My experience in an anti Trump rally and my news interview


Earlier today, I participated in an anti Trump rally in Kansas City with my sister and it was amazing. Along with hundreds of people, I marched the streets chanting things like “Dump Donald Trump” and “Love Trumps Hate!” I appeared in the news several times but the most prominent was when I got a short interview at 10:30. You can watch it here:

(How do I imbed videos here?)


Or the one from the New York area?


It was in Kansas city


Love the beard by the way. I reminds when I was DNC. So kinda piss honesty where these people when I protesting the DNC.


First I’m going to say I’m not a Trump fan.

I couldn’t get the video to play so maybe I’ve missed something but just out of interest what are anti-trump rallies going to achieve apart from more stirring up more unrest? Everyone knows the kind of person he is already. He certainly hasn’t gone out of his way to hide his prejudices, lack of ability empathize and temper issues. Surely it would be better to campaign against specific policies rather than the man himself.

Unfortunately the votes have spoken and he’s there to stay. With a personality like his he won’t leave office because people speak against him.


It helps vocalize that the majority of Americans won’t tolerate or accept a fascist as our president.


But does that mean anything? Sure everyone will understand that a lot of Americans don’t like him but from the looks of things, he isn’t going to go away.


Personally, I’m just glad to see proof that there are people out there unhappy with the outcome of this election.

I see way too many enthusiastic Trump supporters practically everywhere I go. It seriously disturbs me how many people wholeheartedly buy into his rhetoric, and how so many of them are just plain hateful.

Keep it up, guys, and keep it peaceful. :slight_smile:


Protesting has always been a key way to demonstrate unrest, to get media attention, at the very least it tells the world that a great deal of Americans are not going to let Trump ruin this country, we’re going to fight him at every turn. Also, it shows the people out there who are devastated and terrified that they are not alone, and that we will always stand beside them.

I am a woman, and a minority, I have a lot of friends who are POC, LCBTQ+, muslims, etc. When Trump won, I was receiving tons of texts asking me if I thought they’d need to leave the country, a muslim friend of mine who was too scared to wear her hijab, and one friend who did wear it, but was then followed around by assholes telling her Trump was going to kill her and her whole terrorist family. One of my friends who is gay is moving to Indiana soon, and is considering going back into the closet so he can avoid harassment and bigotry. There’s also the popular chant “Make America White Again!” and a million other examples.

I’ve been called some not-nice names by Trump supporters. ThWhen Trump won, I almost gave up. i was heartbroken and angry and a little bit afraid, but seeing those protests that broke out after the announcement allowed a little bit of hope to grow again. America is not going to take this lying down. The protests are important in so many ways, and I completely understand your POV, I used to not understand the point of protesting either.

However, it’s also important to note that people are doing far more than just protesting.
For example, I’m going to a march in January, and if any others pop up near me soon I’ll go to those too. But for right now, I’m setting aside money each month so I can make regular donations to the ACLU, I’m already working as an ESL TA (to help make money for college) and that involves a lot of outreach with our the families of our kids who immigrated here (side note, talking to them about Trump winning was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do), but I’ve been doing lots of research so I can find even more ways to help them, I volunteer at a women’s shelter (for people escaping domestic abuse), I’m a hospital advocate for victims of sexual assault, I’ve given presentations on safe sex, how to spot an abusive relationship, etc.

I also just started volunteering as a mentor with an organization aimed at empowering young girls to eventually become strong leaders in their communities, and I’m planning on joining the council on American-Islamic relations. So yeah, i’m protesting, but I’m also taking action. And most of my friends are doing the exact same thing (though truth be told, some of them do so much more than I could ever do, they are superheroes).

One thing that is easy that everyone can do is wear a safety pin on your shirt. It’s a symbol that lets people know that you’re an ally to anyone who is getting harrassed, so you’re safe to sit with, talk to, etc. A simple and pretty safe way to defuse a situation when someone is being harrassed, all oyu have to do is sit next to the victim and begin talking to them as if you were best friends, and ignore the aggressor COMPLETELY. Oftentimes he’ll eventually walk away, but what’s extra important is how much more secure the victim will feel, and hopefully restore some of their faith in humanity.
@Razgriz I just wanted to let you know that I also completely understand why you aren’t the biggest fan of protests , but if you managed to get through the giant block of text I really appreciate you taking the time to do so.
@Samuel_H_Young I’m so jealous that you’ve been to a rally already, and I’m glad you know how important these demonstrations are. keep fighting the good fight.


I don’t think Trump is a fascist. Is his rhetoric awful? Yes, in more ways than I could count. However, Trump isn’t Hitler, and I feel that isn’t really a valid comparison to make.

I may not be fond of Trump, but like it or not, he’s going to be our next president, and we just need to accept that. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t protest—we should—but at the same time, we need to wait and see what happens.

My hope is that Trump just used his rhetoric as part of a political ploy to win the nomination and the presidency, and that he’all clam down once in office. That, however, is only my hope. What he’ll actually do, though, I have no clue.


