My New Story


I have been writing a story, not an interactive one, and as a great deal of authors use this forum I thought I’d put a link for my story here. I would like to hear peoples thoughts so far. I do know that the chapters are quite short but please do bear in mind that this is just a first draft without much editing.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


I love the fact you didnt tell us anything about the story you just gave up the link XD I like the idea of not knowing what to expect when I start a new adventure


Are you going to make it into a choice game at any point?


I’m not really sure, but if I do I will at least have to finish this story to make sure I have the plot right. And then I have loads of ideas for it to continue on in a sort of series. But the reason I put it in off- topic is so I have freedom to choose what I want to do. :slight_smile:


@Kitty9 Awesome, look forward to the finished product.


So far, it seems like an interesting idea and has a lot of potential. One thing I feel you could improve on is making the descriptions more natural. Don’t just throw all of the character’s features at the reader, but rather describe them subtly with some dialogue here and a comment there over the course of a page or two. Otherwise I like it.


@lackofmops Thanks very much.
@TheWaffle Yeah I get that, I am going to change it. But for the sake of my memory I decided that for the moment while I am still writing it is nice and easy for me to have a reference point in the story.