My story isn’t showing up!

Ugh, this is obnoxious. I don’t even know if it’s code related or not. I wish I could post a picture. Here’s the problem: When I try to preview my story in ChoiceScript IDE, it acts like the text isn’t even there when I get to the “chapter one” screen.
I look at the time and realize that I need to get going, now. I gather my things and walk out the door. I start running to my destination, I need to…

#Get to class!
*goto student
#Meet my parents!
*goto meetparents

*label student
Get to class! If I hurry, I might still make it. I can’t be late today, we have a test in my…

#Japanese class (I’m a foreigner)
*set foreigner true
*goto japanese_class
#English class (I’m Japanese)
*set japanese true
*goto english)class

*label japanese_class
I see the University of Tokyo ahead and smiled to myself, I’m going to make it.

*label english_class
I see the University of Tokyo ahead and smiled to myself. I’m going to make it.

*label meetparents
Meet my parents! I don’t want them to wait for me for too long. They traveled here from

#Overseas with me (I’m a foreigner)
*set foreigner true
*goto meet_parents_foreign
#Hokkaido (I’m Japanese)
*set japanese true
*goto meet_parents_native

*label meet_parents_foreigner
I meet my parents at a restaurant

*label meet_parents_native
I meet my parents at a restaurant

I made a Reddit post about it if you want to see what the code looks like: Reddit - Dive into anything

could there be a typo in your scene_list?

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It was that :sweat_smile: I feel so foolish. That’s what I get for writing when I’m tired :rofl:


no worries! I do that every time I start a new story too! :laughing:

You also have a coding error which will prevent your game from playing.

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