My Persona 4 Addiction


So since Friday I’ve pumped about 24 hours total with it being divided by two profiles because the first was a failure. I never thought that any game would ever surpass my love for Mass Effect for decades but Persona 4 does just that.

“One more day,” or “After this floor,” were thought many-a-time throughout my stay in Inaba.

I seriously have considered purchasing the PS Vita just for the golden edition, and I looked for less legal alternatives to sate my ravenous thirst to defeat shadows.

Who else shares my love for Persona 4 and of those, who thinks I’m crazy for buying a PS Vita just for this godly game?


I purchased PS Vita for my grandson I almost kept it, it is really something of a wicked game system. Lol


Guys…I think Total Biscuit joined this forum.


@TIYF I assure you, sir, that I would never associate myself with those oppressive tyrants who call themselves the Terran Republic!


I love Persona to death, but I haven’t had the money to purchase a Vita. ono


Persona Sister!!!


I had to buy two of them, my other grandson broke the first one the first day. He ment well, he jammed his moms cell phone charge into it so the battery would not die. Two system at Christmas time cost me 600 bucks.


@lordirishdas that’s a bummer, I’m deciding whether or not to scrounge enough money for a used one :stuck_out_tongue:


@Incompatibility LLTR, lol.


Never heard of persona


I just accidentally deleted my PSP’s save files - includin’ my maxed-out, has-everything Persona 3 file. Horrible gut feeling. Heck, I bought a PSP to play Persona 3 as a chick. I know it’s not 4, and stuff, but does that count, hun?


what game is Persona? I never have a sona console I feel lost is a rpg? X_X


@BagelThief well on the bright side you have experienced the story and nothing can take that away from you!

@MaraJade it’s a JRPG made by Atlus, who were involved with the game Catherine. Without spoiling the story, you play as a teen in highschool who moved to a smal town in the country side from the city. Bodies start to appear your first day wih the fog, and you and your group of friends aim to solve the mystery by entering the TV world and defeating monsters. It’s part yu gi oh, part final fantasy, part high school anime, and part Sim date.


bah no my game you are obligated to be a good guy so not my game.


450 hours into persona 4 on one save file… then it got corrupted -_-


lol only atlus can make normal school life badass.


what merit have be a ten stupid good boy if you don’t have any freedom? that’s my problem with Japanese games the choices are stetical and completely fakes you want to be bad sorry you can’t only be that type of character with this options take it or go away and the woman in this games are or stupid inocent flowers or sour tom boys but I have to reconize atlus games are beautiful and with good guions Catherine is one example.


I’ve been listening to this track from the game a lot as of late:


@Aznxa :o how did you even pump that many hours into persona 4? I thought that you couldn’t play after Dec 24?

@MaraJade While it’s true that you don’t have as much freedom in your choices like in Mass Effect or similar Western RPGs, Persona delivers a unique story. I mean come on, how cliche is saving the Galaxy from space creatures, in comparison to solving a murder mystery that involves using your true self to battle whilst watching out for the weather because someone might die. If you mean freedom of your actions in regards to morality, then Persona 4 accomplishes that. It wasn’t built to be a game where you go around and murder people. The most evil you can be is in your responses.

@RagEgnite I haven’t heard that song yet so I assume it’s later along the story



Oh you better believe it’s later along in the story… (Without spoiling too much, that is. :slight_smile: )