My next game


My first game is close to completion and I already have plans for a second. However I’m interested to see which you would like to read.

My four game ideas:
A) A bucket list (try to do as much as poss before dying)
B) a city simulator (spanning many years create a city)
C) A life sim (birth to death in one of many,many countries)
D) A god sim (you are god. You control the world)

Anything interesting? All bad? What do you think I should do?

Ps- I still need more beta-testers for the race. See thread: New Game: The Race for details.


Ooh… A mix between B and C. Make a city then live a life in it!


i like the d option because you can be a total ass and bring the Apocalypse!!!


I like D, perhaps a combination of B and D, sort of like in the Black and White games.


im just curious how is it possible to do a combination between b and d with text based adventure ? it cant be easy


Listing them in order of most interested to least…

C) I’ve been looking for an ‘updated’ version of Alter Ego for quite some time now. Shaping your character from birth is the most intriguing thing ever.

D) I like God Games. They’re a bit like life sims but you have awesome powers.

B) There’d have to be some human element to this, I think. The basic ‘I’ll put the power plant here and the rail line here’ I don’t quite see working for a text game. But if you were the Mayor and you talked with your assistant and various other city officials every day, maybe developing some kind of relationship with them, but the choices you make (like maybe choosing to add a prison to the city combined with some other factor triggers a riot that gets the person you’ve started dating killed) would make it more accessible, I think.

A) Im not interested in this option at all.


D and C that would be pretty intresting


i have to agree with Jessamyn C is an awesome idea if its like alter ego because alter ego is an awesome game.


Definitely d but mix a little c in there with it because you know even a god can die or maybe get bored.


i would like to see mostly c but d would be fine to


Double D! Playing a god is probably one of the most underdone power fantasy ideas in gaming. And even when it’s technically done, it’s usually done in the classic, “God loses power and becomes a mortal, must discover the meaning of something while slaughtering hundreds in order to regain it.” cliche.


C would be my second choice. Alter Ego is quite fun, although what I didn’t like about Alter Ego is that it forces you to be heterosexual and I picked up some cues that the partners you are attracted to are all white, or at least “blond and blue eyed” is used to describe the apex of beauty.

So if the votes do go in favour of C, I hope you would consider that.

Also to elaborate on my suggestion of B and D, the structure I’m thinking of is one where you start out as a worshipless god who chooses a prophet, and then gain followers and guide them to some holy land or conquer other lands. Think of the process of building being like certain parts in Choice of the Dragon, with the player character instituting laws to solve problems with the city building.


Personally I’d love to see C. I have to agree with Jessmyn about alterego having been one game that I both considered great, and would love a new person to revisit. Alterego had some major problems, as mentioned by ScarletGeisha, such as holding the image of ‘blond and blue eyed’ eurocentric ideals in the highest regard, and assuming that you were simply white, hetero and upper middle class. Also, it was really preachy at times. Something that would ‘fix’ these problems would be rather awesome.


C and D seem to be the most popular. A is clearly off the list.

Hmmm… I’m getting the idea for a 2 part game with an optional third part once you have done the first two.

First part: design a city. With some constraints, you choose which facilities have been incorporated into a city and which technologies have/ haven’t been invented. For example, you choose whether electricity has been discovered. Or the wheel. Or sliced bread, etc.

Second part: you live a life in the city you created. The character generation would have a lot of information so you could design physical and mental abilities.
Living a life would, at an early age, involve moral dilemmas and life choices (start drinking/ smoking/ recreational drugs).
Hobbies too would shape your life. Go to church? (important for the third part) join a club? Protest? Etc.
Then your career and choice of friends would also be important in determining how your life plays out. Romance and your choice of partner would depend on the people you are around, chance encounters , and your preferences, yet it would be restricted by your appearance and personality.

Part three would be god mode (accessible after living a life in your city). You’d be able to edit your city and react to the way the people of the city love/loathe you. You’d have the option to smite non-believers too. This would play similar to choice of dragons.

When you wish, you could exit god mode and live a new life in the newly edited city.

The game would be modular with new content added over time.

Too much?
What do you think?


Gasp if you dont invent sliced bread how will you compare how cool things are!

but on a serious note that sound way to amazing to exist. if you need help with any thing writing, coding or if you just want a personal test to find the bugs quickly, contact me i would love to help you any way i can.


Hmmm… I think coding that on my own could take a year… perhaps it would have to be a joint effort.

It would have to be made in a modular fashion. Each building you visit with a separate vignette. Perhaps players could even create their own buildings (vignette) which could be added as new modules to be played in.

I’m still around a month from publishing my first game (beta-testing starts tomorrow). Then I will draft some ideas for this and how to code it.


Sounds great despite my poor spelling in the last post, i am a good coder so i would love to help.


I help with the coding and ideas as well cause seriously that’s a big game. You know this game could be the first joint effort fan made game. I bet you if everyone on the forum would help we could create something truly stunning.


I’d be more than willing to throw in my support too. First off @andymwhy do you actually want to head a project like this? (I’m only asking because I don’t know if you actually want the responsibility of heading such a large project, and something like this would need an actual ‘head’ of some kind, at least nominally.)

Either way, we would need to build a ‘core’ for the game, to make modules easy to design and add, that we could also all agree on as fulfilling our own image of what this could be. We should probably also come up with an (at least temporary) name for the game and start a new topic. Personally, I’d throw out ‘EgoChoice’ as a sort of homage to AlterEgo, and of course ChoiceScript.


I have some ideas for this that I will try and put into a coherent post when i have time… There’s a lot to discuss!

Your right, Reaperoa, the first part will be the core so we can add modules. Which means agreed variables for all modules…

We should start with a discussion on what we want included, then from there, what common variables we will need to take into account.