My First Game

I’ve begun work on my first game! Unfortunately, I’m not far enough to make a demo or anything :p.
Awhile back I made a poll on whether I should make a Sci-fi Colonization game or a game where your a King (Can’t quite remember what it was exactly). Finally, I’m making the Kingdom game.
I’ve completed like 5% of it so far, aka the prologue, stats, etc.
I’m not sure if I want it to be in Hosted Games, or just be a stand-alone free thing.
I should probably discuss the plot.
The last king was killed whilst fighting an army of viscous warriors, called the Black Legion. As he died, he sent his newborn child and his closest advisor through a secret tunnel so that they could survive. He informs the advisor to tell the boy of his lineage and why his father died. (This is the prologue). When the game starts, your just a farm boy who’s about to be taken on his first hunting trip.

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