My experience in an anti Trump rally and my news interview


This is a bit off-topic since according to the report, this cannot be blamed on Trump, but the United States is no longer considered a “full democracy”, and I feel that this is something we must all be aware of for the next four years.


I think there are a lot of ways to frame the differences in conservative, liberal, libertarian, and populist.

I’ve heard people frame it as individualist vs societalist. (i.e. Everyone for themselves to meet individual needs vs the group should work together to meet common needs.)

I’ve also heard it phrased as freedom vs equality. (i.e. Everyone should have the right to do what they want, even if it makes society unequal vs everyone should have the same opportunities, even if it limits individual freedoms.)

And, there are many more dualities. I don’t think there is any 1 way to view the differences, and it is not uncommon for people to choose a method of framing the debate that makes themselves seem rational and the opposition seem insane.

(For instance, I’ve seen conservatives try arguing that liberals are pro-crime because they’re interested in guaranteeing fair trials and ensuring humane treatment of prisoners. While some liberals do champion those causes, it isn’t fair to say they do so because they’re pro-crime or pro-criminal. Instead, they simply see criminals as human beings and don’t generally feel that being accused of a crime should strip you of your liberties.

Similarly, I’ve seen liberals try arguing that conservatives care more about corporations and businesses than they do about individuals because they oppose legislation intended to impose a concept of morality upon such businesses while supporting legislation intended to impose a concept of morality upon individuals. This is also unfair, because such conservatives tend to believe in personal responsibility rather than holding an organization responsible for the actions of a few members. Even if those members are in the upper echelons of the organization’s leadership.)


Now we’re creating time travel paradoxes. If the liberal version of you went back in time and punched the terrible version of you, couldn’t that lead to past version of you hardening their beliefs and making it so the liberal version of you never existed? But then if the liberal you never existed to go back in time and punch yourself in the face in the first place then likely nothing would have changed in the first place. I’m starting to believe that time travel wont actually solve all my problems. DOC BROWN SCRAP THE TIME TRAVELING TESLA![quote=“Razgriz, post:385, topic:21811, full:true”]
Perhaps so. Likely I am too judgemental. And simply don’t want to embrace things that differ from my understanding of the world. But that is a difficult thing to change.
[/quote]Often times I find that the biggest obstacle to changing the world is changing yourself.



Punch myself when I begin questioning my belief to stimulate the questioning further. The questioning as to why future me came to punch me will give me the needed clue to evolve faster and trandescend the human body before I reach my current age.


That line of thinking falls apart when you consider one of the primary reasons corporations exist is to shield individuals from consequences of the bad decisions of the organization.


They exist to protect the owners from bad business decisions. Not the employees from the consequences of their own criminal or criminally negligent acts.


If I seem to be saying “Democrats and Republicans are equally bad”, I’m talking from the point of view of “both political parties are ones I have lost faith in, so those who support them are wasting their time.” I don’t mean that their views are equivalent, or that they produce an equal number or equivalent quality of assholes.

I was attempting to compare the most rational, non-racist, best-intentioned of each side, and apparently doing it badly. Which means I should probably stick to stuff I understand better, like folktales and criminology.

By the way, thank you for your story.


Oh well yeah you’re absolutely right on that part. I just misinterpreted the thing.

Both party proved to be pretty equal when it come to actual moral. When we consider the amount of racist democrats and equalitarian republicans it would be ridiculous to assume both party represent a set ideology. Both condemn each others and try to cover their dirty trails.

American politic leave no choice for other party to try. I personaly would put the greens in power but thats a pipe dream. At least in canada we got a third popular party to keep the other two in check and diverse regional parties for local elections. Well diverse. Depend on your region I guess.


I’d say go ahead and start a new thread that’s more clearly labeled.

There are a number of places where discussions of US politics have gone on over the past year:

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But a thread clearly marked for discussing the day-to-day doings of the administration might keep things tidier.


Was he hitting on you after you expressed that you were uninterested? If so, then yes, that is wrong, but it is wrong because that’s harassment no matter who does it to whom, not because he was “a large gay man.” If he expressed interest and then politely backed off after you turned him down, then it’s very harmful to blame him for that. It’s the kind of think that can make gay men scared to try just asking someone out or the like. Just treat him the same way you’d treat a woman who’s not your type hitting on you.

Either way, it has nothing to do with “showing off” or “proclaiming” anything. Being a large gay man in no way makes it more or less appropriate to harrass someone, nor to flirt with someone, nor to ask someone out.

Also, understand that a lot of people like to be clear about their identities because we know that some people would give us a hard time for it. I often prefer to indicate in some way that I’m gay just so I know ahead of time if someone’s going to have an issue with that, so I don’t have to invest energy in a friendship that would ultimately turn out hurtful.


Hey, from looking at your profile it looks like you’re pretty new! I recommend starting with a different thread than this for your reading, as this one might give you the wrong idea about our forum and its populace.

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Again, this is not the best place to make your first post in, and making it by calling left wingers ‘like gestapo’ is not a way to make a good first impression.


Question: This term was meant for people with PTSD right? How popularly used was it before the modern uncomfortably usage?


Most of the additional killings are attributed to gang warfare where various gangs battle it out for control of Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods like Englewood and Austin. The overwhelming majority of the people living in these neighborhoods have black skin and the same goes for the gang members. Gang membership is often intergenerational with sons joining the same gangs their fathers and even grandfathers were/are members of. The killings over the past 2 years have been fairly brazen. The gangs like to make examples out of their enemies, but quite often they accidentally kill innocents in the crossfire. They also want the cops to stay out of --their-- neighborhoods, and they’ve been quick to use the lack of trust between the African American community and the Chicago PD to their advantage.

Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel disbanded the Chicago Police Department’s anti-gang unit in 2012. Facing Black Lives Matters protests after the shooting of Laquan McDonald and mounting criticism for its poor relationship with the city’s African American community, the Chicago PD was in a state of paralysis as Federal Investigations regarding charges of institutional racism were ongoing in 2015 and 2016 under the direction of former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

For those interested, Spike Lee made a satirical musical drama about Chicago’s skyrocketing murder rate back in late 2015, entitled Chi-Raq which can be viewed here:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel wasn’t pleased. Nevertheless the number of people murdered in Chicago in 2016 was comparable to the number of the US troops who died in the entirety of Iraq during a single year of the conflict.


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Speaking as a woman, please consider that this situation is just a fact of life for many of us. I don’t decide I don’t want to talk to men anymore because sometimes some of them hit on me.

If he was rude or didn’t leave when you said you’re not interested, that’s wrong. But it’s pretty normal for people to approach other people they think look interesting, and start a conversation.

It’s okay to feel uncomfortable when you are approached by someone. I usually am too. But please don’t carry a grudge against all gay guys because one person made you uncomfortable.


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