It’s also about solidarity. A lot of people are terrified about what this means for us, and standing with others who are going through the same thing can help us feel less alone. Action plans are almost definitely coming from activist groups, but we’re already seeing a large number of hate crimes occurring at street-level, so the “just accept it” and “keep an open mind” philosophies aren’t going to work this time. He hasn’t even taken office yet, and people are already assaulting, threatening and humiliating others in his name. Widespread use of Nazi iconography is taking place in schools and public places. Racist flyers and graffiti are being distributed. This isn’t just another “wait 4 years and try again” situation. The most vulnerable among us are the ones being targeted, and that’s just going to intensify when Trump takes office. Right now, the more aggressive Trump supporters are just testing their boundaries to see what they can get away with. Soon, they’ll be able to get away with much, much more.

I’d link some images of what’s been happening, but the language would almost definitely violate the terms of service-- it’s horrific. Look at Shaun King’s timeline on Twitter, though. Some of the reports are anecdotal, but there are also photographs and videos. Masha Gessen wrote a terrifyingly believable piece for the NY Review of Books that is well within the realm of possibility.

Lives are going to be destroyed by this administration. I know that sounds alarmist and paranoid, but it’s already starting to happen. I’m terrified. I grew up surrounded by hate and white supremacy and it took everything I had to escape from it. You can’t reason with hate. Maybe protesting against it will be pointless, but if there was ever a time to protest, this is it.


Oh, no I didn’t say I was against protests in general. I believe they’re a key part of our society. I just think it’s strange that we’re having protests right now which will only serve to fan the flames of unrest as both sides bang their heads together. It just seems a little late to start protesting or perhaps too early since he hasn’t done anything yet.

But mainly the reason I’ve not been a fan of recent protests is because protesters have been making some extremely bad decisions. Like blocking the highways with human walls.


Very well stated, @alliebee and @Jenna_V

For all of those wanting us to lay down quietly and let Trump and his supporters take over without a fight, I can tell you now that’s a very bad plan. That’s exactly what they want, and that would only serve to make us lose our momentum and allow them to see that they can do whatever they want.


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve despised Trump since this election began. I just don’t see the benefit of protesting his presidency only because he is the president. To me at least, it would make more sense if we waited until he did something wrong and then start protesting. That way it seems like we’re actually against a certain action he’s doing. But maybe I just don’t know enough about current politics and what should or should not be done.


This just shows that you are a bunch of hypocrites. You preach about democracy only when you’re sure you’ll win, but when you lose, you cause public unrest, interfere with other people’s lives even if they don’t want to and are simply put the worst losers out there. Republicans suffered 8 years under Obama, but they didn’t behave like a bunch of crybabies. TRUMP WON in democratic elections, deal with it and respect it. Democrats had their chance, now it’s time for a change.


Protesting is a very democratic way of voicing your opinion. Give up on protesting something just because it causes public inconvenience isn’t very democratic way.
Clinton won the popular vote as i’ve heard, so more americans voted for Clinton, not Trump.
Republicans did behaved like angry crybabies through entire 8 years of Obama presidency, don’t know what are you even talking about.
If you dont know the subject you should restrain yourself from commenting.
And lastly, your comment contained personal attacks and calling peopl names, so i expect it will be removed soon anyway. This site is no place for people who behave like that.


Is that a joke?

In the past eight years I’ve heard no end of bitching about Obama. Almost all of it from republicans - and I wouldn’t expect any less from them, because believing in democracy doesn’t mean just laying down and meekly accepting it whenever a candidate you oppose comes into office. Majority rule isn’t the be-all and end-all of democracy, or at least it shouldn’t be.

Not to mention denouncing the protest of authority figures is decidedly un-American. The people standing up to what they see as tyranny is kinda one of America’s founding principles, isn’t it?


Watching that video really made me angry. Not the protesters themselves but some of the comments bad mouthing them. Seriously someone of them said bad things and they weren’t going to watch it amd yet they were made 10+ minutes into it.

I voted for Brexit and I still think it was the right decision but it shames me it brought racists to the forefront. And it sadly looks like Trump winning is doing the same for America.


Ok so let me just start with the fact that i don’t live in the United States so that might explain why i don’t get it, but don’t you think you people might be… overreacting a bit?

I mean, i know he said some bad things regarding ethnic minorities and illigal immigrants, but calling him a fascist and saying you’re fighting “the good fight” just seems kind of one sided

And the hatecrimes which are going on appear to be a mutual thing that happens, as just yesterday i saw a video of two black people beating a guy with a trump shirt up and stealing his car while onlookers shouted don’t vote trump and fk trump

What i’m trying to say is, give him a chance. He was democraticly ellected and he IS your president and he is GOING to be your president for four more years. I’m not saying you can’t disagree or protest but try to keep it peacefull. Your country already appears divided enough with the black lives matter movement and such

If i offended anyone with this reply it wasn’t my intention. Just trying to say what i think


You can hate him, bitch about him, make an anti-Trump group on Facebook. I don’t care. But for fuck’s sake, do not block cities and roads