figure out what they would have called it back then, I would look the symptoms of PTSD (which I’m sure already have) and compare them to symptoms of recognized disorders from around that period in history, to see what the doctors of the day probably would have said it was. You could potentially even introduce moments where the MC and perhaps other characters realize they don’t fit the description of the disorder they’ve been diagnosed with.

Long story short, as far as I’m aware of no term existed for PTSD before around 1915 or 1916, so they would have very likely misdiagnosed it and that could be a source of conflict for the character.

Yeah it was called battle fatigue then shell shock and eventually PTSD in the 1980s.

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if the mc was a woman it would have been labled hysteria

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