My server is down


My server is down , here is the message I received from my provider

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused you. On the issue you reported, I see that website files are infected with malicious codes.

I am working on this but not sure how long it may take to fix,

It looks as if Choice of Box was once again hacked. I have removed all files and working with my provider to get my site back up and running. This is the second time with wordpress. It made my choice of going back to good old html simpler. I may not be able to do as much but I have never had any of my html sites hacked.

**Turns out they were able to hack everyone of my wordpress sites, clean up is slow.


Sorry to hear…Hackers suck b@!!$. Well here’s to hoping that you never suffer from those malicious attacks ever again.


Would you be able to use a security plug-in for wordpress? If you can do that it should reduce the amount of work you have to do to get back up and running. Or do you already have one and it didn’t work like it should?


I it is sad to say but the attack came from a trusted ftp account, which one? not sure. So I had to delete all access for now.

Once they were able to hack the site they were able to move to my other wordpess accounts.


I’m not tech savvy so I don’t really understand this, but I hope you get to
fix everything and catch whoever is messing with your site.


Thank you, they did a lot of damage so it may take a day or two to get my server up and running.


Sad to say that WordPress or no WordPress, your server is always going to be at risk if you’re handing out ftp accounts.

Better to just tighten up and limit access to yourself, and install some security plugins.


I guess I trust people to much, there were only a handful of ftp accounts, but some where very old and should have been shut off long ago. Live and learn. Just gives me motivation to rewrite COB lol…


I wanna join their ranks someday.
Then maybe go and work internet security…
But thats just dreaming.


Just after you posted this thread, I was unable to access threads or messages on the forums (if I clicked anything, it would fail to load.) Was that a coincidence, or is your server somehow tied into the forums?


Coincidence I would hope!


Lol the forums are under CoG’s control thankfully.


Okay, I did think that was pretty unlikely. :smile: In case they might be related, someone might want to check whether the same IP has access to both. That could help pinpoint the one that was hacked.


OK my server is back up and running but have to rebuild CoB sorry.