My house on Mars!


Yah, I happened across something that startled me… and was wondering if my eyes deceive me? apparently you can sign up to live on mars and if you make the cut you got a spot on mars?


It would be pretty lonely if only 4 people are going to make the final cut


@WolfieGrey Well true plus you have to train for about 7 years XD


I would love to go, but far to old even to be considered. This is a young persons game. :frowning: :)bitter sweat.


…What the hell did I go to college for? I should’ve spent that time making myself more appealing to the Reality TV crowd… :frowning:


This is a rich persons game. You can bet they will single out names. Plus there would be nothing to do.

Want to check the CoG forums? Too bad your phone/laptop/whatever wont work in space (I mean it might, just without connection). Want to play sports? To bad, you move to slowly. Want to go swimming? Wrong planet buddy. Want to avoid an attack by the martians? Ain’t gonna happen.

Theres so many bad things about living on Mars in this day and age, although by 2023 things *may* have changed.


…They need to build an alien strip club XD


Actually, establishing some form of internet connection on Mars wouldn’t be too hard. The connection itself would be frustratingly delayed, but that’s really the least of your problems when living on an alien world. :-S


It’s weird the only things im worried about when moving to mars is Xbox and is Mars going to be a huge sausage fest like what if they send you up there with 3 other people and they are all annoying and all the same sex? that would get weird real quick and these annoying people would be knocking on your door asking to borrow sugar and stuff


Hmm If I have a stable internet connection and a ridiculously good gaming PC waaaaaaaay ahead of our time available on Mars I would go.


Next thing u know aliens attack 8-X Lolz


I actually knew about this before they even reached 100 applicants. A colleague of mine wanted to participate and he asked me to help him with his English. Problem is he’s going to be 18 in November, which is a bit too late :frowning:

I, for one, would get quite lonely if I actually get to stay on Mars. I mean, sure, there are probably going to be more than 4 people there and they will definitely keep a certain male/female ratio, but I won’t get to know them before we actually get in the shuttle/rocket/whatever and I wouldn’t know what to expect. And I would also miss the people I leave behind quite a lot.


They should pick truckers. I spend days or weeks on end by myself. I sure could handle it, as long as I could get internet every so often


so this is the thing my father and uncle talking about this last few week,jamm i thought it was a joke


if this real then my young cousin is totally in trouble