My Reaper (Game idea interest check)

Everyone has a reaper. The further away it is, the longer you have left to live. Every day it inches closer, but it’s always there.
When you’re born, your reaper is far away. From that moment. it starts to move closer. Sometimes it’s slow, not even an inch over the years. Sometimes you look up, and it’s standing face to face with you.
The things you do can affect how quickly it moves. Your cousin confessed that his reaper started moving faster the day he first smoked a cigarette. Drunks report getting behind the wheel of their cars only to see their reaper sitting beside them.

They say you never touch your reaper until the day you die.

Your reaper disappeared about three weeks ago, and now you have to find him.


so we are immortals now?


What if we become a reaper


So, is this going to be a “we must find the reaper” kind of WiP? I mean, so far from what I’ve read, it seems pretty good, but it doesn’t really explain the plot. So my question is, what is the plot?


It sounds pretty good just don’t know what the story plot is


What the reason mc have to search for his/her/their reaper?


Sounds better to not have it.


Why would I want to?


So, your death reaper disappears. Well, it would make sense if the story has shocking twists in it like,
■The Death Reaper disappeared and you have then gained immortality or you were untouchable from the start (I guess?)
■The Death Reaper disappeared because he/she doesn’t want to you to die and tries escaping as you try to reach him/her (closer to your own demise because you are brave to do so?)
■The Death Reaper disappeared because you are not human (woeh! I think he/she just realized it and moved on)
■The Death Reaper did not disappear because the problem is, you can’t see him or her anymore (because you are so close to your death and you need to stop it, something like that?)
■The Death Reaper disappeared because he/she wants do something to save you (like stalling your death)
■I am just human so I don’t know, but I love the story already. :scream:


I feel like you got this from somewhere, but I’m not sure where. . .

So I have a couple of writerly friends with whom we all share our stories or stories we like around, most of them are a bit more active then myself on social media and I have to ask: are you, perhaps, the writer of the jordisstigander blog on tumblr? (And was that even phrased correctly? How do you phrase tumblr… blogs? Users? I… have no idea how social media works.)

Because kind of like @Umbreonpanda this seemed a little familiar to me and I remembered this thing that one of said friends had showed me after they were working on their own short story for the prompt.

And I just wanted to make sure that you are because the passage in the story on there:

47 PM

Seems very, very close to your idea here- with just a word or two of difference.

And if you’re not the author of that story- I would highly, highly caution you towards staying away from any potential plagiarism. I just wanted to check, however if you did write the above story, then I apologize for bringing this up.

I figured it would be better to check and make sure then do nothing at all. So sorry for the interruption here.


What if you’re already dead and that’s why the reaper is gone

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you can literally see your death marker. itd be a sad day if a child woke up to see their reaper right next to the bed staring at theem

Like @RenaB said, they got the prompt from writing-prompt-s and the user jordisstigander.

isn’t the reaper something you generally want to disappear anyway and not to find it ever again?


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