My dog died because 2016 killed Carrie Fisher


Grab-Tag aside, yes, my dog died tonight.I believe it was 9PM US Central, 3AM local time when it happened. My food loving, unusually quiet, and super cute chihuahua mixed mutt has died. I was working an overnight at the office when it happened so I feel… nothing. Well, nothing but horrible that I didn’t get to say goodbye yesterday because he was taking his usual nap in the sunroom before I left and I was late.

I have lost many pets over the years. But this one was significant because he was both mine and my sisters best wee friend. Little bastard would paw you while eating to ask for scraps, course we couldn’t cause he was already a bowling ball.

Last week, he had an episode, I suppose you’d call it; He was eating and came around the corner and looked at us watching tele. I always see him when he comes around so I called “hey old man” and then he just fell over. Like all the weight in him had shifted he tilted and fell on his side. Took him to the vet and they said his heart couldn’t keep up demand. I knew he didn’t have much time left.

During Christmas, he waddled around in his own way but he’d taken to standing in one place very still like he was trying to take in the place. The doctors had said he wasn’t getting blood flow to the brain so I think he may have had some brain damage after the first episode since this only happened afterward. He responded to petting and such the same as usual but left to his own he would move and just sort of stare at everything, as if he was trying to imprint it.

Little bastard was unusually wise for his size(Yes, trying to put humor in). I will miss him. He was in the Furbabies thread. Fat little White and Black bastard. Gonna miss him. You’d think one would stop crying about animals after losing a few but it never gets easier.

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