My one and only: Book one (WIP)

I’ve been lurking around the forum for a long time, and I finally mustered the courage to try and make a game of my own. I had fun writing it and hope you enjoy playing it. Now it’s only the first part of chapter one, and it has around 9,600 words. But I’m planning to update it once a month.

I’m thinking this will have to be cut into two maybe three books because there’s just too much material for the 6 Romance options and I don’t want the story to feel rushed.

If you find any grammar mistakes please let me know. You should also know I’m not a native English speaker.

You will see that is possible to overcome fears, make new friends, joke with an old childhood enemy, and find love, and adventure. Maybe you can even find yourself in the middle of all this mess. You’ll never know unless you try!

Genre : Personal development and romance.


  • Maximilian/Megan Brown

Sex: Male/female (selectable by player).

Age: Mid to late twenties.

Romanceable: Yes, by all MCs.

Nickname: Maxi-boy/Meggy.

Appearance: 6’2 and athletic. M has light peach skin. With baby blue eyes. and jet-black spiky hair (short for Max and long for Megan). Most of the time they wear a flirtatious smile that has caught some people off guard.

M used to be quite rebellious before they met you, a real troublemaker, but now they have reformed, heck they even have a good relationship with their family and could be nominated as miss/mister popular for having that many friends. M is your best friend, you share many hobbies and dislikes. They also became your savior by offering you a place to stay when things got rough for you. And you may have been secretly in love with them for quite some time. You could probably finally come clean about your feelings now or forget about them altogether.

  • Oliver/ Olivia Greene

Sex: Male/female (selectable by player).

Age: Mid-twenties.

Romanceable: Yes, by all MCs.

Nickname: Oli.

Appearance: 5′8, lean build. They have light caramel skin. Oli has short textured chestnut brown wavy hair, and forest green expressive eyes.

Oli could be perceived as someone younger than their current age all because of their bubbly and sometimes silly personality. They’re full of energy and easygoing. Their close family is constituted by women only, two older sisters and their mother, leaving Oli as the youngest. They are quite popular with men and women alike. Of all ROS Oli is the friendlier and noblest of all.

  • Amelie Hammond

Sex: Female.

Age: Mid-twenties.

Romanceable: Yes, by all MCs.

Nickname: Melly, Ami.

Appearance: 5′5, with a slender build. She has tanned brown skin and glossy shoulder-length brown hair. She likes to wear light subtle makeup that highlights her honey-brown eyes.

Amelie is a regular at the coffee shop where Oli works, she is usually seen working on her laptop and always chooses a secluded place to sit so she can work in peace. She has a soft and calm demeanor but can be quite direct when she needs to get her point across, she is not a damsel in distress.

  • Violet Hayes

Sex: Female.

Age: Mid to late twenties.

Romanceable: Only male MCs.

Nickname: Vi.

Appearance: 5′3, hourglass build. She has rosy skin and waist-length dyed hair, and always chooses some eye-catching color. Seriously, you’ve never seen her actual natural color. She’s creative and usually does her makeup depending on her mood and hair dye at the time. She can be persuasive especially when she looks at you with those beautiful hazel eyes.

When Violet was younger she got into modeling jobs and sadly it didn’t work out as she expected but at least she amassed a large collection of high heels. Then she started working at the bar where she met M. And it seems like she was enamored with them too, but you aren’t sure why she hadn’t made a move on them yet.

  • Christopher Graham

Sex: Male.

Age: Early thirties.

Romanceable: Only available for mid to late-20s female MCs.

Nickname: What nickname? he doesn’t have any! (Mr. Grumpy).

Appearance: 5′10, slender build. He has light skin and auburn-red messy short hair. Also of notice are his mesmerizing light brown eyes. And of course, he takes pride in always being well-dressed.

He runs an old but well-known and well-kept bakery. His bakery and the local cafeteria used to compete for the attention and love of new clients sometimes but neither could declare victory for sure. Since the pastries from the cafeteria weren’t as successful as his the owners extended an offer to him (as suggested by Oli), and they became business partners. After all the drama he and Oli somehow got to be on friendly terms. But don’t let that fool you, he is not the easiest person to get along with and he can be quite ruthless when he wants to be and even when he doesn’t intend to.

  • Alistair Hartfield

Sex: Male.

Age: Mid to late twenties.

Romanceable: Yes, by all MCs.

Nickname: You can decide what to call him when you see him again.

Appearance: 6’0, athletic build. Alistair has fair skin and short slicked back blonde hair, paired with the most penetrating gray eyes you’ve seen.

Alistair usually uses two or three-piece suits to work and hates wearing casual clothing. He also has a killer skincare routine.

He works at his family’s company. And you and him go way back, you two met because your dad used to work with his father, and both your family and his used to go to the company family picnics they organized. So you had to see eachother frecuently when you were both children. He remembers you quite well, but not for reasons you might think.


Also, I’m adding my recently created blog if you wanna follow the progress more closely or just have a question. I will be more active on Tumblr while I fix all the grammar mistakes I just noticed.


Got an error: prologo line 501: Expected option starting with #)

Also, its weird. The game went all Italic, then went on a loop, and went back to normal.

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Oh thanks for catching that! I’ll take a look. The parts in italic are supposed to be memories or past events but yeah it can be confusing. I’ll check that too. Thank you again.

Yeah, I think I can see why it loops looking at the code.

You have the prologue in the Startup page, so when you reach the end, you go to the next section labeled prologue, effectively causing the game to loop itself once.

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The demo is set to private.

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@GrimReaperJr1232 I think…i think it’s fixed now. Thank you for pointing it out.

@Fenrir1 Yes, i was fixing something and catching errors. But it’s back on now! :smiley:

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Well, I haven’t read the demo yet but that’s 6’0, there’s no such thing as 5’12 tall :rofl:

EDIT: I would strongly suggest downloading Grammarly. A lot of the I’s in the demo are not capitalized and there are other issues, even in the opening post itself.


lol I guess something like that was bound to happen 'coz i use the metric system. And thanks for the suggestion, I think you’re right, I do need to check the grammar more closely since english is not my first language.