My Drawings


Hey everyone! Since I’m pretty new to the forum, I decided to contribute with more of my stuff. Besides writing, I also enjoy drawing a lot; in fact, I plan on pursuing a career in entertainment design (currently preparing for college). I have a lot of digital pieces, but I don’t want this to get too crowded, so I’ll just post my latest study:

This one took about 2h in Photoshop CS6. Any input is appreciated, and come swing by my tumblr: c:


Wow- That’s really good! I’ve never been able to draw (apart from stick figures), but I really enjoy looking at drawings. I’ve never really used tumblr before, but I’ll give yours a look :slight_smile:


Wow… They’re better than my stick figures…


Like Redgrave and The_Ravenclaw above me, I can’t draw for crap, so it’s nice to see one person active on the forums that has impressionist (I think that’s the right style) art.


@RagEgnite Hey! I draw very nice stick figures, thank you very much. Lol.


Great picture i can only do stick figures and really great work.


Pretty amazing, hope to find some of your work in some CoGs, you have talent.


I can’t draw even a straight line. Im positive jealous :(( Why Im so dumb!! X_X


Better than my stick figures too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never been able to get skin right. Your stuff is pretty phenomenal.




That is some serious talent, Vlad. From one artist to another, I am quite impressed.


are they portrait for real people like did u look at someone and draw them???
cause hell they seem real!!!


Thanks everyone for the comments! Yes, they are ref’d, but I usually change something up halfway throughout the pic to make it look more interesting.

Here’s another quickie I did today. Trying to familiarize myself with long flowy outfits:


:-S That’s a quicke? Jesus man, you are amazing!


Truly remarkable.


Very good work! You’ve a good eye for color.